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“It’s not violent in a way where people are trying to kill each other. It is more of a mutual violence where everyone’s kind of in it together.”

Tony Foresta

US thrash, crossover metal outfit Municipal Waste have been entertaining audiences since the turn of the century, combining everything you love about metal with a flippant and humorous disposition that permeates through their music.

Since their 2003 debut album Waste ‘Em All first introduced the world to Municipal Waste, the band have released a further six studio albums and four EPs the most recent of which was the awesome Electrified Brain in 2022.

Starved of seeing Municipal Waste live since 2013, Australian audiences are preparing for the inevitable onslaught when the band starts their Wasted Australia Tour in Melbourne on July 5, with frontman Tony Foresta joining HEAVY to fill us in on all the glorious details.

“It’s kind of hard sometimes to get tours booked there,” he smiled when asked why he has neglected Australian fans for more than ten years. “And apparently y’all are getting a ton of tours now, more than you used to. So maybe people just overlooked us or whatever. But we always want to come back. I mean, I say this in every interview, but Australia is our favourite place to tour. So just ask us to come every year and we will. You’ve just got to invite us (laughs).”

We ask what has changed with Municipal Waste since their last visit.

“I don’t even know if Nick (Poulos, lead guitar) was in the band the last time we toured Australia,” he measured. “I don’t think so. Man, y’all are in for some shit, dude. We’ve gotten so much better. I mean, we got an extra guitar player. We sound better. We fucking… we’ve got our chops up, and we’ve got a whole lot of new songs that rule to play, too. So it’s going to be a lot different than the last time we were there. But hopefully as violent, because that shit was fun.”

In the full interview, Tony further discussed the upcoming Municipal Waste tour of Australia, sharing details about the tour dates and the band’s excitement to return after a long absence. He explained the band’s decision to tour without a new album release and expressed their enthusiasm for playing in Australia, highlighting the band’s improved sound and new songs. Tony also talked about what fans can expect from a Municipal Waste live show, emphasizing the chaotic and rowdy nature of the experience.

Tony finished by providing insights into the formation of Municipal Waste in the early 2000s, driven by a desire to bring thrash metal back into popularity, and discussed the band’s commitment to their musical style and their refusal to conform to industry trends for commercial gain.

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