TESSERACT Explore New Avenues With Concert Release

Excited by the Livestream avenue that opened up to bands during the COVID lockdowns, English progressive metal outfit TesseracT, as has become expected of the band, decided to expand on that medium and deliver something truly memorable and unique to their fans.  By combining cinematic elements to their live performance, TesseracT succeeded in delivering a grandoise concert experience to a fledgling market, […]

JERRY CANTRELL Makes Up For Lost Time With New Single

Iconic singer, songwriter, guitarist, and Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell returns with the release of his first single Atone from his new album, Brighten.   Atone is a heavy track, although it’s undergirded by a sinister twang while the guitar riffs hit with grit and menace, as well as a bit of psychedelic unease.


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #38 HERE Despite the increasing setbacks thrown up at us all by a little thing starting with C, the Australian music industry continues to thrive. This week sees HEAVY feature Mammal on the cover, with the irrepressible as always Ezekiel Ox talking about their upcoming slot at Halloween Hysteria plus […]

ELECTRIC MARY Pay Homage To Rock With New Single

Melbourne rock outfit Electric Mary are the ultimate party band. Their blues infused brand of hard rock has seen them warmly embraced through most of Europe – sadly more so than in their home country – but new track The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll should finally show Australian music lovers just how good this […]


Being a concert booker and promotor is wrought with danger in the modern age, with many electing to hold off until things are a little more certain. Not so with the team at Hysteria who have already announced Halloween Hysteria, set to rock Brisbane’s Mansfield Tavern on October 23. With a stellar line up including […]

DARK ESCAPES Open Australian Indie Label & Publishing Company

The advent of technology has seen much of the music industry taken from the hands of the few and placed back in the hands of the many, with everything from recording to distribution being able to be done from the comfort of your own home or studio. While the do-it-yourself movement has its obvious advantages […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #162

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #162 HERE Legendary thrash metal machines Destruction are set to release a live 2 CD/BluRay DVD of their livestream event Live Attack, filmed earlier this year. To run us through the process and finished product, HEAVY caught up with the band earlier this week and the chat was that good we decided […]

DESTRUCTION Go For The Jugular With Live Release

For nearly four decades German thrash outfit Destruction have held sway with their brutally uncompromising brand of metal.  Unlike many of their peers who either refuse to or are wary of embracing modern technology, earlier this year Destruction performed a livestream concert, Live Attack, at the legendary Z7 venue in Pratteln (Switzerland).  That concert is set to be […]

SUICIDE FOR A KING Set To Corrupt With New EP

Montreal metalcore outfit Suicide For A King are gearing up to drop their four track EP Corrupted Vision on July 30.  With a unique sound courtesy of the emo-esque punctuated by harsh and confronting vocals flowing from frontman Jay Rodriguez, Suicide For A King have produced a collection of songs that typifies the direction the band is heading while forcing you to take notice.  […]


Mountain Wizard Death Cult – as clearly evident by the band name – are an oddity. Not in the sense that they are strange people, more so the fact that they are a musical enigma, unafraid to swim against the tide and thrust themselves head first into a sea of musical complexity that would threaten […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #37 HERE What a shit of a week it’s been. I have lost count of the amount of shows that have been postponed or cancelled, but what I do know is I should be getting ready to party at Blacken Open Air this time next week, but instead I still […]

TREMONTI Release Music Video

On the heels of the recent announcements of their fifth studio album and tour dates throughout the rest of the year, Tremonti have released a music video for the debut single from Marching In Time, scheduled for global release on September 24 via Napalm Records. The track, If Not For You, shows the evolution of […]

ALIVE AT MIDNIGHT Release New Single

Born from the gutters of the Mother City, Alive At Midnight are the product of a world gone bad. The band return with A House Divided, their new single and first with Mongrel Records. Drawing inspiration from dive-bars, crashed cars and back ally conversations, there is no shortage of mind-numbing and stomach-churning narrative on this […]

REQUIEM Discover Life’s Cruel Intentions

Ballarat extreme metal outfit Requiem are readying for the July 30 release of their split EP with Adelaide’s Shatter Brain by unleashing a monster of a single in Cruelty Of Time.  One of three songs Requiem are contributing to the EP, Cruelty Of Time is a brutal slab of epic proportions guaranteed to rot your ears from the inside […]

Reaching For The Stars With ASTRODEATH

Sydney intergalactic metal warriors Astrodeath are one of those once in a generation bands that sees things unlike any of their peers and goes about their daily music business with a minimum of fuss but maximum rewards.  After taking the novel approach of releasing their self titled debut album as a downloadable attachment to a comic book, the two members (yes, […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #161

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #161 HERE I have never been one to dwell on the negatives, so I won’t start now, but spare a thought out there for EVERYONE doing it tough and make sure you keep an eye and ear out for your mates and loved ones because this world can be cruel sometimes… On […]

SEETHER Brave The Wasteland With New EP

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Seether are preparing to release Wasteland – The Purgatory EP which will be available digitally and on CD July 30 and on vinyl October 22 via Fantasy Records.  The EP comes less than ten months since Seether’s highly successful eighth album Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (If You Want […]

SHOTGUN MISTRESS Blaze Both Barrels On Debut Album

“I think it’s more to the point we write the songs and instead of giving them personal meanings we like people to have that relation to what they like and what they associate it with for something going on in their life rather than have us tell them what is about.”

