Hamilton locals Checaine are set to release their upcoming EP this Saturday 29th April with an album launch at the Nivara Lounge in Hamilton, a link to the event is under the review for all you fellow New Zealanders.

Kicking things off with Sleeping with the Enemy, Checaine doesn’t hold back with the pounding riff of guitarist Regan Aspden.  You will find yourself banging that melon from the get-go. Front-man Fraser Coombes displays a powerful vocal performance, giving the group of talented musicians a fresh sound. The stomp created by the pulverising riffs instantly brings Sevendust to mind and a nifty guitar solo thrown in adds a nice touch.

The first single Bring Me Down starts with the chugging of the guitar and the tight bass groove of Chris Prenter. Drummer, Pete Westbury belts the skins with precision making way for a catchy chorus from Coombes. The energy is taken to the next level which is sure to detonate both on and off stage right before that most welcome guitar solo.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJSzatC0O0I]


Title-track Symbols, which is getting the much-deserved airplay on radio in New Zealand, shows a more progressive side of the band with more changes than a weather forecast. Coombes vocal ability soars, weaving in and out from clear to spoken word, creating a build up to an explosion of mental bliss where the listener gets lost in some thick riffs and heavy hitting from Westbury.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qytCO7mapY]


 Set us Free changes the tone with the bass-driven groove and the chorus is a call to arms, coming across as an anthem. The guitar wizardry of Aspden provides the punter with an inspiring solo on this track. Album closer, Moth to a Flame is a highlight and a great way to end the EP. Coombes ends with the lyric, Rip it up and start again, in this case, the listener should hit repeat, rip it up and start again!

Never short of catchy choruses and tight musicianship, Checaine is one act to look out for, having toured alongside New Zealand locals Devilskin hopefully a tour Down Under is on the cards. Sharing the stage with the likes of  Superheist would make for an excellent gig, promoters reading take note.

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Written by Matt Bolton

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