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Revitalised Spirit With CHAD GRAY From MUDVAYNE

Mudvayne are one of the most influential bands when it comes to the genre of music they helped to pioneer. When they dropped their debut album L.D 50 in the year 2000 it is fair to say the entire sonic landscape of heavy metal shifted irreversibly and the nu-metal movement that had until then just […]

GROOVER Review: OVERTIRE ‘Salt Lick’

Overtire are promising a sound covering nu metal to thrash, and even grunge, so it is with interest that I approach their new track Salt Lick. Starting with a heavy as fuck bass run, it doesn’t take long to kick into gear with a vocal onslaught that indeed has large splatterings of grunge. Until it […]


While many international bands – and rightfully so – cite distance and money as two major hurdles towards touring this great country of ours, there are some who throw caution to the wind and depart for these fair shores. Then there are those who love Australia so much that they return, but even then those […]

Rockin The Boat With JAMES MORLEY

Don’t let the name fool you. While we at HEAVY favour the metal side of life, we also have a soft spot for rock – especially Aussie rock. So when we were offered the opportunity to set sail on Rock The Boat 2023 and conduct onboard interviews for the first time ever we jumped at […]

GROOVER Review: DOWN WITH MY DEMONS ‘The Mass Awakening’

Down With My Demons is actually a solo project created by Netherlands-based artist Micha van der Vorst who describes the new song The Mass Awakening as “deeply rooted in my love for atmospheric vibes with a fusion of Doom, Death, and Symphonic Metal influences.” I just love that word fusion, so after hitting play, I […]


Metal outfit Silence Kills are set to release their second album Wrong Side Of History later this year, and have sent HEAVY the track Beware so we can become acquainted. Opening with an operatic score that could lead anywhere, Silence Kills soon dispense with pleasantries as the vocalist announces his arrival with an almighty scream […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #154 HERE These week’s DigiMag features a special interview with Trey Spruance from Mr. Bungle ahead of their Australian tour. Bungle are absolute legends of the music scene, and we took every opportunity to find out as much about the band as we could… We also caught up with Asking […]

The Sound Of Wrath With TREY SPRUANCE from MR. BUNGLE

Often bands that are referred to as ‘ahead of their time’ are lumped into the basket simply because people can’t understand their musical vision and/or output. But when that term is used on a band 10 years or more after their inception, the plot thickens just a little. With the benefit and time and hindsight, […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #340 HERE With Knotfest Australia 2024 fast approaching, HEAVY thought it high time we started speaking with some of the heavy hitters, so this week we set our sights on Asking Alexandria. We had a great chat with bass player Sam Bettley who has played with most of the line-up over the […]

ALTERNATE HEAVY FUSION To Hit Brisbane This Saturday

Created by the bands, for the fans, 𝐀𝐥𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 – 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐲 𝐅𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟒 is coming to blow your mind and eardrums. This annual heavy showcase taking place February 3, 2024 is set to push the boundaries of pure heavy goodness. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled, 12-hour experience as organisers seamlessly blend various heavy genres, creating a 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐲 […]

GROOVER Review: JEET KUNE DO ‘Strange Addiction’

Swedish hard rock outfit Jeet Kune Do certainly sound like they could pack a punch, but no amount of martial arts training could prepare you for the musical one-two that kickstarts their new track Strange Addiction. A tasty guitar riff fires the opening salvo before a wicked drum groove ushers in the vocals and fuck […]

GROOVER Review: J.E.E.W ‘What’s In The Bamboo?’

