[ALBUM REVIEW] Holy Serpent: Temples

Melbourne four-piece Holy Serpent delivers the goods with this 5 track release. From the doomy album opener Purification of Fire to the violins and cello of album closer Sativan Harvest, the band show diversity missing in many bands within the genre. The vocal delivery by Scott Penberthy is haunting from the get-go and Saint Vitus […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The concept of “skate-rock” has been around for many years and some would categorise Melbourne band, Holy Serpent, in that genre quite easily. While the band members are just casual skateboarders themselves, one might be tempted to think that skating has subtly influenced the band’s sound. Not only in the elements of 70s hard rock […]


A Black Rheno show is full of heavy pounding drum rhythms, low tuned sonic riffage and frontman Ryan Miller’s eclectic and unique vocal style. Check out the video and tour dates – are at the bottom of the page – after you read this Q&A. Could you describe your music in three words for those […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] STORMTIDE: Wrath of an Empire

Melbourne’s Stormtide hit their listeners with more force than any destructive storm Mother Nature could muster with the self-titled opener, Wrath of an Empire. Check out the guitar solo that rips in this track below. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YB-PgCBT6w] These six talented musicians bring their own form of symphonic metal blending in elements of death and fantasy […]


System of a Down is an iconic alternative metal group which can trace its roots back to Armenia from 1994. Fronted by Serj Tankian‘s unique voice, dealing with everything from police brutality to the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in his lyrics. SOAD are the band with a voice that must be heard. Serj attended Rose and […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Biggest Hairdos In Metal

When it comes to hairdo’s in metal, one immediately thinks of hair metal bands of the eighties. Let’s start with the band loved by Stewart on MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. Winger [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIpRdbi9pYw] Pretty Boy Floyd [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XlqXEAjLnU] Cinderella [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCOrtJMQmVs] Def Leppard [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQSkIFhuli0] Spinal Tap [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq3YD7fNZTI] Ratt [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u8teXR8VE4] Queensryche [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4duZjxusGM] Poison [youtube […]

[INTERVIEW] Deadspace

HEAVY sat down and wrote out a few questions for Deadspace, an ambient black metal five piece, and this is what they had to say. How did Deadspace come about? Well, Deadspace started as an idea. I (Chris) have been writing music under the name Deadspace for about seven years, and it was only after […]

[EP REVIEW] Deadspace: Gravity

Fancy some Ambient Black Metal from the grim suburbs of Perth? Heavy hitters, Deadspace come at full force with this four-track EP, Gravity. Don’t let the four track fool you as this lengthy EP could almost be a full length in itself exceeding over thirty minutes of the bleakest black metal to please any die-hard […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] The Ruiner: The Ruiner

Win one of three “The Ruiner” CD’s! [button color=”black” size=”big” link=”https://heavymag.com.au/interview-the-ruiner/#.WBx_juF9634″ icon=”fa-microphone” target=”true”][GIVEAWAY] THE RUINER CD’s[/button] Forming in 2013 from the ashes of iconic Melbourne outfit Christbait, with fellow guitarist Craig Westwood and vocalist, Jason Vassallo being joined by Jason PC of Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge and brothers Adam and Ben Stokes, on guitar and drums respectively. Having released two digital downloads the […]


This edition of HEAVY ROOTS sheds some light and darkness upon one tree that spreads deep through many bands today. The tree is that of the iconic group known as Acid Bath. Although their career was short lived, its roots continue to grow at a rapid rate through other side projects and some big name bands. [youtube […]


Continuing from the behemoth of a tree that is Black Sabbath, in this edition of HEAVY ROOTS we focus on the Prince Of Darkness himself, John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne. Ozzy has lead one of the most successful solo careers that is still in action today. Many would say that John Lennon was a dreamer, and they wouldn’t be mistaken, but Ozzy is the dreamer of the […]


Looking back over the years, there have been some classic songs covered by many bands. Sure, there are some woeful cover versions out there, but there have been some big and not-so-big name groups that have made songs their own. While most bands cover songs from the eighties these days, check out some unorthodox renditions of […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] TESTAMENT: Brotherhood Of The Snake

