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KoЯn “The Nothing”

13; lucky for some. More than luck in this case, for hard-working Bakersfield misfits KoЯn, with their 13th effort, The Nothing. More of a continuation of their last work, The Serenity of Suffering (2016), what the album previous lacked this makes up for. As the last record provided us with the signature Davis scat and […]

(həd) p.e. and NONPOINT at The Manning Bar, Sydney on 29/6/19

Anyone that set foot in the Manning Bar stumbled through a time warp, travelling back to the late nineties. Newcastle locals, SETMEONFIRE were warming things up or starting the machine, with a modern sound which drew heavy influences from late nineties alternative metal, making them the ideal opening act for the night. With three EP’s […]

(HED)P.E. & NONPOINT – Video Clip Discovery

The ’90s were a big time for alternative metal, with rap-metal outfit Rage Against the Machine,  newcomers Korn and Deftones paving the way for an array of Nu-Metal clones. Inspirations bled from the speakers with two groups who were far from clones. Apart from System of a Down, who had their own unique sound, came […]

36 CRAZYFISTS and SUPERHEIST at Crowbar Sydney on 6/4/2019

Setting foot inside what was once known as the Bald Faced Stag; following suit with Brisbane, now brothers in arms of the Crowbar family, the setting was different but the mood was similar. Gone were the screens showing NRL games, replaced with promotions of the club, vinyl on display was a good addition. Apart from […]

DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL at Parramatta Park, Sydney on 9/3/19

In the heart of Greater Western Sydney, the home to the greatest NRL team, the Mighty Eels, Download Festival have pulled it off giving Sydney punters a great location for their first Download experience at Parramatta Park. Although a bit of a hike for some, it was worth the wait, with a good set up, […]


If someone were to tell you that Pungent Stench had a new album after their split in 2007 and all the turmoil faced regarding legal issues, you would probably find it hard to believe, but crazier things have happened like the return of ABBA. Death metal from Vienna brings music to the ears, and it’s […]

PRIMORDIAL ‘Exile Amongst the Ruins’

Four years since the timeless classic ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ (2014) it was never going to be an easy task to follow. The Irish quintet like a challenge and have succumbed like Vikings at battle swinging their axes, striking at anyone that came before them. “Nail Their Tongues” draws first blood with that Celtic sound […]


Art As Catharsis / Birds Robe Collective releases SEIMS 3, the third journey through the mathrock, prog of musical genius Simeon Bartholomew with Sydneys’ SEIMS, who deliver yet again!

AT THE DRIVE-IN + Le Butcherettes at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney on 29/9/2017

Tonight’s activities consisted of some Mexican Garage Rock and Texan Post-Hardcore. Sydney’s iconic Hordern Pavilion was the place to be for those who were lucky enough to have seen At The Drive-In in the past, but better yet, for those who questioned if they’d ever see the day. Well, tonight, feelings of nostalgia were reached […]

HEAVY ROOTS: Prophets of Rage

This month HEAVY Roots looks at what you get when you combine the originators of rap metal… with the best… of the best… …when it comes to hip-hop, which let’s face it nowadays has lack of guitars? Artists such as Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Run DMC and Beastie Boys all combined real instruments in their […]


When it comes to Grunge music there were two bands who stood out among their peers: Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. Today’s edition of HEAVY ROOTS focuses on Soundgarden, who was, lead by the talented musician and songwriter Chris Cornell.  Cornell’s career sprouted throughout the music world with a captivating solo career along with Soundgarden and Audioslave. Starting […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] SikTh: The Future In Who’s Eyes?

British heavy hitters SikTh, return with their first full-length since Death of a Dead Day (2006). Forming in 1999 and breaking up in 2008 it wasn’t until 2013 when SikTh played a reunion show at Download Festival. Crowdfunding helped with the self-release of fourth EP, Opacities (2015). The news of a third LP on Millennium Night, a label […]


Shedding the light and darkness on this epic tree, this week we focus on the influential Judas Priest and the vocalist’s behind the monster that branched out to greatness across the spectrum of metal. With an amazing back catalogue of seventeen records to choose from, it is clear that Priest is the pioneers of their craft. The […]


Post-hardcore outfit, At The Drive-In, left fans with their opus, Relationship of Command (2000) and it looked like they were gone for good. Just like how Refused; another Post-hardcore group left with a bang. It took seventeen years between the release of The Shape of Punk to Come (1998) and Freedom (2015) as it has with the follow-up […]


Metal Blade signings from Melbourne, Harlott unleash with the relentless opener, the title track Extinction. The guitar duel of Ryan Butler and front-man Andrew Hudson welcome the pounding drums of Tim Joyce and pummeling bass of Tomas Richards. The thrash to behold doesn’t let up moving forward to standout track First World Solutions. Stopping and starting with the […]


