FROM CRISIS TO COLLAPSE & Friends To Rock MO’S Desert Clubhouse Sunday Avo

It is with much sadness that we announce Therein can no longer perform at HEAVY’s 10th Birthday Bash at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse this Sunday, July 24. But rather than dwell on the negatives, we still have a massive line-up for you spearheaded by Byron Bay extreme metal monsters From Crisis To Collapse who will be […]

OUTRIGHT: ‘Keep You Warm’

Reason And Rage Records Out Now Australian hardcore outfit Outright have never been backwards in coming forward. After starting their own label Reason and Rage Records to release their debut 7” Dedication, Outright quickly marked themselves as serious contenders with an unapologetic and almost ruthless approach that commanded respect. By 2014 they had released their […]

PUNISH: ‘Punish’

Out Now We might not all admit it, but I’m betting a fair chunk of people reading this don’t mind being dealt the occasional form of punishment. This can manifest in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, but these days I prefer my punishment served up in the sonic form. I’m too old for […]


Formed from the debacle that was the recent pandemic, Perth indie punk outfit The Mess Around were born into a musical climate still reeling from the flow on effects that almost crippled the industry. As such, the five aspiring musicians vowed to keep their music light, fun and enjoyable, spreading a positive vibe amongst the […]

Behind The Scenes With GWAR

Shock, horror metal outfit Gwar have been scaring the pants of metalheads for over three decades now, but beneath the exterior and musical talent the band have seldom been seen in their natural light. The metamorphosis from man to monster that goes with being part of a Gwar experience is one which usually transpires behind […]

Reinvigorating The Past With UNSANE

Three decades ago the musical landscape was far removed to what we know today. All of the modern genres and associated sub-genres had not even gained a sniff of fresh air and music pretty much stayed in its own lane and keep to its own kind so to speak. A fresh wave of bands began […]

Refreshing The Cycle With VULVODYNIA

South African death metal outfit Vulvodynia are set to decimate Australian audiences when they make their long-awaited return in November. Vulvodynia have left no stone unturned since the easing of restrictions, having recently returned from Europe before taking a few weeks to recover and heading back for a US assault. Their growing reputation is reward […]

GANGS OF OLD LADIES Announce Second Vocalist & Guest Vocalists

International metal warriors Gangs Of Old Ladies have welcomed a new member with Diletta Luna (The Moon Witch) joining the band as second vocalist. Diletta joins existing members Jekyll Jones, Simon Unknowne, David Andersson (Soilwork/NFO) and Rick Rozz (Left to Die, ex Death/Massacre), bringing another dynamic to the band’s existing sonic assault. Gangs Of Old Ladies […]

OF VIRTUE Announce Ep

Michigan metalcore band Of Virtue have announced their upcoming EP, titled Sinner which is out on August 12. Pre-order it here. What began as a humble, promising metalcore act born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan has continued to grow steadily — with tours spanning over 30 countries across three continents and millions upon millions of streams. Produced by Andrew […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #83 HERE Metal is alive and well Down Under, just check out the quality of releases and bands in this issue alone! Deathgrind act Remains have just released their debut album, Grind Til Death, and it’s a banger! So good, in fact, we decided to put their mugs on the […]

Stoking The Fires With OUTRIGHT

Australian hardcore heavyweight outfit Outright are living proof that metal can come with a heart. Driven by a strong sense of ethics, energy and community spirit, Outright may be a ferocious force of nature when playing music, but beneath the aggression lies a collection of determined and talented musicians who just so happen to express […]

Death By Absolution With REMAINS

The metal underground scene is never more alive than when the crushing brutality of a fresh extreme metal band begins to simmer deep in the underbelly. Battle lines are drawn and the diehards are quick to judge, often inadvertently forcing fledgling bands to remain in the shadows longer than they perhaps should. For, make no […]

IBVS: ‘ibvs’

Out Now One of the things I love about what I do is getting to join some bands on at least part of their musical journey. This is made possible only on rare occasions when the planets align, but when it does I almost get to feel like a musician more than a writer. When […]

VAMPED UP Deliver The Treats With OUR PARTY On July 30

Any music festival that openly declares its love for the music community as a whole is a winner in the eyes of HEAVY, so when our good friends at Vamped Up decided to host a soirée and call it Our Party, we knew this was going to be something pretty special. After initially being slated […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #211

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #211 HERE It always gives us at HEAVY a warm, fuzzy feeling when we get to put an Australian band on the cover, mainly because we don’t just hand them out because we are patriotic. Bands have to deserve their time in the spotlight, and it gives me pleasure this week to […]

Feeling Melancolly With MILLENCOLIN

Music Festivals are at their best when organisers try to diversify the line-up without trying to be overly eclectic. It is a fine balancing except, especially when it comes to pleasing everyone, but the good folk at Good Things Festival which touches down in Australia in early December seem to have done their homework well. […]

Dawn Of A New Era With CIRCLES

Some things in life are worth the wait – even if that stretches out much longer than we would like. Melbourne prog/alternative heavy outfit Circles certainly put that theory to the test, allowing four long years to lapse between the release of their acclaimed album The Last One and today’s new single Sleepwalking. It is […]