SLEEP WAKER Exercise Demons On New Album

Following on from their debut full length album Don’t Look At The Moon (2018), Grand Rapids metal outfit Sleep Waker return with their second full length, Alias, on July 23.  Continuing with a conceptually based theme surrounding sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis, Sleep Waker expand on these themes given substance through earlier work and delve deeper into their inner psyche and the […]

I PREVAIL Announce Rescheduled Dates

I Prevail will be returning to Australia in June 2022. These rescheduled dates will include Motionless In White and Windwaker.  All previously purchased tickets and VIP will be honoured and tickets for the new dates are on sale now.

Album Review: THE SCREAMING JETS ‘All For One 30th Anniversary Edition’

The adage Dirty 30 is no longer a myth or potential term of endearment thanks to Newcastle born Australian rock outfit The Screaming Jets who have ushered in the milestone somewhat quietly thus far, but you just know it’s only a matter of time before the celebrations kick into overdrive.  Thirty years ago this year five young Novacastrians tempered all of the rage and angst the world had thrown […]

RED PLATES – A Guide To Achieving Your Dreams With SQUIRTY Part 2

  After recently outlining his musical journey in band form, Brisbane based bass player Squirty has started the concluding chapter of his metamorphosis from aspiring musician to accomplished producer with an honest and open insight into the other side of being an artist – that of recording and producing his own and others work.   […]

NETGIGS To Introduce Virtual Reality Concert Experience

  Australian based company Netgigs has arrived on the streaming scene in a massive way.   Not only are they already established as a streaming/live streaming platform that is rapidly gaining traction around the world, the company is also preparing to launch their new Virtual Reality concert experience this weekend with Adelaide outfit Audio Reign […]

TIMES OF GRACE Drop Album & New Single

  Times Of Grace, featuring Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage, have released their eagerly awaited second album Songs of Loss and Separation via the band’s own imprint label, Wicked Good Records and distributed by ADA Worldwide.   A decade removed from their debut album The Hymn of a Broken Man, Songs of […]


HEAVY Australia cover #36 with A Somerset Parade

  VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTIST DIGIMAG #36 HERE   We face yet another weekend of disappointment in Australia, with Melbourne and Sydney currently in lockdown and several other states closely monitoring the situation. There’s too many gigs to itemise, but chances are if you planned on catching a live show in either state this weekend, […]

Throwing Curve Balls With DANGEROUS CURVES

  Melbourne hard rock outfit Dangerous Curves are set to drop their second album Summertime Highs on July 16, an album which expands on their glam rock roots and shows the band moving even more into a territory bearing their signature sounds.   After debut album So Dirty Right cemented Dangerous Curves as a band […]

A SOMERSET PARADE Reveal Their Animal Side With ‘Alpha’

  While most bands mellow or become more commercial as their career progresses, Brisbane hard rock outfit A Somerset Parade have gone the opposite.   Known more for catchy, accessible rock undertones, A Somerset Parade shocked the local music community with the hard hitting, aggressive, and more metal orientated single Clementine last year, which showed […]

WORTHLESS EARTH Rise From The Dust With Debut Album

  Worthless Earth are another emerging band on the Australian metal scene.   Initially started as a solo project by Alice Springs guitarist/lyricist Kyle Mines (Miazma) to create something fresh on the local scene, he soon enlisted guitarist Josh Bollard (Exdemission/Uncreation) to the fold and the pair started work on what was to become their […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #160

HEAVY Magazine Issue #160 - The Beast of Nod

  VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #160 HERE   When I say we have a bumper issue for you this week, I mean BUMPER!!!   The Beast Of Nod feature on the cover, talking about their fascinating new album MultiVersal that has to be listened to fully to be appreciated. We also speak with Times Of Grace, […]

MOUNTAIN WIZARD DEATH CULT Tap Into Their Musical Psyche With ‘Wretch’

  Sydney metal outfit Mountain Wizard Death Cult (MWDC) are much more than an awesome band name. They are one of a number of bands coming out of Australia with legitimate claims to domination on a global stage, with their upcoming release Wretch set to stake those claims even further.   Mixing Doom and Sludge […]

THE BEAST OF NOD Enter The MultiVerse With New Project

  With music at times struggling to come up with something fresh and exciting, California based Premier Intergalactic death metal outfit The Beast Of Nod have looked outside our world and created one of their own from which to launch their music, the result of which manifested itself recently with the release of their latest […]

Burning Bright With LIGHT THE TORCH

  Since emerging onto the music scene in 2018 Light The Torch have quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most recognisable acts doing the rounds.   Having Howard Jones (former Killswitch Engage) as vocalist has been a large attraction, but it is the engine room of Francesco Artusato (guitar) and Ryan […]

