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To capture how an artist can utilise negativity as a catalyst for their creativity it is best entrusted to an artist themselves; acclaimed actor, musician and stage director Michael Arden once said: “Sometimes, disaster can inspire ingenuity”. This simple statement is a very befitting epigraph to In Hearts Wake’s fifth album Kaliyuga – a record […]

SULDUSK and The Lunar Connect

Regardless of the variety of artistic expression, it would be a more-than-acceptable belief that the artistry was driven by emotion to some decree. An even more fascinating feature is what emotional reaction is brought about by those who are fortunate enough to witness the creative activity. It is a bewildering energy that has no real […]

CRADLE OF FILTH and HYBRID NIGHTMARES, 4th September 2019, The Governor Hindmarsh

A darkened shadow draped over Adelaide disturbing the immaculate beginning to Spring our fortunate state had experienced. However, this shadow was not one of unease, more-so magnificent melancholy, as one of the greatest extreme black metal outfits once again ravaged their willing South Australian fans into deathly delight. Melbourne’s Hybrid Nightmares had the extreme honour […]

RUSSIAN CIRCLES, WE LOST THE SEA and LAST DAYS OF KAIL at The Gov, Adelaide on 23/4/2019

Shows of this nature are often challenging to review as the experience is to a degree, describing the immersive state the observers are transported to via the musical interaction, not necessarily the engagement of the band performing with their audience. For local post-rock three-piece Last Days Of Kali their ornate yet ravaging musical formula engulfed […]


“I am totally fucking terrified and especially for people to hear what I have expressed with this record. It did help me in a way; I learned to talk about these issues.” – Drew Gardner


“All The World Loves A Clown” is one of the leading lyrics of the chorus in the song “Be A Clown” written by American composer and songwriter Cole Porter for the 1948 musical comedy The Pirate; as irrelevant as this information may seem when negotiating the maniacal mathcore misfits that are NSW’s Totally Unicorn and […]

CAVALERA and SHATTERBRAIN at The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide on 19/3/19

Within a week of witnessing legends of the thrash metal genre Slayer play in Adelaide for the last time, South Australians were privileged to host another heroic metal outfit (of sorts) perform two of their iconic albums in full on one night. The masses of black t-shirts and neck-dislocating heavy music enthusiasts invaded The Governor […]

TAKING BACK SUNDAY at The Governor Hidnmarsh, Adelaide on 9/1/19

Brisbane’s Young Lions could be the next chapter in strength of progression for Australian anthem bands.Their collective talent oozes honesty and addiction. Not only do they “work a crowd” – they ensure entertainment. As enthralling as The Getaway Plan are, or even You Me At Six (UK); the next chapter exists here. “Burn The Money” […]

THE OFFSPRING Interview on HEAVY TV @ Good Things Festival 2018

Will chatted with Noodles of The Offspring about blowing up the sound system in Adelaide, Good Things Festival 2018, being stabbed at an early show by a skin-head, “Smash” is the most successful independent album of all time, snowboarding and a new album!

ALICE GLASS and ZOLA JESUS at The Odeon Theatre, Hobart on 23/6/18

It was fast becoming a rewarding case of The Odeon Theatre evolving into the respected second home for many Dark Mofo enthusiasts; this vast number was actually further clarified by yet another sold-out audience. Although it would have been a simple assumption to think that Hobart was also developing into a home-away-from-home for numerous tourists, […]

ELECTRIC WIZARD at The Odeon Theatre, Hobart on Thursday 21/6/2018

A perfect combination of energy and magic (understand?) magnetised a sell-out crowd to the Odeon Theatre for English doom metal favourites Electric Wizard. For many in the theatre, this event was of inconceivable significance, as this opportunity had finally arrived after decades of wishing and hoping. To be frank, the quartet undoubtedly delivered a spell-binding […]



With High Tension’s third full-length ‘Purge’, the quartet have provided absolute affirmation why their name rhymes with “My Intention” – collectively these ten tracks are the illustration of where the band always intended to be. Lyrically, musically and even in distinction, this four-piece have crafted their monument; honestly this is charismatic chaos and ferocious finesse […]