Pushing Through The Pain With MANTAR

“People like us to be a metal band more than we think we are a metal band.” Erinc Sakarya German metal duo Mantar have a reputation far exceeding their 10 years as a band. With a prolific output of one album every two years – starting with Death By Burning in 2014 – Mantar have […]

WIND ROSE: ‘Warfront’

Napalm Records Out Now Did I just read correctly? Wind Rose are being touted as power metal’s mightiest dwarves? While I have no problem with that, I do find it a little strange that in this increasingly sanitized world people – and particularly the band – have no qualms with the label. Which makes me […]

SCHANDMAUL: ‘Knüppel aus dem Sack’

Napalm Records Out Now Here’s a new one for me. Medievil folk rock! Seeing as though I have nothing with which to draw comparisons to here, I shall enter my private listening party for German outfit SCHANDMAUL’s eleventh studio album Knüppel aus dem Sack with a fresh sonic palate free of expectation. All of the […]

Bringing ‘Coherence’ To An Unstable Landscape with BELAKOR

It’s been a while between drinks on the live scene for Melbourne melodic death metal outfit Belakor, with over half a decade elapsing since they last graced their home stages. That is about to change next month as the band head out on their Coherence tour, honouring last year’s album of the same name. Keyboard/piano/synth […]

Shooting From The Hip With MEMPHIS MAY FIRE

Memphis May Fire are a band that truly wears their heart on their sleeve and puts their money where their mouth is. So much so that every single released from their recent album Remade In Misery was accompanied by a piece of charity-driven merchandise that helped raise money for causes close to the band’s heart. […]

Embracing Change With FAREWELL TO FEAR

Dare to be different is an age-old motto that generally doesn’t translate as well in practice as it does in theory. Especially when it comes to music. Fans grow to expect a core sound from their favourite bands, with deviations from the norm received with scepticism and fear. As such, many bands stick to a […]


North Carolina based melodic death metal act BLACKWATER DROWNING have unleashed the band’s debut album Sonder//Satori. Featuring razor sharp riffing, soaring melodies and blackened rasps, the album is a must for fans of European shredders such as Soilwork, Arch Enemy and Behemoth through to US acts such as The Agonist and Darkest Hour. Sonder//Satori is […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #82 HERE You better believe live music is back ladies and metalheads, and with all of the hype surrounding international festivals currently being announced, it can be difficult to keep up to date with what is happening in our own back yard. With this in mind, and just because they […]

Getting Rid Of Your Troubles With HELLZ ABYSS

Hellz Abyss are a definite star on the rise in the Australian music scene. Led by the powerful and sultry voice of Lisa Perry, Hellz Abyss released their second album Blow back in March and have been preparing for a national assault later this year ever since. The band’s music is loud, raw, abrasive and […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #210

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #210 HERE This week Australia pays respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the annual NAIDOC week honouring their history, culture and achievements. And what better way to further that respect than by featuring one of this country’s best Aboriginal metal bands on the front cover? Southeast Desert Metal have […]


Global phenomenon Bring Me The Horizon resume the next chapter of their hugely successful journey with the release of a new single entitled sTraNgeRs out now via RCA / Sony Music Australia. The track is the second to be released from their critically acclaimed POST HUMAN EP series. Oli said “The song came out of a long writing trip in LA, […]


They are Sweden’s premiere purveyors of thrash metal meets sleaze rock; they are HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and due to popular demand they are bringing the party back to Australia in November thanks to Silverback Touring for their 3rd consecutive tour in four years previously headlining in 2018 and with Buckcherry in 2019. Fusing a base of hard, aggressive heavy metal with the catchy, […]

From Isolation Comes Inspiration With SOUTHEAST DESERT METAL

Described as the most isolated touring band in the world, Southeast Desert Metal are a band who truly knows no boundaries. Since forming in 2013 the band has released two successful metal albums with a third mixed, mastered and ready to go in the back half of this year. This week Southeast Desert Metal released […]

Forming Musical Bonds With SINNER

Legendary German metal outfit Sinner return this month with their latest album Brotherhood, three years after the previous album Santa Muerte and a staggering 40 years after the band’s debut album. Formed and fronted by Mat Sinner, who, along with guitarist Tom Naumann also perform with Primal Fear, Sinner have survived two generations of musical […]

Entering The Dirty Thirties With THE SCREAMING JETS

Fancy planning to enter your Dirty Thirties with a massive party planned with all of your mates from around the country and then just before you blow the candles out everyone packs up their bags and goes home? It would be not only deflating but also a lonely start to what is supposed to be […]

HEAVY Gets Personal With Something To Scream About

HEAVY is used to being the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to interviews, but on rare occasions, the tables are turned, and we get to take our place in the hot seat. Such was the case recently when Jordan and Cam from Queensland metal outfit Distorted Views invited us to be a […]

SMOKING MARTHA Announce Tour Dates

Like the smouldering heat from a well tended fire, the eclectic rock punk outfit known as Smoking Martha has the intensity to scorch your best shirt but the discretion to spare your eyebrows. Having battled the (new normal) Covid set backs of the last few years, Aussie rockers Smoking Martha are finally able to tour […]

