CAVALERA and SHATTERBRAIN at The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide on 19/3/19

Within a week of witnessing legends of the thrash metal genre Slayer play in Adelaide for the last time, South Australians were privileged to host another heroic metal outfit (of sorts) perform two of their iconic albums in full on one night. The masses of black t-shirts and neck-dislocating heavy music enthusiasts invaded The Governor Hindmarsh to experience what became a historic trip into the past of the most revered Brazilian metal musicians of all time.

Local quintet Shatterbrain were rewarded with the support slot for this iconic event and were undoubtedly not going to waste this opportunity; their impact was instantaneously felt only moments into their opening song “Talk In Fear” – a magnet of sorts which brought in the beer garden dwellers to the front row instantly. No strangers to the Adelaide heavy music scene, each member has brought in their favoured influence to construct a recipe that amalgamates these adored sounds of metal into a very accomplished concept. Elements of groove, thrash, crossover, some classic metal and a sizeable injection of death metal could somewhat classify the five-piece, but there is more to the package than these notable influences. Vocalist Tom Santamaria is reminiscent in his delivery to Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder which was highly dignified; however, it is the combination of musicians that really has Shatterbrain turning (and banging) heads. The cover of Slayer’s Season In The Abyss was understandably very welcomed; truthfully though, the band’s closing song “Discard” was the monstrous convulsion that inspired the entire venue.

The name Cavalera alone is one that would be recognised on such a phenomenal worldwide scale, that it would probably put some of the most infamous artists known to shame; respectfully of course. On this night, Max and Igor Cavalera joined forces not as The Cavalera Conspiracy, but as musicians and brothers to perform two of Sepultura’s most cherished records Beneath The Remains(1989) and Arise(1991). For well over three decades Max has commanded an audience and this event was going to thankfully receive the exact same adored treatment from the luminary himself. There was no need for a grand entrance: A simple march onstage, a deafening cheer from the crowd then “Uno Dos Tres Cuatro” “Beneath The Remains” – followed by chaos.
This maniacal energy maintained throughout the entire performance and the Cavaleras’ provoked the exploits wherever possible: Circle pits, sing-alongs, chants, crowd surfing – it was all commonplace and honestly, it was hysteria. “Primitive Future”, “Slaves Of Pain”, “Dead Embryonic Cells”, “Desperate Cry” and “Infected Voice” were simply colossal and the recognition of those two LPs being considered hallmark releases of the thrash genre was very justified.

The quartet then returned for an encore slightly different to what would normally be expected, an appropriate exert of Slayer’s “Reign In Blood”, Sepultura’s “Troops Of Doom” and “Resist/Refuse”, AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” (with an impressive guest appearance from Shatterbrain’s Tom Sanataria) and to finish a mash of “Beneath The Remains”, “Arise” and “Dead Embryonic Cells”. Sadly, “Roots Bloody Roots” was not to be included. However, history was revisited and remade at this occasion and to salute, the two Cavalera brothers stood in front of their devoted audience, arm-in-arm with endless grateful thanks. A near certainty is Australia will always be a Cavalera “Target” in the future.


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Written by Will Oakeshott

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