[rwp-review id=”0″] The true brotherhood of Californian Thrash Titans, Testament who have been consistent since their formations in 1983, release their 11th bone-crushing offering of the damned. Starting with title-track, Brotherhood of the Snake, the band return in fine form since we heard them last in 2012 with the epic Dark Roots of Earth, which […]


What looked to be a miserable day in Sydney saw a glimpse of sunshine. It seemed to be getting darker earlier than usual and the queue went all the way down the alleyway beside the Metro to the other street and a fair way up it. Most sold out shows didn’t even have this big […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Billabong of Blood

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][rwp-review id=”0″] After the eerie intro that sets the scene of being at a campsite in the little country town in New South Wales known as Gunnedah; where the lads are from, it ends with what sounds like something from a horror film with something coming from the billabong. Blood will spill as blistering opener Hell on Earth takes a hold and is […]


[rwp-review id=”0″] Welcoming the listener with RCKT one can not be prepared for what is install here with 9 solid tracks from the mind of one Simeon Bartholomew. The sounds of synth lead up to an outburst of HEAVY proportions in the opening track alone. The bass line groove and leads step up a notch on next track […]


Everyone enjoys a cold drink on a hot summer’s day or a hot beverage on a cold winter’s night. Here’s a list of 25 songs to have a drink too; in no particular order. Enjoy (responsibly)! 25. What’s The Deal? – 28 Days [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W18uTMBVLvo] 24. Alcoholic – Fishbone [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkGn9lNH1GQ] 23. Beer – Reel Big Fish [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCgX4ixCRcQ] […]


Well, it’s that time of month and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to carve some pumpkins and fill up the shelves with sweets for the trick or treaters. We have put together a list of ten songs for a Halloween party. Feel free to add songs that should also feature as there are […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] grudge! : No Acceptance

[rwp-review id=”0″] Melbourne’s grudge! come at you with full force on their debut No Acceptance, recorded at Jason PC‘s (Blood Duster) Goatsound Studios. Grindcore doesn’t get any more raw sounding than this, with 22 minutes of music that sounds more brutal than Mickey and Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers). Abusing Hope opens up the floodgates with Rusty pulverizing the […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] More dark roots are explored in this edition of HEAVY ROOTS and this time we focus on the legendary Black Sabbath. Any heavy band that tells you they weren’t influenced by this band are either lying, or no good. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U39EiI-NR4I] Legendary Guitarist Toni Iommi and drummer Bill Ward had left their band Mythology in 1968 and […]


The amount of musical genres that exist can get a tad on the ridiculous side…. But, Pirate Metal isn’t ridiculous at all! Here is a list of 10 pirate metal bands to get your stumps tapping too! (In no particular order… ’cause we are pirates ourselves.) Aharrr me hearties! 10. Alestorm (Scotland) 9. Lagerstein (Brisbane, Australia) 8. […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] KORN: The Serenity of Suffering

[rwp-review id=”0″] With the release of the bands’ 12th studio effort since forming in 1993, it is safe to say the band is still around for a reason. With many bands mimicking Korn in one way or another I myself hating the Nu Metal tag see the band as Alternative Metal. Leave the Nu Metal tag with […]

[LIVE REVIEW] Regurgitator, SEIMS and Jeremy Neale in Sydney, 21st October, 2016

RegurgitatorRegurgitator - Regurgitator Human Distribution Tour, The Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia 21.10.2016

Tonight was going to be one night to remember. Earlier on, there weren’t too many people around as they were clearly here for Regurgitator. The Metro Theatre would later be close to a full house. Those who didn’t arrive early missed out. Local band SEIMS gave a performance as if playing to a sold-out crowd. It was […]


[rwp-review id=”0″] One of the greatest up and coming bands to come from our shores, blending elements of stoner, grind, sludge and groove metal into one lethal cocktail which must include a pineapple. Just watch the brilliant video for album opener, No Time For Numb Nuts below, and you will know what I mean. It […]