I already like this track What’s In The Bamboo? from rock outfit J.E.E.W just on the basis of their opening line in the press release. “The melting pot of modern rock, blues and jazz.” Now we’re talking… The gentle strumming of guitar introduces us to the track, with a measured tempo carrying us off on […]


It’s been a massive six months for British rock/metal frontrunners Asking Alexandria, starting with the release of their latest album, Where Do We Go From Here? and culminating with an upcoming appearance in Australia as part of Knotfest 2024, which also sees Pantera, Halestorm, Lamb Of God, Disturbed and more visit these shores. In between, […]

Diversity Through Music With PERSEFONE

Andorran metal outfit Persefone are a band unto themselves. With a sound that can be loosely described as progressive rock meets melodic death metal, Persefone have forged their name crafted in their sonic diversity. 2024, and in particular the band’s new EP Lingua Ignota – set for release on February 2 – ushers in a […]

Releasing The Pressure Valve With DANIEL MOILANEN From KATATONIA

Swedish metal heavyweights Katatonia are on the cusp of their first headlining tour of Australia in nearly a decade, which kicks off in Sydney on February 9. Over the course of thirty years and eleven studio albums, Katatonia have proved groundbreaking in their approach, constantly restructuring their sound to match their own personal music growth. […]

BRUCE DICKINSON Releases Second Solo Album Single ‘Rain On The Graves’

Bruce Dickinson has released his brand new single, Rain On The Graves, accompanied by a thrilling video introducing Bruce’s live band, comprising guitarist Roy Z, drummer Dave Moreno, bass player Tanya O’Callaghan and keyboard maestro Mistheria. Rain On The Graves is the second single to be taken from Bruce Dickinson’s forthcoming solo album The Mandrake […]

THE DARKNESS Seek Permission To Land Down Under With FRANKIE POULLAIN

Get ready and prepare to rock! Multi-platinum UK rock royalty The Darkness are returning to Australia in February 2024 to perform three very special Let There Be Rock events in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary of Permission to Land. The classic debut album which delivered iconic songs such as I Believe […]

MC POMPPA P Releases New Song ‘Traitor’

Finnish metal warrior Mc Pomppa P. has unleashed his latest track, Traitor. Join him on a brutal journey through metal madness with Traitor, which is taken from his upcoming album Lord Of Chaos, set for release on February 16.

GODGIVEN Unleash New Single ‘Diract’

It is a welcome problem to have as a band when you find yourself writing more new material for an album than you can use. There’s really only two solutions. Either shelve what you consider the weaker tracks for future use, or expand the album into a double release. Given these variables, metal outfit Godgiven […]

SUBURBIASUBURBIA Get tough On new Single ‘I Broke A Home Invader’s Leg’

Aussie rock outfit Suburbiasuburbia are at it again, treating us to another slab of old-school excellence with their latest track I Broke A Home Invader’s Leg. Besides having an awesome title, the music video features an assortment of eclectic goodies with visions of war, desolation, trenches, burning oil fields and sawn-off limbs all adding to […]


Napalm Records February 9 Up until last year, I hadn’t heard the name Infected Rain, but after that first introduction, I knew that I wanted their music in my life from that moment forward. The band are massive and only getting bigger overseas, having released five albums and played some of the world’s most prestigious […]

GROOVER Review: FIVE ‘Another Life’

Hard rock/metal outfit Five released their debut album Madness in the middle of last year, and have sent in one of the songs from it, Another Life, to give us a feel for their music. Starting with a tough as fuck guitar riff, emotion charged female vocals slide in over the top, giving a more […]


Described as a novel sci-fi metal band, Sinthetik Sentienz released their debut single The Singularity on January 26, and are keen for feedback, so here goes! But, before we continue, it is important to note this isn’t just any normal band, but rather one “comprising skilled human musicians and the AI entity Algorithmic Overdrive, the […]

GROOVER Review: AYDRA ‘Psycho Pain Control’

Italian technical death metal band AydrA are drip feeding their musical catalogue on Spotify in the lead up to a new album in April, and the band have sent me the title track for their debut album Psycho Pain Control to suss out. Opening with what sounds like a gentle breeze, AydrA soon fire into […]


