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Western Australia may not receive as much love when it comes to the touring side of things, especially with some of the international bands that are wanting to visit the area. However, while the State is waiting for more global visitors, there have been countless bands in the area that hone a lot of potential, […]

[LIVE REVIEW] PUSCIFER and Luchafer, Plenary, Melbourne Convention Center

While one could easily recall Maynard James Keenan as the vocalist of one of alternative and prog metal’s most renowned bands that formed in the nineties, one of rock’s most whimsical icons is also responsible for bringing his own wine into the world, along with his primary focal point in music called Puscifer. With his […]

[INTERVIEW] The Sinking Teeth

Melbournian post-hardcore trio The Sinking Teeth have had themselves go through the hard yards for a while now. Being one of the few bands in the genre that have only three members, instead of the usual quartet/quintet image, they’ve had their name stand out a little more through not just their lineup, but also their […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] SEPTA: Sounds Like Murder

Ukraine doesn’t get much notoriety in the metal community, despite having a great assemblage of bands that have yet to be discovered. One of which are Septa from Odesza, who have been making a name for themselves through numerous releases on their Bandcamp. Now with a new, diverse sound incarnated into the band, comes their […]

[INTERVIEW] Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders

Matt Sanders, otherwise known by his nickname Skitz, is one of Australia’s most iconic figures in the underground metal scene. The Ballarat-born drummer has been involved in countless projects since 1989, where he formed deathgrind band Damaged, and has moved onto drumming for numerous groups since then. With his most recent involvement with multi-instrumentalist Daniel […]

[INTERVIEW] Jimmy Eat World

Arizona-based quartet Jimmy Eat World have been one of alternative and punks most favourable groups since 1993. Having been to perform countless performances across Australia since 2003, the band will be returning to the country performing throughout the East Coast, which includes a special guest appearance at the Australian Open. Chatting with guitarist and co-founder […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Child – Blueside

Child Blueside Kozmik Artifactz Release Date: December 2nd 2016 Review by: Callum Doig If any person of the Woodstockian era were to experience time-travelling into the current timeline, Melbournian trio Child would be the only band they’d need to bring back to take part in one of the most historical musical festivals of all time. […]

[LIVE REVIEW] Gizzfest, Melbourne, 26th Nov

Following their controversial win at the ARIAs for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album, our country’s favourite septet King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard had their annual Gizzfest underway for 2016 with a great lineup of familiar, and new faces to the Australia audience. Wandering all around the festival grounds of the Coburg Velodrome, it may not […]


Stoner rock’s favourite beer guzzling, pot smoking quartet Red Fang have had a wild ride in recent time. With their fourth album Only Ghosts out, we got in touch with the Fang‘s vocalist and bassist Aaron Beam for a Q&A to chat about the record and the ideas behind their hilarious music videos. How was the recording process […]

[FEATURE] Top Ten HEAVY Cunny Funts

Metal can’t always be about being ‘angry’, ‘dark’ and ‘brutal’. We need to have a few class clowns in the business, and for some that may be classed as a recipe for success. HEAVY decided to take a look at some of the funny folks of the heavy music world who cause our faces and stomachs to […]

[INTERVIEW] The Dillinger Escape Plan

All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, the maniacal mathcore quintet Dillinger Escape Plan are ending it all by the end of the next year. Luckily, the band promised to give the world one last record “Dissociation” along with a tour to go with it. The band’s long running, frantic and psychotic vocalist […]


California-based metal superstars Avenged Sevenfold became the first ever band to release an unannounced album both digitally and physically across the globe. Their seventh full-length record entitled “The Stage”, released through Capitol Records has just landed at #4 on the ARIA Charts, gaining positive feedback from fans and critics. The quintet have also released footage of […]

[FEATURE] THE HEAVY LIST: Forty Rock and Metal Songs for Summer

With summer creeping up closer, we’re getting to that time of year to have nothin’ but a good time. While plenty of plebs have all the feel good tracks jammed during the hottest and brightest time of year, we thought that we’d help you fight back with some heavy tracks to add to your summer […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Haunted Reality – DarkC3ll

Haunted Reality – DarkC3ll

Evil is an infinite entity that comes in many shapes. It’s displayed through different scenarios, often with an intricate character. In music, it’s identified with differently by musos and fans. One band that exhibits this malevolence is industrial metal quartet DarkC3ll from Brisbane, who return with their latest full-length Haunted Reality. DarkC3ll show maturity on Haunted Reality in […]

[INTERVIEW] Giraffe Tongue Orchestra

The work ‘supergroup’ is an exciting term for many in the music industry. Nowadays, there are more and more popping up and producing plenty of great music together in different styles outside of their comfort zone. With the boys of Mastodon and Dillinger Escape Plan reuniting once again, their new project Giraffe Tongue Orchestra features Alice in […]

[INTERVIEW] PUSCIFER: Maynard James Keenan

Written by: Callum Doig Fronting a band called the devil’s vagina is yet another perplexing feature of Maynard James Keenan. Equally tongue-in-cheek and enigmatic, people understandably have a hard time trying to keep up with him. Talking about the upcoming tour, along with the experiences he’s had from his own perspective, Maynard knows the pros and cons as […]