SLOWLY SLOWLY ‘St. Leonards’

The dissolution of Melbourne’s adored emo-pop-rock sons Kisschasy in 2015 has left a vast chasm in that alternative rock classification which remains to a degree, unguarded. That is not to say that there has been an absence of Australian bands that have not possessed the talent or aptitude to fill this void so to speak; […]

HEAVY TV Interview with Polaris @ UNIFY 2018


As you may have heard or seen on a previous post; Polaris was fuckin’ mental at UNIFY – A Heavy Music Gathering 2018 so we thought we’d have a chat with a couple of the boys and get the lowdown. SUBSCRIBE TO HEAVY YOUTUBE! Videography by James O’Connor of From the Pit.

CANCER BATS: Band of Brothers

The underground music scene is more comparable to a family than an industry. The title of this article, “Band Of Brothers”, is matter-of-factly in reference to the 2001 mini-series of the same name, which told the story of “Easy Company”: a Parachute Infantry Regiment as part of the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division during World […]

SLEEPMAKESWAVES and ROSETTA at Adelaide UniBAR, Adelaide on 6/12/2017

“Normal is not something to aspire to, it is something to get away from.” – Jodie Foster. It was unfortunate that music aficionados of South Australia were hesitant to embrace this Academy Award-winning actress’ advice on this night; understandably it was a Wednesday night, furthermore, the musical presentation on offer was in probability, a little […]


It has been four long years since California’s treasured punkers The Bronx released their last album IV (not including the band’s other project Mariachi El Bronx, which should NEVER be ignored), so it is more than justified to suggest that the anticipation for V is well and truly palpable. Where IV was more of a […]

CITIZEN ‘As You Please’

In the world of modern pop-punk, it could be argued there is one band who genuinely innovated the idea of progression, to the point of transformation with their music and achieved astonishingly brilliant results. New York’s Brand New began as a much adored pop-punk quartet who found a lot of success with their debut Your […]

[INTERVIEW] Comeback Kid

  Regardless of the longevity of an artist or band’s career, for the most part, there is an understandable level of apprehension for most when approaching the next venture they are about to embark on. Whilst the creativity may come organically, there are challenges that present themselves persistently ultimately testing the limits of one or […]


Arguably the most renowned psychoanalyst from Switzerland, Carl Jung, spent a large sum of his career and life studying dreams. He believed that dreams are about life, they help individuals grow, and he pressed that there was a vital importance of balance and harmony in his theories. So what does this information have to do […]

[INTERVIEW] Pristine

Once upon a time, this writer embarked on a tertiary study journey which encountered the fascinating and changing world of Sociology. Its impact resonates with this wordsmith on a daily occurrence in a noteworthy form still, but recently it graduated to quite a momentous level during a very enviable discussion with songstress and vocalist Heidi […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] ’68 ‘Two Parts Viper’

In 2013, the world suffered a heartbreak that was not quite on a grand scale, but certainly of enough significance to still have repercussions difficult to overcome. Noisecore maniacs, The Chariot announced their hiatus and while venue owners and musical instruments (plus equipment) collectively sighed a breath of relief, the international fanbase was left in dismay. […]


Earth is known as the “Blue Planet” because 71% of its surface is covered with water, astonishingly only 0.3% is usable for mankind and this volume is extremely finite at best. Arguably one of the most important resources for all living creatures (humans alone are compromised of approximately 60% water), this element enables sustainability in […]


A common comparison is being in a band is like being in a relationship of both personal and professional natures. There are the sharing and expressions of art between each musician which can be extremely private, even intimate; then there is the dependence on each other, living out of one another’s pockets and making joint […]


The human race has encountered a rather delicate time of uncertainty. Triggered by certain supposed “leaders” of the modern world and people in a position of public notoriety, these movements have impeded the progress of equality and essentially reiterated repulsive acts including racism, stereotyping, misogyny and general cultural disrespect to a deplorable effect. One such […]


For over ten years now, Australia’s most adored alternative radio station Triple J has been hosting a brilliant program entitled “Like A Version”; for the ill-informed, it is a segment where musicians are invited into the studio to do a live-to-broadcast cover version of a song by an artist/s which they admire (as well as […]