Greek rockers The Dead Beast Initiative have unleashed their first music onto the world in the form of Small Things and have graciously asked HEAVY to take a listen. Firing up straight off the bat with a repeating guitar riff, the song instantly has a psychedelic feel courtesy of the fuzzy guitar tone which is […]

GROOVER Review: VAST SLUG ‘You’re A Fu$%en C@#t’

Sometimes you can tell everything you need to know about a song just from the title. Not often, granted, but on that rare occasion it’s like the universe spread its cheeks to shine its hairy ass straight in your direction. So when I saw the name of the song Vast Slug sent me, I threw […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #153 HERE Dream On Dreamer grace the cover this week, talking about their upcoming support slot for Of Mice & Men, plus other happenings within the band. We also speak with Boondall Boys about their upcoming shows with The Chats, as well as Tiger Driver and Shotgun Mistress. We bring […]

Premiere: JOHN DEMENA -‘I The People’

LA-based rock singer-songwriter JOHN DEMENA has released a live video for I the People, the opening track from his 2023 album Dreams and Lies. The footage for the clip was filmed during the band’s 2023 performance at the iconic Viper Room in West Hollywood (California). Dreams and Lies was released in the Spring of 2023 […]

Baring Your Claws With ROBBIE From TIGER DRIVER

For the past few years, Melbourne heavy outfit Tiger Driver have paced themselves nicely, releasing a succession of singles to test the water and generate interest. But, entering 2024, the death metallers have decided to increase the tempo, first releasing the track Eternal on December 31 before following up earlier this week with the crushing […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #339 HERE DigiMag 339 is one of those that just makes you proud to be an Aussie, with one of our own making the International cover! Rock outfit Shotgun Mistress have announced their second album Kings Of The Revolution for a June release and this week gave us the first album single […]

Premiere: WICKED THINGS ‘Venomous’

In the same vein as their heroes, Guns N Roses and Skid Row, Australian rock outfit Wicked Things deliver another Rock N Roll Anthem that is just as infectious as the song title. With its crunchy mid-tempo riff and larger-than-life chorus, Venomous is an instant rock classic that will have you raising your fist in […]

WICKED THINGS Unveil New Track ‘Venemous’

In the same vain as their heroes, Guns N Roses and Skid Row, Wicked Things deliver another Rock N Roll Anthem that is just as infectious as the song title. With its crunchy mid-tempo riff and larger-than-life chorus, Venomous is an instant rock classic that will have you raising your fist in the air. Wicked […]


Legendary rock band The Black Crowes have announced their hugely anticipated new album, Happiness Bastards, set for worldwide release March 15 via the band’s own Silver Arrow Records. Produced by GRAMMY Award-Winning producer Jay Joyce, the project is The Black Crowes’ tenth studio album and their first original music in 15 years. Happiness Bastards is […]

ALPHA WOLF Announce new album, Drop Single With Ice-T ‘Sucks 2 Suck’

Never ones to do anything in halves, Aussie metalcore behemoths Alpha Wolf return with the announcement of their third full-length album Half Living Things, officially set to unleash on Friday 5 April via Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records. Leveling up the group’s infamous ability to smash expectations and genre boundaries without breaking a sweat, Half […]

NOTHING MORE Unleash New Single ‘If It Doesn’t Hurt’

Critically acclaimed, 3x-Grammy-nominated rock mainstays NOTHING MORE ignite 2024 with their emotionally riveting and cathartic new single If It Doesn’t Hurt out today digitally via BETTER NOISE MUSIC. Focusing on the hard truths of a fractured and toxic romantic relationship, NOTHING MORE have teamed up with director Orie McGinness (Bad Omens, Spiritbox) to emphasize the […]

BELETH Deliver New Track ‘Abysmal Mind’

BELETH are an extreme metal band hailing from the east coasts of Australia delivering a dark, heavy, driving punch, with an element of groove, catchy riffs, and ferocious, guttural vocals. Releasing their debut album titled Silent Genesis in June 2021 via Wormholedeath Records, BELETH now unshackle a brand new single Abysmal Mind showcasing their massive […]

Metal Comes To Yatala TODAY!