VAMPED UP With Massive Celebration

Brisbane is eagerly awaiting Vamped Up’s inaugural OUR PARTY! Festival. Taking place on July 30 at The Back Room at Chardon’s Corner Hotel, the festival features15 killer alternative acts from around the country. Aussie metal veterans Witchgrinder and Our Last Enemy lead the massive lineup as double headliners and will be joined by local heavy […]


Are the band names System Of A Down, Korn, Slipknot, Sepultura, Pantera and Machine Head like red flags to a bull? Does 90s metal take you back to a better time with louder music? If you even thought before answering, then book yourself a date with Vulgar Display Of 90s at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Burleigh […]

FROM CRISIS TO COLLAPSE With Gold Coast Birthday Cheer

Gold Coast, it’s your turn next to join in the celebrations as HEAVY keeps delivering the goods as part of their 10th year. On Sunday, July 24, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse will feel the wrath of a wall of heaviness led by Byron Bay extreme metal legends From Crisis To Collapse who look finally set to […]

Brewing Up A Storm With CONJURER

Seldom does a band as young to the metal scene garner as much attention and respect as British outfit Conjurer. With their debut album Mire in 2018, Conjurer bludgeoned their way into the souls of the metal family with a brilliant and pulsating slab of music that belied their fledgling status. Mire forced its way […]

Bringing Out The Psycho With CYCOTIC YOUTH

When US punk/thrash outfit Cycotic Youth first hit the music scene with a crushing straight jab to the jugular in 1983 the whole crossover thrash/punk/metal scene was still simmering angrily beneath the more established and traditional forms of metal. The band released a blistering self-titled album in 1985 which led to them sharing the stage […]

WEREWOLVES: ‘From The Cave To The Grave’

Prosthetic Records Out Now Words by Metal V If you are a follower of my on/off again contributions to this fine HEAVY publication, then you may have come across my musings of death metal South AusTasBourne (just made that accurate living destination of the members up on the fly – LOL) brutal bastards WEREWOLVES. Album […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #81 HERE There’s always something to love about Aussie Metal, but this week metal duo Beast Machine dropped a single that will melt your mind. Coco Le Sex Bomb caught up with both boys for the lowdown and did that good of a job we HAD to make it the […]


West Australian sun-baked heavy psych outfit Giant Dwarf have perhaps had it harder than most during recent lockdowns. Their home state was one of the toughest on restrictions and as such opened much after the rest of Australia, enforcing longer periods without live music and adding to growing frustrations. Now, with W.A on par with […]


With Death By Carrot’s Riffmageddon II scheduled to hit South East Queensland over four days next weekend, HEAVY felt compelled to reach out to some of the major players in an attempt to shed some light on this massive undertaking that takes in more than 60 cities over 14 weeks for Australia’s biggest and most […]


With Death By Carrot’s Riffmageddon II scheduled to hit South East Queensland over four days next weekend, HEAVY felt compelled to reach out to some of the major players in an attempt to shed some light on this massive undertaking that has taken in more than 60 cities over 14 weeks for Australia’s biggest and […]

Laying Down The Law With PUNISH

There’s a new Punisher in town – in Sydney to be more specific – but this time the punishment is more sonic than straight out violent. While it would be easy to picture the moshpit at a Punish show featuring moments of metal/punk infused violent tendencies, it also promises to be a land of musical […]


Australia, BLACK VEIL BRIDES Australian tour kicks off this week! Tickets for their Australian headline tour are flying out the door. With Adelaide and Melbourne’s 18+ show sold out, the tickets for Melbourne’s all ages show are selling fast and final tickets remaining for Sydney and Brisbane. BLACK VEIL BRIDES have championed the isolated, the dismissed, and the forgotten […]

Changing Faces Of Music With KRAVE

Brisbane heavy rockers Krave are difficult to paint in one genre-specific corner. They are an amalgamation of rock, punk, metal and alternative styles that are given individuality and identity courtesy of a youthful exuberance that permeates through their music. Which is never more evident than with the band’s newest single Shapeshifting. Shapeshifting is yet another […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #209

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #209 HERE It’s been a monster week at HEAVY HQ, so let’s get into it! This week we feature Wardruna on the cover, talking about their new live album. We also catch up with Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Municipal Waste, Goldsmith, Man Machine Industry, Loathe and Patriarchs In Black, plus we have […]

Enriching Musical Culture With WARDRUNA

Scandanavian and associated folk metal sub-genres have seen a remarkable upward trend in recent years, rapidly rising to become one of the biggest subgenres globally in heavy metal music. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly why or how people are gravitating more to this music, it is quite obvious which bands are leading the […]

Frying Your Brain With MUNICIPAL WASTE

One of the best things about thrash metal bands is you generally know what you are going to get with a new album. Although there might be slight variances and nuances here and there, the basic structure that defines thrash metal and becomes entwined in a band’s DNA is always inherent in some capacity. Thankfully, […]