Laying It On The Line With MEMORIST

  Having recently signed to Year Of The Rat Records, UK metal outfit Memorist have plunged straight into a new era of music for the six piece, breaking away from the harder edged rock elements that have defined them over their first three singles and  pushing them more towards metalcore style leanings.   After the […]

TIMES OF GRACE Make Up For Lost Time

  Even in music terms, it’s been a hell of a long time between drinks for Times Of Grace.   Their debut album The Hymn Of A Broken Man came out 10 years ago, with the follow-up Songs Of Loss And Separation set to drop on July 16.   For those who came in late, […]

RED PLATES – A Guide To Achieving Your Dreams With SQUIRTY Part 1

  After recently outlining his musical journey in band form, Brisbane based bass player Squirty has started the concluding chapter of his metamorphosis from aspiring musician to accomplished producer with an honest and open insight into the other side of being an artist – that of recording and producing his own and others work.   […]

FUEL Rev Up With New Tune & Album Announce

  Y2K rock icons Fuel have released their anthemic, urgent single Hard.   Hard is the first single from their highly anticipated album, Ånomaly, due to be released in October, 2021.   The energetic, visceral sound synonymous with the band is evident in this first song and on the other 10 tracks that make up […]


HEAVY Australian

  VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTIST DIGIMAG #35 HERE   This week we feature Brisbane rock machine PistonFist on the cover, with the boys having just released their latest single and (pardon the pun) firing on all cylinders!   We also catch up with Audio Reign to talk about their new track Relentless, Orpheus Omega stop […]

PISTONFIST Rise Up And Face The World

  Brisbane hard rock unit PistonFist have certainly been busy in the first half of 2021.   Fresh from a leading slot at Kilfest in Melbourne to shows in Far North Queensland and future tours of Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide, this four piece has certainly taken the proverbial bull by the horns and utilised their […]

Getting To The Root Of All Evil With SHATTER BRAIN

  Adelaide metal outfit Shatter Brain are preparing for the launch of their split E.P with Victorian metallers Requiem.   After completing and releasing their album Pitchfork Justice last year, Shatter Brain continued the writing cycle, wanting to capitalize on the momentum they were building due to the strong material on that album.   Before long […]

Relentlessly Pursuing Your Goals With AUDIO REIGN

  Adelaide hard rockers Audio Reign not only face geographical issues when promoting their music and live shows, but now, like the rest of the world, have had to battle a little viral strain as well.   Fortunately for the music world at large, the band has the tenacity and spirit to endure and overcome, […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #158

HEAVY Magazine Cover #159

  VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #159 HERE   This week’s DigiMag cover story feature is an informative and entertaining chat with Chloe Trujillo (yes, THAT Chloe) about her upcoming collaboration with Mark Dalbeth from Rav Medic.   Our new pinch hitter Paris Faint also talks with Martin Mendez about his upcoming album with White Stones and […]


  Chole Trujillo is more than just the wife of superstar Metallica bass player Rob Trujillo.   She is an accomplished musician, performer, artist and fashion designer in her own right and one who has earned accolades all over the world for her fresh and vibrant take on her creations.   Recently, Chloe joined forces […]

ORPHEUS OMEGA Celebrate A Decade Since Debut Album

  Melbourne melodic death metal outfit Orpheus Omega this year celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album Bleed The Way.   Not only will they be taking to the road in the coming weeks to showcase that album, they have also just released a split E.P with touring partners Triple Kill titled Career Suicide […]


HEAVY Magazine KAOSIS Cover #34

  VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTIST DIGIMAG #34 HERE   Unfortunately that bastard child of no-one COVID has put paid to yet more planned activities. I hate to mention it week after week but until it pisses off and leaves us to our devices it is a sad reality that cancellations and postponements will become more […]

KAOSIS Prepare For Next Wave Of Music

  Kaosis are one of those bands that many metal lovers find a guilty pleasure.   They have enough heavy elements to entice hardened warriors but blend through lashing of dubstep and dance that would normally send fans of heavier genres running but in this instance are strangely enticing.     Combining costumes and theatrics […]


  Having recently signed to Resist Records, Melbourne-based metal outfit Pridelands are making up for lost time with the recent release of their latest single Heavy Tongue.   Written about a horrific period of Australia’s recent history and based around the bushfires that ravaged parts f the country, Heavy Tongue takes aim at the government […]

HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #158

HEAVY Magazine King Parrot Cover #158

  VIEW HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #158 HERE   Celebrations are in order as Australian metal monsters King Parrot join us to look back over their ten-year reign and talk about plans to share their achievement with their Australian fans. Big thanks to Zo Damage for the cover image as well!. Spy VS Spy also dropped […]

A Decade Of Mayhem With KING PARROT

  Photo by Inoue Tomoke   It’s hard to believe that around 10 years ago a native Australian bird that quietly went about its business identifying as a King Parrot was about to have its identity and status unceremoniously ripped from its majestic wings and would forevermore play second fiddle to its new namesake.   […]