Everyone loves a good flick and sometimes a movie can be made from a good soundtrack especially if it suits our HEAVY needs. Over the years there has been a hell of a lot of good metal soundtracks when it comes to movies. Add any to the list and please the Bill Collins out there. Whack […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Superheist: Ghosts of the Social Dead

[rwp-review id=”0″]   After a 13 year hiatus, Melbourne’s Superheist return with their highly anticipated album Ghosts of the Social Dead and the band sounds fresh and ready to take on the world. Long time guitarist and founder of the band DW Norton and bassist Drew Dedman welcome new drummer Benny Clark and that familiar […]


In this edition of HEAVY ROOTS, we profile a band that once seemed finished but continues spreading its roots to this day. Branching off with countless solo records and side projects, the legacy and genius of Alice In Chains continues to spring evergreen. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTuD8k3JvxQ] From humble beginnings clad in spandex during the mid-eighties, Layne Staley fronted a […]


Shower time is not just to get clean but also time to let your inner rock star shine thanks to the acoustics of a bathroom. Here is a list of some tunes we at HEAVY HQ tend to rock out to while “alone” in the shower. If you have soap on a rope use it […]


Finally, a list for you romantics out there. Since there is so much sleaze out there in the world of HEAVY, we had to pick a special number of songs for you to lay your man/lady/blow-up doll down to. However, that ‘special’ number would’ve probably been a little too long for most of us, so […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Obituary : Ten Thousand Ways To Die

[rwp-review id=”0″] After releasing nine incredibly bone crushing albums; their first being 1989’s Slowly We Rot and last being 2014’s Inked In Blood; which I remember reviewing on its release and giving it full marks, Florida’s Obituary give us two brand new tracks amongst eleven recordings of their classics touring from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale. Album opener […]


One tree that has been growing since 1981, losing and gaining fans all over the globe; much like their history with fallen heroes, fallout’s between members and the line-up changes; but always keeping with the times, proving to be one strong tree are the mighty Metallica, which today’s edition of HEAVY ROOTS will focus on. […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Ural : Party With The Wolves

[rwp-review id=”0″] Having never heard this three piece from Italy before I was happily surprised with what the lads brought to my heavy metal listening ears.  We get nine tracks that show the thrash crossover with elements of hardcore and speed punk in the mix. On the thrashing intro Electroshock, front-man Ste sounds like an Italian […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Winterfylleth: The Dark Hereafter

Winterfylleth - The Dark Hereafter Review

[rwp-review id=”0″] When it comes to atmospheric Black metal UK’s finest Winterfylleth, come in full force with the title track, The Dark Hereafter. The shortest song on the five track and probably the simplest. One doesn’t soak in the Black Metal brilliance until second track Pariah’s Path takes a hold. If you are not taken on a journey, you […]


One tree which continues to spread its roots today, influencing bands and forming the creations of seminal bands and side projects is the legendary Kyuss. This tree has a history of deep roots that is definitely worth checking out. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAXGu81Rk1g&w=560&h=315] Forming in sunny California, bringing desert rock from Palm Desert since 1987, the stoner rock […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Darkthrone: Arctic Thunder

[rwp-review id=”0″] Norwegian black metal duo Darkthrone release their 17th album Arctic Thunder, a follow-up to 2013’s critically acclaimed The Underground Resistance. One thing for sure is the band never let down. Each album sounds different to the one prior. They keep consistent by not keeping consistent. Long time members Fenriz, who is an absolute behemoth […]


Written By: Matt Bolton The dark roots explored in this edition of HEAVY ROOTS form the foundation for black metal and a style of vocals known as the death gr0wl, as we focus on the great Thomas Gabriel Fischer, known to the metal world as Tom G. Warrior. The man is truely a Warrior having grown up as an […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Brujeria: Pocho Aztlán

