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Filling The Void With HAN MEE And JIM SHAW From HOT MILK

By sheer virtue of the fact they were hand-picked by Foo Fighters for the Australian support slot, Hot Milk just HAVE to be a good band. But it’s not until you sit back and listen to the band that it becomes evident that they are actually shit hot and if the Fooeys hadn’t chosen them […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #147 HERE Photo credit: Just Ignore The Camera Photography This week’s Australian Content DigiMag is chock-full of goodness. It’s not often we feature an individual on our cover, but this is one of those rare weeks as we catch up with Mick Brew from Brewhouse Productions, Dirty Brew and God […]

RYUJIN Unleash New Single ‘Gekokujo’

Formed in 2011 as Gyze, Samurai Metal band RYUJIN deftly deliver heavy metal and blazing guitar wizardry from Japan with their upcoming self-titled album, RYUJIN, out January 12, 2024 via Napalm Records. Today, the band is thrilled to share their heaviest, fastest folk-infused burner yet, entitled Gekokujo, alongside an intense, high production value music video. […]

Celebrating The Year Metal Style With MICK BREW From BREWHOUSE PRODUCTIONS

Photo credit: Just Ignore The Camera Photography It makes sense that someone who is already in a band would also want to dip their toes into promotion and putting on shows themselves, but it’s not as easy of a process as you would think. Dealing with bands and booking for bands is another stress level […]

BURIED SHALLOW: Buried Shallow

Out Now These are the types of reviews that can often be challenging when you know little about the band bar one song you have been sent. It can generally go a number of ways, but rather than bore you prematurely with an outline of the many variables, how about we just dive in together […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #333 HERE DigiMag #333 is an absolute belter, starting with a great cover interview with Melbourne rock outfit Terrestrials who are on the cusp of dropping their debut album. We also catch up with Helmet, Metal Church, Electric Callboy and Wayward Kings, plus there’s a couple of backstage specials from Good Things […]

Musical Portraits With TERRESTRIALS

The expectations placed on new and emerging bands in the modern era surpass any of those from eras gone by. Not only is there the sheer abundance of new music being released on a daily basis, but there is also the proportionately high number of new bands forming at a rate never seen before. “In […]


Helmet are a niche kind of band in that once you discover them you can’t help but fall in love with their music. The problem is, they are also not a band given much exposure in commercial channels, which makes the task of discovering them ultimately harder. But infinitely more rewarding. “My approach is different. […]

Prepare To Be Baptised With MARC LOPES From METAL CHURCH

Much has changed with Metal Church since their last visit to Australian shores. The most notable, and tragic of which being the loss of legendary frontman Mike Howe in 2021. Having pressed on to honour the memory of their former bandmate, Metal Church earlier this year released their first album with new vocalist Marc Lopes […]

Finding Your Feet With RYAN DALEY From WAYWARD KINGS

The music business can be an unforgiving mistress. Bands can – and do – give it everything they have, writing, recording and releasing high-quality material and developing an ever-growing fanbase yet still see minimal reward for effort. But when the planets align and the wheel starts turning in your favour it can be a beautiful […]

DEAR SEATTLE Announce Australian Tour

Off the back of their instant modern-day grunge classic idc, Sydney indie mavericks Dear Seattle are set to embark on their most extensive Australian tour to date. Appointing Select Music to put the run together as the agency’s newest signees, the 23 dates in 6 different states and territories will see the Sydney four-piece smashing […]

VERONA ON VENUS Release Debut Single ‘Rodent’

Metal music staple Michael “Mike” Spreitzer has announced a new band, Verona on Venus (VoV), along with a full-length debut album, Popular Delusions, to be released on January 19, 2024. The single track Rodent is set to release on Friday, December 1, 2023. The Rodent music video, directed by Vicente Cordero (Industrialism Films), will premiere […]

Rising Darkness With BURIED SHALLOW

Seldom does a fresh band on the scene command instant respect by virtue of past exploits. Music, as with most things in life of value, is more than having the ability to shred on a guitar or crush with your vocal techniques. It requires a certain level of respect and humility that are almost impossible […]


Finding your own path and groove in music is an often underestimated tool, but once there and you allow the music to dictate proceedings rather than expectations life becomes infinitely easier. After creating their perfect musical embodiment last year with the single Billy, Mackay rock outfit Systematic Machine followed that up recently with another track […]

Putting The Fun Back In Punk With FLETCHER From PENNYWISE

Punk royalty hits Australia next week when Californian punk legends Pennywise return to our shores as part of Good Things 2023. The lovable larrikins were only out here for a massive headlining run of shows last year, but such is the demand for their musical prowess and undeniable charm the good folk at Good Things […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #145 HERE DigiMag #145 has everything you need to kick-start your weekend. We feature the mighty Sepultura on the cover ahead of next weekends Good Things Festival, as well as spending time with Palace Of The King, Choirboys, Hanabie and While She Sleeps. There’s a wealth of tour news and […]

