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Last Stand‘ was inspired by a previous relationship that began fantastically but slowly turned sour as her true colors were revealed.  

Due to the slow graduation from love into a toxic relationship, I failed to demand better for myself and immigrated from Ireland to Australia upon her request.

However, after only three weeks in Australia, feeling homesick she now insisted we returned home.

The following morning she went to the travel agents and booked our flights home.

Having quit my job and sold everything I had to fund this move and only three weeks into our trip I knew in my heart this was the wrong decision. I wrestled in my mind all day until alas I made my last stand, told her I wasn’t leaving, grabbed my bag and left her crying to never see her again.

Due to the nature of the circumstances, a lot of anger was felt throughout the writing of this song which I feel comes across in the aggressive melody, distortion, and riff.

It is also however lyrically a song of liberation as I finally stand my ground and relieve the weight of this burden from my shoulders.

From hard-hitting rock to smooth silky tones, Anarchy Hearts takes you on a journey through all ranges of emotions and energies that reflect the stories of life.

Uncompromising and pure this band exerts raw authenticity, layered with clever and intricate nuances to deliver meaningful and heartfelt songs through a range of styles.

Partnered with energetic and passion felt performances Anarchy Hearts is a band that will leave a lasting impression upon you.


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