[FEATURE] Twenty Bands That Need To Reunite

You win some; you lose some. And that’s a common trait in the music world; bands come and go. Luckily, we’ve seen the return of massive outfits such as Faith No More, Refused, At The Drive-In, Emperor and most recently, Guns N Roses (minus Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin). And,  we have some groups that […]

[LIVE REVIEW + PHOTOS] SCORPIONS, Melbourne 18th October 2016

Scorpions in Melbourne

Having their fiftieth anniversary tour on going since last year, German arena rockers Scorpions finally had the opportunity to perform down under for one exclusive show at the beautiful Palais Theatre in Melbourne. Many Aussie fans from all the states came to witness this private, once in a lifetime concert they thought would never happen. With no support […]


Interview with Lacuna Coil singers Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro

HEAVY had the privilege of spending some time with lead singers Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil last night, backstage Max Watt’s in Melbourne. Check it out!

[LIVE REVIEW] Lacuna Coil, Orpheus Omega and Drown This City, Melbourne, Thursday 13 Oct

Lacuna Coil

Having been away from Australian shores for seven years, Italian-based gothic metal superstars Lacuna Coil returned with their second performance in our country. Kicking off in Perth, the Milan natives arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night national supports Orpheus Omega and newcomers Drown This City. With the latter providing the evening’s overture, they gained a large […]


The roots of thrash metal began with the likes of Exodus, Sepultura and The Big 4, but its ‘dark roots’ were arguably founded and executed by Californian heavyweights Testament, who have been keeping the genre vigorous and lively since 1983. With their eleventh full-length record Brotherhood of the Snake set to be released in late October, […]



We had a chat with the young lads of APES recently at the Rolling Stone Lodge (aka The Workers Club) in Melbourne.

[ALBUM REVIEW]: Giraffe Tongue, Orchestra Broken Lines

[rwp-review id=”0″] Mastodon and Dillinger Escape Plan are definitely best buds. Especially when considering how Sanders and Puciato worked together on Killer Be Killed. Now, we have Brent Hinds and Ben Weinman joining forces with Alice In Chains’ William DuVall, Dethklok’s Pete Griffin and The Mars Volta’s Thomas Pridgen in an all-star emulsion known as Giraffe […]

[INTERVIEW] Devin Townsend

It’s hard to put words together when describing the versatility and perspicacity of Devin Townsend. Having spent twenty-five years creating some of the most diverse and unique compositions in metal, Townsend is one of the most iconic and creative figures in the scene. “I’m thirty records into this career at this point. I think just […]


[rwp-review id=”0″] Ever since The Dillinger Escape Plan announced their breakup, it’s been nothing more than an emotional rollercoaster for many of the profoundly dedicated fans like myself. Luckily, the New Jersey-based mathcore quintet announced a sixth and final instalment to their studio discography and put the bookmark in the final chapter to consummate their career […]


INTERVIEW with Jon Toogood of SHIHAD

Callum Doig from HEAVY TV interviewed Jon Toogood of SHIHAD “The next Shihad record is going to be heavier… We are already writing it… It’s dark and heavy.” [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9M2FUcOMow]


Apocalyptica Interview, Melbourne 2016

Heavy TV caught up with Apocalyptica just before their Melbourne show (23 September 2016) backstage The Prince. Live photos of the show can be seen here: APOCALYPTICA LIVE AT THE PRINCE, MELBOURNE – 23 SEPT INTERVIEW WITH APOCALYPTICA


Enter Shikari

England’s very own emulsion of post-hardcore and electronic music comes straight from the aggressive echoes of Enter Shikari – one of Australia’s common and regular musical visitors who’ve gained nothing but heavy, requited love from their fan base since 2008, where the band made their debut at the Big Day Out festival. Now, returning for another […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] The Sword: Low Country

The Sword – Low Country Razor & Tie/Cooking Vinyl Release Date: September 23rd, 2016 Written by: Callum Doig Last year, The Sword reached high into the countryside with a fresh and altered take on 2015’s High Country record. But this time, the Texan stoner rock quartet have headed into the lower sector by revisiting last […]

[Interview] King 810

By: Callum Doig Flint, Michigan – America’s most dangerous city is also home to one of the most dangerous groups in today’s scene. King 810, the quartet responsible for excreting the horrors and trepidation that’s represented in their hometown through their music, have returned with the follow-up to their debut Memoirs of a Murderer entitled […]

[Feature] Top Ten Aussie Vocalists of the Decade

Caligula’s Horse

By: Callum Doig Over the years, we’ve had a vast amount of legendary singers from the country such as Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, Lord Tim, Adam Agius, Ian Kelly and Angry Anderson establish Australia’s heavy music movement. Now, we’re taking a look at the current decade and the latest movement in Aussie metal to […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Bad Omens – Self-Titled

Bad Omens – Self-Titled Sumerian Records Review by: Callum Doig The Sumerian Records label has been giving many bands a great home, from Periphery to Circa Survive. And now, we see metalcore newcomers Bad Omens, all the way from the United States, come right out of the womb with their eponymous self-titled record. This album is sure […]