Melbourne four-piece Desecrator, release their beast of a debut, To The Gallows. Relentless thrash lets loose with album opener and title-track To The Gallows. The guitar duo of Scottie Anning and frontman Riley Strong unleash bone crushing riffs to the galloping bass of Gerad Biesboe and the chaotic drum blasts of Jared Roberts. Strong sings about hangings […]

[GIG REVIEW] DWARVES and Supports at The Imperial, Hotel, Erskineville, Sydney

Disclaimer: The following gig review may contain material offensive to some, as it is a Dwarves review. If you are familiar with the band you should know what to expect. Cultural history was made at tonight’s venue, The Imperial Hotel, Erskineville, which was featured in the iconic Australian film, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994). The […]


Sydney hardcore veterans, Toe To Toe release their sixth LP, the follow-up to Arturo Gatti (2010). It has been seven years in the making of the monster that is Rise Up. With twelve solid tracks, proving they are one of if not Australia’s finest hardcore bands. At a time when the hardcore scene is ripe […]


[button color=”black” size=”big” link=”http://geni.us/VoyagerGhostMile” icon=”fa-music” target=”true”]PRE-ORDER “GHOST MILE”[/button] Six records in and Perth band, Voyager, seem to get better with each release. The album to follow “V”(2014) was always going to be a hard act to follow or one tough cookie to digest. With no cookies left in the cookie jar, it’s safe to say no cookies […]


Hamilton locals Checaine are set to release their upcoming EP this Saturday 29th April with an album launch at the Nivara Lounge in Hamilton, a link to the event is under the review for all you fellow New Zealanders. Kicking things off with Sleeping with the Enemy, Checaine doesn’t hold back with the pounding riff […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Life of Agony: A Place Where There’s No More Pain

Since forming in 1989 Brooklyn based, heavy hitters’ Life of Agony released three records on Roadrunner Records, including the phenomenal debut Rivers Rund Red (1993), Ugly (1995) and Soul Searching Sun (1997). Frontman Keith Caputo left after recording their last record with Roadrunner. Whitfield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe) took over vocal duties on tour and […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to Industrial sounds the godfathers of industrial such as Godflesh, Skinny Puppy and Killing Joke have opened up the gates for modern industrial giants such as Ministry who continue to influence the masses. With a history that spreads its roots from Chicago and beyond, whether it be with other projects or experiments… Bow […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Top 10 Ska-Punk Albums

Another part of the punk family tree is ska. We have looked at punk in general and its heavy brother hardcore… Now it is time to shed some light on its laid-back cousin ska. Many punk and hardcore bands blend ska within their music, some more than others. Reggae is the true godfather of ska […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Top 10 Hardcore Albums

Punk branches out to many sub-genres, hardcore being one of them. Hardcore the more aggressive form of punk has a history worth delving into. The albums chosen are ones that left a mark on the hardcore world. From its early beginnings till today with most bands still releasing quality music, “die-hard” hardcore fans unite and […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Top 10 Punk Albums

Punk is a genre that many metal genres owe a great deal to. Black metal groups such as Darkthrone, Venom and thrash groups including Slayer, Death Angel, have taken many pages from the book of punk. In this edition of The Heavy List, we will take a look at punk in general with the Ska and Hardcore […]


When it comes to living legends crazy Canadian, Devin Garrett Townsend spreads his roots across the diverse spectrum of not only metal but music in general. The number of bands and projects Townsend has shed light on continues to grow deeper. Not only a songwriter, musician but also a record producer. Known for his distinct sound everything Townsend […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Top 10 Death Metal Albums

Death metal is one genre that takes things to the extreme. From the deep growls, screams, and shrieks. At times sounding like a pig being slaughtered this genre is for a select few. The chosen few will argue with some of these choices. But at the end of the day, it is all a matter of […]


Natives of Montpellier, Southern France, Doctor Livingstone know how to burst one’s eardrum keeping the avid listener coming back for more. A follow-up to Contemptus Saeculi (2014), a violent cocktail of extreme metal and hardcore was exactly what the doctor ordered. Avoiding what many bands do by having a sixteen minute waiting period before that hidden […]


Third offering for Swedish progressive metallers Soen sees maturity grow more with each release. Coming a long way since the debut, Cognitive (2012), forming their own sound steering clear of being tagged as another Tool clone. Sure there are similarities with both Tool and Opeth however, Soen has a lot of originality on display here and eight solid […]

[LIVE GIG REVIEW + PHOTOS] OPETH, Sydney Opera House, 6 Feb 2017

A sea of black took over Sydney Harbour as metal heads united in wait of our Swedish brethren who would make the Sydney Opera House their own for three hours of progressive bliss this evening. Opeth delivered the goods, firing off on all cylinders, kicking off with the progressive title track to their latest offering, […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Top 10 Industrial Albums

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] When it comes to Industrial sounds most are HEAVY in their own right. When it comes to the godfathers of industrial; who you will find at the top of our list; to the many industrial metallers and alternative groups of today, one cannot argue that the records listed are all albums that stand the test […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Krepitus: The Eyes of The Soulless