Metal has a new home from today, roughly halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Thanks to MHF Presents and HeartFeltSelf Productions, The Boiler Room in Yatala is hosting their first metal line-up featuring Eat City, Odius, Rhino, Ancient Remains, Magnertron, Head 1st, 308, Vomit Bomb and Defiant Ground. With doors opening at 4.30pm today, […]


Australian metal outfit Dream On Dreamer were an international sensation in the early part of this decade, playing, amongst other things, 24 different countries and sharing the stage with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Pierce The Veil, Memphis May Fire, A Day To Remember and plenty more. With four chart-topping albums to their name, including […]


Aussie rock outfit Shotgun Mistress exploded out of the blocks with their debut self-titled album in 2021, showcasing an old-school approach to songwriting that saw them instantly branded amongst rising bands to keep an ear out for. Spawning a string of chart-topping singles such as No Friend Of Mine, Save Me From Myself, Glorious Machine, […]

Dare To Dream With JOHN DEMENA

Following the release of last year’s album Dreams And Lies, LA-based rock singer/songwriter John Demena found his career on an upward trajectory. With his music now circulating in the right circles – including album opener and single I The People making Loudwire‘s Weekly Wire Playlist as one of the Best 50 Rock & Metal Songs […]

GROOVER Review: JIRO ‘Time To End It’

We all know how bad my geography is, so when I get new music from a Parisian band called Jiro, I honestly have no idea what part of the world they come from. But they do tell me their song Time To End It is a sharper and more violent effort, which has me putting […]

GROOVER Review: XIII DOORS ‘Unleash The Beast’

I’m not sure if it’s a clever marketing ploy or the guys from XIII Doors think the rest of the world speaks their language, but I can’t read a word of their bio. Fortunately, another section tells me the song is called Unleash The Beast, and it is the band’s second single released on December […]

GROOVER Review: RONAN FURLONG ‘Always Amazed’

I just love me some Irish music, and the single Always Amazed from soloist Ronan Furlong sounds even better with the promise of Celtic Rock and classical elements. It starts with a tasty guitar lick atop some steady drumming before the vocals ease in, soft yet firm in a promising fashion. There’s already some cleverly […]

GROOVER Review: MIKE AND THE MOLOTOVS ‘Red White And F@#k You’

Marketing and promo is everything these days, and despite my constant grumblings about bands not sending enough information with their songs, I have to give credit where it’s due. The new track Red White And Fuck You sent to me by Mike And The Molotovs came with this one line “…imagine if The Devil Went […]

GROOVER Review: VAN HOOSE ‘Dancing With Demons’

Collaborative metal outfit Van Hoose have unleashed their new track Dancing With Demons and despite the fact I don’t dance full stop, for some reason I am overly keen to check this one out. A soft and touching intro momentarily has me second-guessing my motives, but it doesn’t take long for things to spice up […]

GROOVER Review: EVENBLUE ‘Violet Hue’

EvenBlue have been around since before the turn of the century, favouring the grunge sound made popular in Seattle. Violet Hue is the band’s first release for 2024, with three more planned to follow. Starting with the gentle sounds of an open jewellery box singing, the serenity is soon drowned out by a massive guitar […]

Recycled Goods With MACKA From BOONDALL BOYS

Every city anywhere in the world has bands that are considered legendary within their geographical area, but might not be so recognised much further than the next border crossing. For Brisbane that band is Boondall Boys, a band featuring a gentleman that goes by the name of Macka who also happens to be in a […]

Ultimate Power With DAN CLEARY From STRIKER

Canadian metal outfit Striker are a band not known for taking the safe approach to music. While old school fans bemoan the fact they refuse to continually churn out albums of pure thrash metal, Striker understand the importance of allowing their musical growth to be reflected with each fresh body of work. “Our biggest reward […]

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