[INTERVIEW] The Dirty Nil

By Callum Doig Canadian trio The Dirty Nil have been rolling around for a while in their country’s scene. But only recently have they’ve been gaining more recognition, with many opportunities to tour the world. This soon to include Australia, where they will make their debut at Unify in 2017,  plus they will play alongside […]

[Opinion] Top Ten Most Influential Non-Metal Artists

Written by: Callum Doig Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath – to name but a few of metal’s biggest inspirations. However, there have been a handful of bands that have made a massive impact on the genre way before metal was actually conceived as a musical category in itself. Metal has quite an escritoire full of […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] LIVE REVIEW: Pierce the Veil + Silverstein + Beartooth + Storm the Sky 170 Russell, Melbourne August 22nd, 2012 Review by: Callum Doig Photography by: Sofie Marsden  Over the last ten years, Californian post-hardcore superstars Pierce the Veil have become genre’s most highlighted acts. Making their third appearance in the country to promote the release […]


Pierce The Veil - Interview - HEAVY Mag

Interviewer: Callum Doig Videographer and sound: Bethany “Lady B” Mafrici   Video Interview With Pierce The Veil Callum Doig sat down with Pierce The Veil and shoots the breeze about their current Aussie tour.   Check out our recent phone interview PIERCE THE VEIL the guys here: [INTERVIEW] Pierce The Veil: Post-Pressure Pierce The Veil’s ‘Misadventures’ […]

[FEATURE] 8 Reasons To Get Your Arse To UNIFY


By Callum Doig Unify has been taking the lead in heavy music festivals as of late. Ever since Soundwave cancelled, luckily, the people behind Unify have been doing everything they can to make it bigger and better every year. If you’ve been dwelling in an indecisive headspace, whether or not to go for your first […]

[FEATURE] HEAVY’s Top Ten Bassists of Rock N’ Metal

Steve Harris - Iron Maiden

By Callum Doig “Bass is the foundation of the band.” – a quote attributed to William Murderface of Dethklok. In all honesty, where would any band be without the bass player? While bassists worldwide are often the butt of jokes, there are still thousands out there that have earned nothing but respect for their abilities […]

[LIVE REVIEW] Brewtality, The Bendigo Hotel & The Tote, Melbourne

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Brewtality Festival The Bendigo Hotel & The Tote, Collingwood Saturday, August 6th, 2016 Review by: Callum Doig Photos by: Matt Allan courtesy of Desert Highways Brewtality: The annual celebration of metal, rock and beer is a local favourite amongst Melbournian metalheads. After the several years of success, Brewtality returned with an all-new lineup featuring Fireballs, […]

[INTERVIEW] SCORPIONS: First Australian Tour; But, Not The First Time In Australia

It’s amazing that some of the most legendary bands in rock history are active after all these years. After being together for over fifty years, one of Germany and the world’s most recognised and lauded icons of heavy music, Scorpions are still empowering and inspiring the world with their quintessential rock anthems alongside their great […]

[INTERVIEW] The Pineapple Thief

The Pineapple Theif

By Callum Doig England’s prog rock scene has been a long runner thanks to classic acts such as Genesis, King Crimson and Yes. Thanks to their influence on this current generation, this has led to the birth of many groups that has included The Pineapple Thief, who will be releasing their eleventh full-length ‘Your Wilderness’ […]

[ALBUM REVIEW] Blues Pills – Lady In Gold

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold - Artwork

Blues Pills – Lady in Gold Release Date: August 5th, 2016 Review by: Callum Doig Who said the ’60s and ’70s music is dead? Though the years have passed, the music and the old chic in its Woodstock era haven’t. And that’s because of groups like Blues Pills, who’ have been one of the most […]

[Album Review] The Pineapple Thief, ‘Your Wilderness’

The Pineapple Thief, 'Your Wilderness'

Release Date: August 12th, 2016 Review by Callum Doig There’s no denying that prog music has been nothing more than an ethereal entity that speaks of a melodic language so pure and resplendent since its inception. Birthed in the same country that gave us Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and many other illustrious names, […]

Periphery – The Juggernaut Rolls on with Select Difficulty

By Callum Doig First, Periphery came with their debut in 2010, then with their sophomore, they decided to make things personal. And now with their third self-titled and sixth full-length record overall due in July, it was time the Washington DC-based sextet gave their fans the option to select their difficulty, with Periphery III: Select […]

Gig Review: Fear Factory + Circles + Jack The Stripper, Melbourne, 5 June 2016

Fear Factory + Circles + Jack The Stripper The Prince of Wales, Melbourne 5 June 2016 Review by Callum Doig Photos by Wylie Burchall I don’t even think it’s necessary to give Fear Factory an introduction these days. All I can really give you in this paragraph is that they’ve only been one of metal’s […]

Deafheaven: A Lighter Shade of Black

By Callum Doig Put the corpse paint and the Satanic rituals aside for the moment, as Californian blackgaze quintet Deafheaven make their return to Australian shores in June, to perform at Vivid Live at the Sydney Opera House. Extra shows have already been added in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. I spoke to guitarist Shiv Mehra […]

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