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CONAN ‘Existential Void Guardian’

Existential Void Guardian
14th September 2018
Napalm Records

For over a decade now Liverpool (England) lads Conan have pummeled their beloved fans ears with a concoction of fuzz doom that almost severs ones ear canal from ear drum. Brought to life at Skyhammer Studios, owned by Jon Davis (Vocals/Guitar) and recorded by producer/ member Chris Fielding (Bass/Vocals) Existential Void Guardian continues the trait in chaotic fashion.

Opener “Prosper on the Path” threads the low end tonal fury with the bluntest of needles, newest to the fold Johnny King (Drums) commands the tempo which sits at a crushing and capturing pace. Inclusive is the dual vocals of Davis and Fielding teaming up constantly to deliver equal amounts of evil goodness! Adding to the carnage “Eye to Eye to Eye” intensifies and lets in a gripping groove element, the song elaborates on the power the trio can create musically whilst Davis brings the classic Conan vocal hard out.


If blast doom makes you want to run your face across your local venue’s front of house speaker system then “Paincantation” is hard enough and short enough for guaranteed survival, this is a full-fledged blistering short term heart attack of a track.

Alright…just when one thinks that the low end of low can’t reach any dare I say… lower “Amidst the Infinite” moves forth for examination. With dual/ gang vocals that permeate throughout like the stench of a civil unrest battle that has just ceased this track attaches itself to one self! One is then greeted by a more repeated riff and structure “Volt Throwerencapsulates the essence of Existential Void Guardian keeping the fury in check with a head banging wall of sound. Conan’s craftsmanship shines blackest on “Volt Thrower”.

“Vexxagon” kicks the fuzz into 5th gear with a droning cascade of riffage and flurrying down beats while the vocals wail over and over helping the dynamics as the track slowly turns into a sludge pool of rhythmic stew! Yum!

CHECK THIS OUT!  CONAN and BELL WITCH at Whammy Bar, Auckland NZ on 13/11/18

In a nut shell that was devoured by the almightiest of creatures closer “Eternal Silent Legend” slowly burns with Fielding’s and King’s rhythm section keeping it gritty before breaking into a more stripped back beast though still offering that sense of chaos that truly is Existential Void Guardian.

Worthy of noting, depending on what version you pick up Existential Void Guardian features four live tracks that will be sure to tip you over the edge! Enjoy and endure the sounds of “Total Conquest”, “Satsumo”, “Foehammer” and “Hawks as Weapon” Live!


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