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DIE IN A DREAM ‘Die In A Dream’

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Forming in 2015 from the ashes of now disbanded Artilah Central Victorian hard rockers Die In A Dream have just dropped their long awaited self-titled album Die In A Dream. It’s been said countless times that the proof is in the pudding and this five piece from Bendigo, Victoria have proven with this release that they can stand tall with the heavy hitters of the music industry. Produced by Travis Johnson and Mastered by Tony Jack Mantz at Deluxe Mastering this eleven track full length punches in bunches from beginning to end.

Opener “Dawn State” drifts into your ears with opening guitar licks that sprinkle on the soul….THEN the rhythm and vocal kicks in and from here on in it’s nothing but business for this track builds into one of the most captivating vocal choruses I’ve heard (in this style of heavy rock) in a long time! Tim Grey (Vocals) strips his soul bare, if this track doesn’t grab you by the heart then you best listen again and again, truly roar and dare I say… god damn beautiful. This one almost made a grown man cry!

Helping continue the tempo “Faceless Nameless” offers a progressive/heavy structure overall, Aaron Grey (Drums) and Alex Davis (Bass) lock in tight whilst both Kane Roelofs (Guitar) and Lee Chatterton (Guitar) both dance around the fret board adding a real flavor to the track. The lyrics “we got a broken regime” haunts oneself in the bridge section offering a more political and honest build up as the track launches into a frenzy! It has to be said, the bass tone is a real stand out during the bridge section on this one, yum!

After the heavy whirlwind of tracks one and two “Broken Pillars” pulls back just a little, this giving an example of the true depths this five piece can go. Calling this track a ballad doesn’t do it justice, sure the diehard punter will learn the lyrics but they will have to contend with the ever-growing mosh behind them as the track builds and builds into pure riff bonanza. “Broken Pillars” is edgy as hell.

The second offering from the debut is track four “Ten Thousand Sands”. It continues the strength and depth of the bands writing, a well thought out song will always be a great song and this track is just that, precise in every facet of its structures! The key change and vocal “Ten thousand sands fallen through their hands” near lifts oneself off of Mother Earth.

Question! Who likes to “pogo dance” or “mosh”? Good answer, “Sun/Moon” will cater for your vertical dance moves in a big way with Davis, Chatterton and Roelofs bringing the thunder on this one. For the seasoned riff digger the pieces of this track that I’m referring to are obvious, for the not so seasoned you may get caught in cross-hairs on this one.

Throughout the album a stand out is the layering of the vocals. “Carry Through” is one example of such a thing, the dynamics it adds to singing is spine tingling and the way it complements the music is impressive to say the least. For a track that is jammed in the mid-section of the release “Carry Through” still stands strong!

If you missed the mosh reference earlier or if you miss “Sun/Moon” during a Die In A Dream live set then be sure to demand “Salvati-Ne”. Again the notations, tones, rhythms and mountain high vocals grabs your soul and tries it’s best to remold it, its kinder easy to give in to it too because it just feels so damn good.

“Burnt to Ashen” sees a more nasally vocal giving the listener another example of Tim Grey’s vocal abilities, just when you think his range couldn’t vary any more BAM there it is. Speaking of abilities, Aaron Grey (Drums) sneaks in so many impressive fills that it’s hard to keep up, this track is just one of the many examples of this throughout the album.

A debut album requires a solid debut film clip and the very first offering was “Colours”, a bold and risky move giving the listener a later track as a “first taste” of what is to come. Giving a track down the list first does promote the punter to check the later tracks out in a full length and Die In A Dream have really delivered here. With a guitar lead from hell later in the track “Colours” again lifts you to stratosphere before placing you firmly back on the ground.

Right! The gloves are off and “Weighted Crowns” is up in here, a locked in galloped rhythm in the verse sections kicks hard (no pun intended). There is a real journey feel about this track, a short and treacherous journey but a journey nonetheless.

For me a tell tail sign of a truly great album is the strength of the final track, it’s not the be all and end all but man it helps! So with that what can be said about “Mantles”? It’s a heavy rock anthem it’s as simple as that, if you pay close attention the layering and storm that builds in this track is truly monstrous. At an epic 5mins 37seconds this song will feel like it’s over in seconds. Honestly wow!

It’s hard to believe that this is a debut album, from beginning to end it’s been carefully crafted to be as one, this debut really is an impressive listen! Be sure to keep a close eye on Die In A Dream if they play their cards right the sky is the limit for these lads!

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