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Smilin’ & Slammin’ with SAMMY from DRAIN

It was mid-Summer 2023, yet another balmy night had met us in good old Brisbane town. The Brightside was the venue, and Canada’s own Comeback Kid had brought some friends along with them, and yet again it was party time from the get-go. Enter Drain from the sun-drenched beaches of Santa Cruz, California. As this […]


2023 has been a busy year for While She Sleeps. Not only have they just been a major played at Good Things Festival, but the band has also released the single Self Hell, which is taken from the band’s sixth studio album, which is slated for release next March. The Sheffield quintet have risen quickly […]

Spinning Plates with GREG PUCIATO 

As the saying goes ‘get busy living or get busy dying!’ This is certainly true for Greg Puciato, (the living part that is) multi instrumentalist and vocalist for Better Lovers, The Black Queen, Killer Be Killed, Jerry Cantrell’s Solo Band, his own Solo band and, of course, vocalist for the now very deceased Dillinger Escape […]

JINJER: Wallflowers

Napalm Records August 27 One does not need to bang on about the current state of the world and its not so new limitations, Ten News….wait every news channel has a hourly loop on that topic if you so desire to subject yourself to that a bit more. If not…. let us talk metal, let […]

Feeling Alive with Eugene Abdiukhanov from JINJER

Excuse the direct wording used to start this off but let’s be honest, at the time our mindsets were: here comes another tour, another international band spreading its metaphorical wings for its first-ever tour down under and yes we were bloody excited and ready to have our ear canals punished yet again by another insanely […]

Living in the Now & Existing with GREG PUCIATO

In modern terms, 2020 has been a year to forget for the majority of people on Mother Earth, as people’s basic privileges continue to be stripped to a bare minimum there is a flow of thoughts for each individual that is theirs and their own. This era has and will continue to define us as […]


It’s hard to think of Deftones (technically) being a band from the late 80s! After all the (then) four piece from Sacramento, California were stenciling out what would become the quintet which we all have had the pleasures of listening too from our various audible devises/ equipment which just like the band have evolved over […]

CrisisAct – “Turn It Off” – Debut EP

Question; How does a species prepare for the current events that has seen the world in which we all know be turned on its metaphysical head? More importantly, how will our species survive? Over the course of history, it has been well documented that when humans are locked up or controlled against their will it […]

AWAKEN I AM ‘The Beauty In Tragedy’

There’s no easy way to start this review…. Brisbane’s Awaken I Am together have experienced one of life’s pure cruelties this being the loss of a loved one. Their latest offering The Beauty In Tragedy is a tribute to their fallen brother and band member Connor Verner-Oakley who was tragically taken from them in a […]


Hailing from the darkened depths of old Melbourne town Hybrid Nightmares have returned to the surface yet again to spread their wings once more with an unrelenting five track release entitled Obelisk. Opener “Star Fortress” grips the heart tight with its moody beginning and deep layers, though this is short lived as the track grows […]

heARTfelt moments with GEOFF TATE

“I’m anxious for people to experience the show, it’s a phenomenal show I have to say, it really fun, I’m so proud to be a part of it, it’s really a wonderful experience”

Gaining Access with AT THE GATES

“there are so many younger people that are into metal which is really heart-warming, it’s kinder like the 80’s, at least in Sweden it seemed like every other person was a metal head”


To put it bluntly, the last twelve months haven’t been easy for Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf, with the departure of two members causing a ripple of uncertainty within the band and their quest for world domination. But with ferocity and pure self-belief the quintet has regrouped, transformed and reignited the flame that is Alpha Wolf! Incoming […]

Getting the Low Down with WHITECHAPEL

“You can hear the difference, we just honed in on the sound that we kinder developed for the past three albums and we kinder just nailed it, well maybe not nailed it, we’re still developing it but we got to the point where we were able to work with it this time”


The almighty Central Victoria has always been well known for producing quality bands of almost any genre, it’s hard to pin point exactly what it is or I could just get all wild and use the term “it’s something in the water” but it can’t be used due to the fact that there just isn’t […]

ALICE IN CHAINS at Eatons HIll, Brisbane, 13/03/2019

Entering the Grand Ballroom at Eatons Hill, Brisbane is always a treat, its layout and art deco style make for a cool venue to see live music no matter what the genre. Once inside the venue I was greeted with fresh sounds of locals Elko Fields which comprises of Guitarist/ Singer Kella Vee and Drummer/ […]


Born near the shores of what could be considered God’s country Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia lads From Crisis to Collapse have just delivered their debut release entitled The Seventh Tree. Recorded by Chris Ross at Palpitation Studios, South Brisbane this seven track E.P packs enough punch to give Mike Tyson a noticeable shiner, from […]


To no surprise at all a balmy Brisbane night equaled an even more balmy night inside the almighty Zoo Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. From early on we punters started to multiply and the anticipation and general excitement for what was to be witnessed could be felt! To kick things off, Sydney’s Take My Soul entered from […]

DIE IN A DREAM ‘Die In A Dream’

Forming in 2015 from the ashes of now disbanded Artilah Central Victorian hard rockers Die In A Dream have just dropped their long awaited self-titled album Die In A Dream. It’s been said countless times that the proof is in the pudding and this five piece from Bendigo, Victoria have proven with this release that […]

GOOD THINGS FESTIVAL, Showgrounds, Brisbane, 09/12/2018

The wait was finally over and just like that it was there in full colour, the third and final installment of the inaugural Good Things Festival. On a cloudy and somewhat mild summer’s day in Brisbane a sudden feeling of anticipation and excitement came over one self as the reality set in that Australia yet […]