Brujeria – Pocho Aztlán Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records Release Date: Out Now Review By: Matt Bolton   Mexican terrorists Brujeria have been sharing their deathgrind with the masses since 1989 and on their fourth full-length release, Pocho Aztlán, the time is now, as the bands message is most relevant with the way the world is heading today than […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Matt Bolton One tree with much history is that of the iconic Horror Punk outfit The Misfits, who took their name from the  Marilyn Monroe’s final film from 1961, and who we take a look at today in this edition of HEAVY Roots. Being one of many bands to reunite; as many bands seem to be […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] S.N.A.F.U.- Present Day Plague

S.N.A.F.U. – Present Day Plague Record Label: Independent Release Date: Out Now Review By: Matt Bolton Hardcore/Thrash/Punk crossover band from Detroit release the follow up to their 2013 debut, Fear The Future starting off with a sample like its predecessor. The pummeling bass provided by Mickey, drives album opener, Her Dark Past and it’s not long before guitar […]


Written By: Matt Bolton Swedish heavy hitters Opeth need no introduction and any lucky fan who got a ticket to their sold out, once in a lifetime event at the Sydney Opera House next year would tell you they always deliver the goods when it comes to a live show. Today’s HEAVY ROOTS branch out […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Written By: Matt Bolton These days, Henry Rollins could be known as a music icon. What the man has achieved is phenomenal and the man’s HEAVY ROOTS are as interesting as they are inspiring. From his punk beginnings to his spoken word tours of today the man always speaks his mind. And what an intelligent mind […]


Written by: Matt Bolton One important tree to be discovered in this edition of HEAVY Roots is that of seminal rock group Guns N’ Roses, who have much history branching out from various bands, and even to this day the branches reaching out from the seminal core have produced highly successful side projects and bands […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Motorowl – Om Generator

Motorowl – Om Generator Century Media Records Released: August 26th Reviewed by Matt Bolton I knew I was in for something special when the first words you hear were “Lucifer come take my hand. Beelzebub come take me…” on title track, Om Generator, which is the blistering opener. The Germans have really opened a can […]


Written By: Matt Bolton With so many genres and so much music to take in, one has to open one’s ears and mind and delve deeply into the many sounds out there, after clearing out the ear wax and avoiding the mass-produced plastic mainstream stuff that passes for music these days. A lot of great […]

[COLUMN] Heavy Roots

Written By: Matt Bolton Today we will look at some deep dark HEAVY roots from the tree of Type O Negative that continue to branch out today, with several other members of the band making music that would please the goth or average metal fan. The song that the band are most known for is […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Allegiance – Destitution

Allegiance – D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n EVP Recordings Released August 26th Reviewed By: Matt Bolton 5/5 EVP Recordings are re-releasing another Aussie classic along with Crypt’s Disgusting Zombie Metal. This time it’s Aussie thrash legends Allegiance. Let’s hope it’s a good enough reason for them to tour again. The classic album D.e.s.t.i.t.u.t.i.o.n from 1994 has never sounded better. As […]


Written By: Matt Bolton Today we will look at the epic tree that is Iron Maiden, branching out to some great side projects and solo albums of these very talented musicians. The Irons really hit the metal world by storm with The Number of the Beast; certainly causing this tree to rattle with some HEAVY […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] CRYPT – Disgusting Zombie Metal

CRYPT - Disgusting Zombie Metal

Forming in the not-so-grim city of Brisbane in 1994, was one of the best Australian death metal bands; alongside countless acts such as the mighty Abremelin and Damaged. They went by the name of Crypt, and I remember the first time I ever heard their track Twisted And Demented off a compilation CD I had […]

[ALBUM REVIEW]: Pain – Coming Home

Pain Coming Down ‎Nuclear Blast Records‬‬ Release Date: September 9th, 2016 Review By: Matt Bolton

Pain – Coming Down ‎Nuclear Blast Records‬‬ Release Date: September 9th, 2016 Review By: Matt Bolton When you have multiple musical projects on the go and seven albums under your belt, it’s hard to remain consistent, but Swedish mastermind Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) manages it with great skill. He sticks true to form with his Industrial brainchild, […]