Touché Amoré: Up Close & Purposeful To be plain-spoken, abrupt and straightforward: Life is hard. For the majority of the population, there are challenges which present themselves to people, quite often unfairly, which are so frequent it would be near impossible to put a mathematical equation or time numeracy to their reccurence. In the face […]

[LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS] Day Two Unify Gathering, Tarwin Lower, Victoria, 14/01/2017

Day Two – UNIFY ’17 With surely an abundance soreheads clambering around the main arena, an early start was probably not what most would have wanted; genuinely a few would have preferred possibly an early death. Melbourne’s Pagan had the deserved privilege of opening the second day and improve these deteriorated feelings with their proclaimed […]

[LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS] Day One UNIFY GATHERING, Tarwin Lower, Victoria

Day One – UNIFY ’17 Regardless of one’s identity or one’s preparedness, at an outdoor music festival, everyone and anyone is vulnerable. It is an unfortunate scenario, but in turn, it also adds to the adventure and excitement of the event. Within minutes of the official opening to the grand gathering that is Unify, mother […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] DEPARTE: Failure, Subside

When it comes to the Tasmanian black metal scene, this writer’s extent of knowledge revolves around the one-man project known as Striborg who was featured in a documentary entitled “One Man Metal”, presented by Noisey and Vice. Within the documentary, the sole member, Sin Nanna (, aka Russell Menzies) discussed his adoration for the abrasive music and […]


Over half a year ago the announcement of the Slipknot Australian headline tour had the majority of our heavy music loving population in exhilaration. This number drastically dropped when it was declared that the “Australian Tour” was in fact only three cities on the east coast; sadly a common state of affairs for bands of […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Every Time I Die: Low Teens

[rwp-review id=”0″] Apparently, the title of this Buffalo metalcore quintet’s eighth album refers to the bitter cold in which the record was crafted. Unsurprisingly, the title reflects the thirteen tracks which shape this LP and after nearly two decades of surviving trials which would defeat most bands, Every Time I Die execute their trademark sound above expectations. […]


An aphorism is a topic which does not often arise in everyday life. Cambridge dictionary defines it as: “a short, clever saying that is intended to express a general truth”. Further on that subject, an inspired example of an aphorism and one which informs this article rather brilliantly is by writer Mason Cooley who once […]


Henry Rollins is a man who does not know reluctance. Any challenge or venture presented before him is one he will undoubtedly undertake whole-heartedly. Whether it’s his famed tenure with the historic hardcore band Black Flag, his then created alt-rock and globally adored outfit The Rollins Band, his more recent spoken-word global tours, his author […]

Adelaide Vans Warped Tour

The return on this globally renowned festival to Australia was certainly welcomed with open arms, but in order for it to be a success, it needed to have an extra memorable and authentic atmosphere. With a line-up and similarity, albeit on a smaller scale to the USA version, it was safe to assume that this […]


  It’s a very fragile line to walk incorporating dance music with the metal genre; it can either accentuate the music befittingly ultimately co-operating with the heavy sounds to create something original and memorable. Or on the other hand be completely inappropriate, overused, clichéd and vulgar, prime examples including these horrid outfits: Woe, Is Me, […]

Japanese electro-metal entrepreneur Crossfaith tells HEAVY about mistaken identities, Jägermeister, world domination and how dub-step is a dirty word.

The beautiful country of Japan is mostly recognised for its prosperous businesses, traditional cultural elements, Mount Fuji, technological advancements, animation, samurais and video games amongst a collection of other fascinating attributes resulting in the nation being such a prominent global attraction. But beneath the surface of this captivating exquisiteness lies a mysterious and almost underground […]

Norma Jean: Wrongdoers

Norma Jean’s Meridional (2010) was, simply put, an outstanding album with a great balance of raw metalcore heaviness, infectious melodies and just left of centre trimmings. It was a pinnacle for Norma Jean. TheAnti Mother (2009) was slightly eschew, but an eclectic mix of harmony, metal and high profile guests, which confused fans but still showcased […]

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