Let The Good Things Roll With ANDREAS KISSER From SEPULTURA

Good Things 2023 will be underway next week, with the annual music extravaganza kicking off next Friday, December 1 in Melbourne before hitting Sydney and Brisbane over the following two days. Every year the Good Things line-up manages to top itself, with this year’s show being no exception. Headlined by Fall Out Boy and Limp […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #331 HERE DigiMag #331 marks a first ever for me at my time with HEAVY. This week’s featured cover interview is with an awesome band out of Japan called Hanabie who are in Australia to play at Good Things Festival. Their music is sensational and the girls in the band all look […]

Bringing The Noise Down Under With HANABIE

One of the best things about music festivals is the opportunity to discover your potential new favourite band, quite often lurking with intent on some smaller side stage with a rapidly growing crowd of inquisitive onlookers being the only indication from afar that they might indeed be worth a listen. Many people still point their […]

Tearing Down The System With TIM HENWOOD From PALACE OF THE KING

One thing that has always typified Australian music is the internal support system encouraged by those within it. Band members often share their talents amongst two, three, or sometimes four other bands, with his fellow bandmates offering words of encouragement and respect rather than bemoan the fact their guitarist, or their drummer is not exclusively […]


One song can tell a dozen stories and stir even more memories, but there’s only so much that can be told in a four-minute window. The real stories, the ones that were happening while the public story was being written, generally remain in the hearts and minds of only those directly involved – and usually […]

TALIESIN: Disciple

Independent Out Now It’s not often I sit down to review an album from a band I know absolutely nothing about, but a quick glance through the press release for Taliesin’s new album Disciple tells me pretty much I needed to know. Their previous release Faceless was voted Best Australian Metal Album of 2022 on […]

Keeping The Flame Burning With KEVIN MARTIN From CANDLEBOX

It is hard to fathom that Seattle rock outfit Candlebox have never toured Australia over the course of their 30-year existence. Since emerging from the popular music location during the mid-90s grunge scene, Candlebox have gone from strength to strength, with a remarkable number of record sales and music streams starting with their 1993 self-titled […]

KNOTFEST 2023 Lineup Revealed Headlined By PANTERA & DISTURBED

In 2024, music, art and culture will collide once more in unforgettable fashion. Following its entirely sold out inaugural Australian run in 2023, KNOTFEST, the destination festival brand, will officially make its monumental return down under in 2024. The music and counterculture experience that is KNOTFEST will hit the East coast of Australia starting on […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #330 HERE This weeks Digimag is a cracker, with none other than Billy Gould joining us to chat about his new body of work. We also catch up with Therion and Kurt Deimer, both of who have new music for us. There’s tour and music news from Judas Priest, Dinosaur Jr, ATLVS, […]

Beyond The Eclipse With BILLY GOULD

One of the most endearing aspects of music is its natural ability to connect on so many levels. For the music lover one song can have a profound effect on your mood or dictate your path to an extent, but on the flip side, from a musician’s perspective, music has so much more to offer. […]

Impending Doom With KURT DEIMER

There is so much music being released on an hourly basis in the modern age that sometimes it is necessary to hedge your bets and look into outside interests that could possibly align with your own in an attempt to combine forces. This is much easier said than done, especially considering that something like that […]

Closing The Circle With THOMAS VIKSTROM From THERION

What started as more of a way to fill in time during COVID before expanding its reach across three albums, the Leviathan trilogy set in motion in 2021 by Swedish symphonic metal legends Therion finally draws to a close on December 15 with the release of Leviathan III. It has been a spectacular sonic journey […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #144 HERE After 10 long years, one of Australia’s premiere live acts The Amenta are about to head back out on their first headlining tour later this month, with keyboardist Timothy Pope stopping in for a chat so good we had to make it this week’s cover. They are joined […]

Surving The Plague With TIMOTHY POPE From THE AMENTA

Australian extreme metal outfit The Amenta recently released a brutal album called Plague Of Locus, boasting an assortment of cover songs that have inspired the band and their music. The selection of bands paid homage to has a number of surprises amongst some expected tributes, ranging from local black metal bands like Nazxul and Lord […]

Drawing The Battle Lines With LACCA From 100 Years War

Main photo Zo Damage Article photos Richard Iskov The modern age of music is far more demanding than it was even ten years ago. To be able to give your band the best chance of success, often band members multitask with other roles within the music industry, trying to give themselves and their bandmates the […]


