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April 1

Words by CocoLeSexBomb

After a 27-year hiatus, The Violent Inzident emerges from their 1995 hibernation and with that we have Tiny D, C-Man, Bin Man, Adidasshole, Monkeybird and General Jerkhov back at it again for the first time to release to you… the world, their debut album This Is Nu Metal!, an album showcasing this exciting new genre that they invented right before their sultry mid- 90’s slumber.

The self-appointed pioneers of nu metal are releasing this powerhouse of musical innovation on the 1st of April. What fucking year that will be is anyone’s guess, and we aren’t getting stung by that little loophole again boys. That being said I have the album in my hands so if I was a betting man and in this case I am far from one I would say it is 2022, so let’s shut the fuck up about it already and plug this cheeky little bizkit in.

Track 1 Nu Metal

The title track classically opening the album does just that, consider the album opened the guitar intro kicks off the song like an industrial starting pistol of a race that was won about twenty years ago, but you forget what decade you are in almost instantly as the band comes in and all of a sudden it’s just tough as fuck and you get the insatiable urge to put on Jnco jeans and punch a wall so naturally, I’m hooked.

Track 2 I Love Nu Metal

I am sensing a bit of a theme here, that being said I have just been transported to 1999 so this Nu sound is pretty deec bruh. In this ode to the love of Nu Metal I can almost see the weird CGI film clip to this song as it constantly gets replayed on Saturday morning music videos. This heavily compressed slightly synthy ballad almost brought a tear to my eye, almost.

Track 3 Whores Of Instagram

Just when it couldn’t get any better, I have no idea what they just said and I loved it. I am starting to notice that each song has a certain sound almost as if they are paying homage to different influential bands we definitely haven’t heard of yet as nu metal has just been invented, but this song definitely has the “system down” so far we are 3 for 3 and I am quietly confident this will be the number 1 album of the late 90s.

Track 4 Disas Tinder

Okay, all stupid shit aside, this song instantly won me over and is an instant favourite! I am purposefully not giving too much away because a band like this needs to be experienced with no idea what to expect, but what you can expect is some of the most influential, meaningful lyrics written in a very long time. Mixing heavy riffs, solid grooves and meaningful lyrics is no easy task with most bands just slipping off the mark but slip not Violent Inzident, stellar work.

Track 5 Triggered (The Snowflake Anthem)

The second single released from The Violent Inzident comes in with the world’s most evil sounding polka it really took me off guard but in a way that makes me excited and tingly in the pant leg and just as I start to enjoy it a little too much the band comes it with a huge chorus riff and orchestral harmonies that make you rethink your life’s decisions.

Track 6 The Violent Inzident

The original track naming is back in force just like The Violent Inzident is back with the same energy from the track Nu Metal and the lyrical prowess of Disas Tinder, so you can bet your sweet little Nu Metal behinds I just punched another baggy jean hole in the wall as The Violent Inzident tells us what they are really all about.

Track 7 Brazil is Great

If you didn’t know how great Brazil is, this song definitely paints a picture, and you too will be painting this picture to the world because just as you thought this album has everything, boom bang pow, it’s a sing-along anthem for the ages. It’s ok if you don’t speak Nu-ese as they have an English-translated lyric video that was only released a few weeks ago so be sure to check that out and a cheeky side note the song ends with a solid thrashy breakdown so gold star moment there boys.

Track 8 Down With Your Mistress

I can’t help but get a disturbed sense of déjà vu listening to this track and while a take a second to work out why, I can feel how sore my neck is getting, and I realize for the last 30 minutes my head has had a mind of its own. This album has me stricken.

Track 9 Tears Are Falling (From My Arse)

Like a freak on a leash comes a strong message about a touchy-touchy subject. The message sent is a clear one in one of the more political songs on the album. I really do hope this track has the same impact on you as it did on me. Flawless.

Track 10 D.A.R.E To Keep Kids On Drugs

As you are taking a second to let the message of the last song really sink in. D.A.R.E To Keep Kids On Drugs kicks off hard and fast and so does my head-banging as track 10 dares to give you a glimpse of what life is like as one of the cool kidz. I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself here, but The Violent Inzident really do sound great, musically the songs are tough and punchy, the lyrics are catchy and so far, it’s been cover to cover, track after track an album to behold and will be in heavy rotation for me.

Track 11 Fou Fou

Feeling a bit emotional upon realization that this Nu-Metal mayhem is coming towards its inevitable spikey-haired end, I hit pause for a second, do a few paces around the room before sitting down, taking a deep breath and pressing play. Instantly the drums and chugging guitar riff kickstart my entire body into a weird solo headbang hot potato dance-off situation, no really even I’m not sure what just happened, but what I am sure of is that with that The Violent Inzident only went and did it folks, an all killer no filler nu-metal disasterpiece.

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