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While the music industry around them almost crumbled due to restrictions forced upon it by the global pandemic, West Australian rock outfit Hailmary chose to fight back the only way they know how.

Through music.

Plans had already been put in place to release “Equilibrium” – the only song remaining from their latest E.P Evolve Dissolve yet to be unleashed on the public. Despite receiving little to no media coverage or promotion, “Equilibrium” was widely regarded as the best song from the E.P so giving in to public demand the decision was made to shoot an exciting film clip and run the song through the usual publicity windmill.

As with all things Rock well-laid plans didn’t go according to script but rather than shelve the idea of releasing “Equilibrium” or catering to the ever-growing regard for the lyric video, Hailmary decided to roll with the punches instead of fighting fate by concocting a uniquely entertaining plan to not only record the film clip but also provide some form of hope and optimism to a reclining musical landscape.

“We went with the idea of doing the clip ISO style”, said frontman Kevin Curran, “but we didn’t wanna do it just as a jam with the band – we thought that was a bit boring – so we went a bit further and gave people the creative freedom to do what they wanted”.

Putting out a call to arms to friends and fans, Hailmary urged the public to submit footage of themselves rocking out that could be edited together to show a united front in uncertain times. With no rules for submissions, the band encouraged fans to be inventive, resulting in a motley crew of cameo appearances woven together with band footage to produce a film clip by the people, for the people.

Observing strict safety and social distancing regulations at all times, countless hours of footage was sifted through before being edited into a constant stream of musical mayhem that demands repeat viewings just to digest the sheer enormity of it all.

“I don’t know if you have seen the Primus film clip for “Mr Krinkle”, but that was the inspiration”, Curran explained. “That film clip is basically a one-shot thing where he is just wearing a pig mask and playing the bass but there’s lots of things going on. I like that idea where there is plenty of stuff happening on the screen and you have to watch it a few times to pick up on everything. Even now after watching our film clip countless times I still see something new each time”.

Featuring everyone from a fire-breather to a yoga teacher to people singing and dancing to a guy wearing his boxer shorts on his head, “Equilibrium” is now more than just a great song. It is a great song with an inventive film clip that sends one simple message.

Music is forever and despite being susceptible to the same laws which govern humanity, will never just fade quietly into the background. The power of music – and, more importantly, the power of the people – have combined to provide not just a brilliant isolation fueled film clip; they have united in an attempt to fight back and reclaim the industry at large, in doing so at the very least providing a glimmer of light and hope by way of distraction.


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