The beauty of being a solo artist is the complete freedom of total creativity. While the burden can weigh too heavily on some performers, not so New Zealand-born and Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Rachel Trainor, who releases her debut album The Way Back Down under the name Nighteyes on November 10. “You really want it to be […]

Overcoming Adversity With GREG McMANUS From NAUGRIM

Since bursting onto the local metal scene in 2021 with their debut track Forever Know My Name, Blue Mountains based metalcore outfit Naugrim have wasted little in asserting their music, already sharing the stage with international acts such as Unearth and Darkest Hour as well as making a name for themselves at local festivals Canberra […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #329 HERE With the usual influx of pop infused Christmas releases that punctuate this time of year, thank the Metal Gods that Tarja has decided to sprinkle some of her own magic over the Festive Season. Dark magic that is, in the form of her upcoming Yuletide album, Dark Christmas. HEAVY had […]

Making Christmas Dark With TARJA

Generally when the festive season rolls around and talk turns to Christmas albums the general chill that runs down most metalheads spines would rival that of the North Pole. Far too often a purely commercial venture by smiling sonic assassins out to further enhance their global acceptability, the Christmas album tale has long been fraught […]

Spreading The Ashes With GREG WILKINSON From AUTOPSY

The common perception with iconic bands is that their musical output understandably slows the longer their careers go on. This could be for a variety of factors that are too many to mention, but no matter how many excuses there are, try telling legendary Californian death metal outfit Autopsy that they should be slowing down. […]

Embracing The Sunshine With FUMING MOUTH

Music has a way of providing comfort in a wide variety of ways. To the general music consumer, that comfort is a more personal enjoyment of the music, the lyrics, and the message, but the cathartic nature of music also extends to those making it. “I went from being able to work to having to […]


ear music November 10 Helmet are the musical chameleons of hard rock/metal. Founding member, lead guitarist and vocalist Page Hamilton is the only part of Helmet’s music that has remained consistent since 1989, but it is because of his willingness to experiment that Helmet have proven impossible to lump into any one genre. Without an […]

F.U.C.: Everythink

Out now Isn’t it funny how one word can have two meanings so completely opposite from each other but still almost mean the same thing? Take Brisbane-based Environmental Nu-thrash noise merchants F.U.C. Reading it as it is spelled you would (or probably should) have reservations about asking your 7-year-old daughter to read the CD cover […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #143 HERE Cover photo by Tom Hawkins The Australian Content DigiMag #143 is ready to rock, featuring an awesome cover interview with Devin Townsend about his upcoming Australian tour. We also catch up with F.U.C ahead of this weekend’s Wallapalooza as well as Verona Lights, Escarion and Sunk Loto. We […]

Sonic Projection With DEVIN TOWNSEND

Devin Townsend is one of the few musicians who globally needs no introduction. Whether it be for his work with Strapping Young Lad or the Devin Townsend Project or anywhere in between, the man is an enigma. A legend. And a true gentleman of the metal scene. Known for his boundless energy and creativity, Townsend […]

The Futility Of Existence With JOHNNY & RHYS From ESCARION

Harnessing the intensity and intent of a debut album can be difficult. Public expectations are noticeably higher for your second release and your existing fan base has likely also grown significantly. Many bands attempt to replicate the things that went right the first time around and end up forcing themselves into a sonic box of […]


VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #328 HERE Cover photo by Wombat DigiMag #329 is a cracker, featuring a great cover interview with John Boecklin from Bad Wolves talking about their new album Die About It. We also speak with Corrosive and Heirloom, while we bring you interesting chats from two of the stars of this weekend’s Wallapalooza […]


Bad Wolves hit the jackpot with their 2021 album Dear Monsters, satisfying existing fans of the band with their output, while also drawing a new breed of followers to their music. It was a success in every way, which made their follow-up album Die About It – out now – all the more significant. Die […]

BAD WOLVES: Die About It

Better Noise Music November 3 2021’s Dear Monsters firmly entrenched US metal outfit Bad Wolves as a band to be respected. With crushingly heavy riffs combined with harmonious beauty, Dear Monsters saw vocalist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz excel in his role as frontman, uniting the band musically with a renewed vigour and sense of purpose. With […]

Music In Motion With TODD & DAN From F.U.C

It’s hard to believe that after 13 years Brisbane two-piece Environmental Nu Thrash outfit F.U.C (or, as they are known in the Andes, Forests Under Construction) are finally set to bust their cherry at Wallapalooza 2023. After hosting some of the finest bands this country has to offer from humble beginnings at the Wallaby Hotel […]


VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #142 HERE With Wallapalooza 2023 just around the corner, we have gone with one of the headliners 28 Days as our featured cover artist. HEAVY catches up with bass player Damo for an insight into what to expect. We also bring you great chats with Cosmic Psychos, Deprivation, Mudvayne, Nur […]

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