Canada has given us such crazy and talented Canadians such as Devin Townsend and Rush when it comes to producing timeless music. Heavy hitters, Krepitus can be added to that list. One cannot pigeon hole the bands sound into any category. Thrashing out like Carcass one minute on track opener, The Decree of Theodoseus, with drum […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Maggot Twat: 8 Bit Apocalypse

With a name like Maggot Twat, you would be a Twat to take them seriously. Cartoon inspired Metal hasn’t sounded as good since the likes of Mr Bungle, Primus, and System of A Down. The Lake Zurich three piece features the obscure vocals and shredding of the guitar by frontman, Pizzer Manwhat, who is accompanied by […]


Adelaide four-piece, Alkira release the much anticipated full length, “Klotho” after the success of “Juggernaut” (2014) blending thrash, punk, and hardcore the way they know how. Hospice leads the way for an onslaught of the senses as the guitar duo of Kyle Simpson, and Gregory Challis lay down some bone-crushing riffs that only get more […]


After the release of debut EP Gone Is Gone (2016), a full length was on the cards, anticipated by fans who didn’t have to wait too long thankfully with Echolocation set to hit stores early January. For those that are unfamiliar with the supergroup of sorts, Gone Is Gone is made up of talented musicians […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Ghost of Mary: Oblivaeon

One must ponder into curiosity asking themselves what does Gothic death metal from Italy sound like. The answer would be Italian six-piece, Ghost of Mary. The violin of Joele Micelli creates a classical soundscape with growls from the throat of Daniele Rini on track opener Shades, giving a gothic vibe from the get-go. Rini not […]

[EP REVIEW] SPIRITBELL: Guided by Evil Light

Fellow Hungarians’ Aiming High, an Accept tribute band, soon became SpiritBell writing their material and gaining underground support. After releasing a demo, two EPs and a full-length, the band went on hiatus in 2013. Increasing interest once again in Hungary the band reunited and made five new doom filled tracks. These tracks were put onto […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Have Yourself a HEAVY Little Xmas

Tis’ been a jolly good year for everything happening in the world of HEAVY with endless music being brought to our heavy listening ears and countless tours to plod along to. Needless to say, things can only get better in the new year and with the release of our Digi-Mag just in time for Xmas […]


Swedish atmospheric black metal outfit, Murg have released a follow-up to 2015’s Varg & Björn with Gudatall. The eight tracks take you on a journey that only gets deeper and darker as it progresses. Title track Gudatall opens the album on a peaceful note, letting its listeners soak up the atmosphere while making way for the blast-beats and thick […]


Today marks the death of the great Dimebag Darrel of Pantera, and we pay tribute to his extraordinary talent with this week’s HEAVY ROOTS. R.I.P. Darrell Lance “Diamond” “Dimebag” Abbott 20/08/1966 – 08/12/2004 In this lengthy edition, we concentrate on the original groove metallers, Pantera and how they have branched out with numerous bands, side […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Mercyless: Pathetic Divinity

France’s very own death metal band Mercyless return with their sixth offering, a follow-up to Unholy Black Splendor (2013). The guttural growls of vocalist Max Otero let rip on title track, Pathetic Divinity after the demonic sample which discusses the many forms of Satan. This time Satan is taking the form of all the musicians […]

[EP REVIEW] Boreworm: Entomophobia

The sounds of rain to start opening track Synapse provide the calm before the storm which sees the pounding riffs of Mike Bielenda, former bassist for The Yellow Sign, turned guitarist and bassist Sam Fraser come together as one heavy mass. The blast beats come at full pelt and a nifty guitar solo from Bielenda shows he was […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] In My Embrace: Black Waters Deep

Sweden seem to produce endless slabs of metal and when it comes to mixing up genres In my Embrace do it well. The coming storm is a subtle intro with ringing guitars that lead to opening track, which is also the title track, Black Waters Deep. Lead vocalist Kenneth Larsson gives a bellow growl that […]

[EP REVIEW] The Doomsday Kingdom: Never Machine

[rwp-review id=”0″] When it comes to doom, longtime bassist and songwriter for Swedish doom metal band Candlemass, Leif Eding, has been one of the godfathers. The band has seen its fair share of ups and downs, going on hiatus twice and returning stronger with new life each time. When it comes to his personal life, the […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] HELMET: Dead to the World

New York’s Heavy hitters, Helmet release their follow-up to Seeing Eye Dog (2010) with nine and a half new songs (opening track Life or Death is reprised and slowed down at the finish line) featuring new bassist Dave Case. He’s a good fit, particularly on the hard stomping riff of I Love My Guru. Drummer Kyle […]


In this edition,  we take a look at the man himself Michael Allan Patton. Most known for his work with Faith No More, Mike Patton has roots that run deep with no end in sight. An earlier edition concentrated on the iconic band Faith No More. Today we concentrate on the iconic frontman from his […]

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