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The almighty Central Victoria has always been well known for producing quality bands of almost any genre, it’s hard to pin point exactly what it is or I could just get all wild and use the term “it’s something in the water” but it can’t be used due to the fact that there just isn’t that much water out that way these days…..but….whatever it is it’s bloody working BIG TIME!

Hailing from Bendigo, Victoria Spacegoat have just released their much anticipated debut release, this five track e.p entitled 33 was produced by Mat Robins at ColourSound Recording Studios and mastered by the one and only Jack the Bear at Deluxe Mastering who has worked with the likes of Silverchair, Nick Cave, You Am I and fellow Bendigo lads Die In A Dream. With big names such as these ensuring that the release sounds massive the musicians themselves were to bring their ‘A’ game and damn did the quintet deliver just that, so let me break it down for you all shall I?

Opener “Big Picture Sacrifice” opens with an emotive guitar section before quickly breaking into a straight up levelled out heavy rock chugganaut with the palm muted riff being balanced with pounding double kicks by drummer Adam Beattie that follow said riff bang on. A rounded out opener that gives you a taste of what’s to follow! This track is solid and manages to warm up the listener, a great choice to open 33!

Last week we were given a debut film clip from Spacegoat, the track “The Push” wastes no time in quickly morphing into a sludge whirlwind, the listener is introduced to the true grit of vocalist Erin Blackmore. Sometimes the heart speaks and with lines like “Still not good enough, still not good enough” delivered with such truth and conviction Blackmore demands ones attention! The Chorus riff in this track is a straight up banger, the tone from Guitarists Michael ‘Mighty’ McGrath, Leon Russell and Bassist Lyndon Eddy has such a subtle feel to it you won’t even know you’re head banging until it’s too late…..pain meds will be required after this one!

Alright people, it’s time to strap yourself in because some heavy hearted story telling is about to smack you upside the head…..you have been warned! “The Crest” is by far one of the most convincing vocal performances I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long time! Before I go on, the music rules, with it tremolo guitars and mood setting tones it’s a true compliment to Blackmore’s vocals on every front. Do yourself a favour and read the lyrics to this track, the chorus “Do a pause, pull it up, clear your head, disengage, oh disengage, but only while you need to, clear your throat, find your voice, make it heard, let it change oh, let it change, avoidance won’t appease you” and one of the verse lines “You’re so sick of crying, you’re so sick of crying” are highlights of the pure soul baring that is displayed on The Crest. Sometimes songs can make one cry, this is one of those songs, it’s truly beautiful and if it doesn’t move you then you’re not listening to it in the right state of mind, it’s really as simple as that!

The next track “Doomsday Love Affair” follows The Crest perfectly with its mood setting pace and tone. Eddy’s bass chords in the verses give the song so much feel and depth and the stand out riff for the release lays in the chorus, it is truly crushing, when that low note drops you best check your under garments friends because it’s gut shacking! The track pulls up like a B Double truck with Beattie controlling the tempo to a vicious breakdown while Blackmore’s “Pick yourself up, pick yourself up, pick yourself up!” would make Otep Shamaya proud! After such a deep feeling track previously “Doomsday Love Affair” is the perfect follower.

Spacegoat is clearly a band of strong unity, the bond is evident in the final track “Horns”, make your own mind up but lyrically this track is an introduction to what Spacegoat has to offer now and gives a glimpse of what the future holds for the band….it’s clear….this lot aren’t going anywhere! Yes the track is another sludge train but there is almost a joy within it and sentiment is right at the front, the last lines of the release speaks loud and clear “But now I know what it means to be free and the way that it all started was at 33” suggests that music really does save sometimes, truly spine tingling stuff!

If you like pure heart and soul and dig a nice low wall of sound then be sure to check out Spacegoat as soon as possible, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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