UNLEASHED ‘The Hunt For White Christ’

The Fathers of Swedish Death Metal Unleashed are back with their 13th full-length album The Hunt For White Christ. Created in the winter of 2018 at Chrome Studios, Stockholm the album is the fourth of a continued story aptly named “World of Odalheim and their Midgard Warriors”, which is inspired and crafted by founding member […]

BREAKING it down with 23/19

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia Metal/ Hardcore neck benders 23/19 have just dropped their second release for 2018, this a 2 song offering entitled Two More Reasons To Hate Us.   Reason for such a quick follow up to the Broken E.P. “We weren’t super happy, we were happy but Broken didn’t give us exactly […]

THE BREW ‘Art of Persuasion’

When one thinks of Grimsby, angry Soccer players, booze drivin’ looting and a Sasha Baron Cohen/ Rebel Wilson macking on scene come to mind! But the humble North England old town has something special within its confines, a Britrock band known as The Brew. This three piece have been on the scene for just over a […]

GREENLEAF ‘Hear The Rivers’

What started as a side project almost two decades ago by Dozer guitarist Tommi Holappa Greenleaf has evolved into its own four legged, white tusked mammoth, the Swedish four piece are now set to deliver their seventh studio album. Hear The Rivers produced by former Greenleaf and Dozer drummer Karl Daniel Lidén (Craft, Bloodbath, Crippled Black […]


Icelandic six piece Viking/Folk Metal heroes Skálmöld (translation: Age of Swords and/or lawlessness) have consistently delivered quality hard hitting albums since their incarnation in 2009, thus bringing us to their latest studio album Sorgir (translation: Sorrows). Rather refreshingly what remains intact is the classic Skálmöld sound which features every single member contributing to vocal duties […]

CONAN ‘Existential Void Guardian’

For over a decade now Liverpool (England) lads Conan have pummeled their beloved fans ears with a concoction of fuzz doom that almost severs ones ear canal from ear drum. Brought to life at Skyhammer Studios, owned by Jon Davis (Vocals/Guitar) and recorded by producer/ member Chris Fielding (Bass/Vocals) Existential Void Guardian continues the trait […]

HALLOWEEN HYSTERIA at The Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 27/10/18

Greeted by an array of living dead ladies and gentlemen who braved the heat in fully clad dress and grotesque make up Halloween Hysteria 2018 was ghoulish and damn hot! Spanning across 4 stages a constant hum of heavy goodness kept the punters moving from noon till night, with relief from spray fans around the […]

RELIQA ‘Eventide’

With their second release in 2018, yes you read right Reliqa are dropping their second E.P. Eventide in November this year! This four piece from the Central Coast, N.S.W. are hardworking and are working hard at it! Eventide was constructed in a many locations with the Drums tracked at Ivory Lane Studios, West Gosford, all […]

ALITHIA ‘The Moon Has Fallen’

Melbourne’s AlithiA have cast their spell on music lovers for over a decade now, delivering a style of progressive tunes that has helped cement the six piece into the halls of genre creationism. AlithiA give us their second full length the moon has fallen, recorded in Athens, Greece this eight track album takes the listener […]

BLKLST ‘Hard to Swallow’

Melbourne Hardcore /Nu-metal five piece BLKLST are back with their second EP Hard to Swallow. Still considered fairly new to the scene forming 2015 BLKLST have wasted no time in delivering solid amounts of brutally heavy content for their rapidly growing fan base. With supports with the likes of Make Them Suffer, Deez Nuts and […]

CLUTCH ‘Book of Bad Decisisons’

Maryland Rock gods Clutch need no introduction, the four piece have been delivering (to use a prior release title) “pure rock fury” for almost three decades now! Equipped with a back catalogue that could turn water into wine how do Clutch continue to reinvent themselves? Or more so, continue the legacy that is dear to […]

CARBON BLACK ‘End of This’

After hitting metal fans right between the eyes with their debut E.P. Principium back in 2014 Carbon Black have since been carefully crafting their long awaited full length entitled End of This. Produced by ARIA Award Winning Producer/ Engineer Lachlan Mitchell who has worked with the likes of The Jezabels, The Vines, The Hard-Ons, Nitocris […]


Sydney genre melding cool cats Hellions are set to release their fourth album Rue. It’s hard to believe knowing that the band’s incarnation was not that long ago (2013). It’s no secret, Hellions place themselves in a spin of genres musically and sonically, you never quite know what you’re going to get but one thing […]


It’s been just over two years since we’ve heard from Caleb Shomo’s beast that is Beartooth, well, in a new music sense anyway. The one man project become quartet has been busy and they’re about to get a whole lot busier. Beartooth are set to release his/their third studio album Disease and having just kicked […]

JOYCE MANOR ‘A Million Dollars To Kill Me’

A Million Dollars To Kill Me is Californian workhorses Joyce Manor fifth studio album release in seven years. The follow up to the 2016 release “Cody” this latest offering originally started out as a group of songs for lead singer/guitarists Barry Johnson’s potential solo album. Now a Joyce Manor album A Million Dollars To Kill […]

CIRCLES ‘The Last One’

It’s been half a decade since Melbourne Progressive Metal Masters Circles released ‘Infinitas’. With that in mind, it’s hard not to feel an eagerness surrounding the band’s new release The Last One. Fronted by the newest member Ben Rechter (Guitar/ Lead Vocals) Circles have continued to evolve their sound into a swirl of emotive, directive […]

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