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After the debacle that causes the music industry to shut down last year, Brisbane’s Moondoll Festival returns this weekend, June 4, at the Mansfield Tavern, spread over 2 stages and featuring a great selection of rock, punk and metal guaranteed to appeal to music lovers of all tastes.

As part of HEAVY’s ongoing support of Moondoll, we asked some of the bands playing a list of questions to help get you acquainted with the bands before they take the stage.

Today we speak with NO NO NO NO NO

HEAVY: Moondoll 2022 is nearly upon us. Does it seem surreal that after all of the events of the last 2 years you will finally get to take the stage?

Declan: Fortunately, we’ve had it pretty good here in SA, we’ve managed to squeeze in a decent amount of shows, but usually with a stipulation, i.e. seated gig, standing gig but no dancing, dancing gig but quarter capacity venue.

What does it mean to you to be playing Moondoll?

Luke: It’s amazing to have been invited across the country to place with some great musicians in a state half the band hasn’t even been to before.

Declan: Yeah, it definitely feels like we’re doing something right! Even a year ago I couldn’t have dreamed of playing in Brisbane.

It’s a long day of music. What will you be doing to make sure you will still be standing come your set time?

Luke: I won’t, I’ll be playing on my back, or seated on the kick drum the whole set.

Declan: It’s gonna be rough, especially since we’re playing the night before too, but I’ll make it work. I can’t promise I’ll be standing by the end of the set though!

Give me your Top 3 Festival survival tips.

Declan: Drink plenty of water, make sure you stretch before you jump in the pit, and most importantly, don’t let the seccy’s find your drugs.

Luke: Go to the toilet before you leave home, you don’t want to deal with typical festival toilets. Try not to drink too much before the bands you actually want to see, or you’ll pass out and miss them; and be friendly to security, they have some great tips and insider info.

Which band – other than yourself – do you think will get up to the most mischief on the day?

Declan: Kaosis look like they’d cause some trouble! I would’ve said Frankenbok if I didn’t know any better, but I played with them about ten years ago and they were the nicest dudes, so I know it’s not them.

Luke: It will be us. I’m still hearing stories about stuff we did at the last festival we played.

What song do you think the crowd would want you to play to finish your set?

Luke: Probably ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Girl’, people seem to like every other band’s songs better than ours.

What song are you actually going to play? 

Luke: Secret, why would you come see us if you knew the setlist and could watch it from the comfort of your own YouTube?

What one song would you tell festival goers to listen to of yours, if they haven’t heard you play before?

Luke: ‘Fingerprints’, I don’t think we’ll ever write a better song than that, so why bother trying?

Declan: I’d say ‘Fingerprints’ too, but I’m gonna say ‘WMD.’, because that song is too hard for the other guys, so we never play it live anymore.

Finally, what plans does your band have for the rest of 2022?

Declan: New music, more shows, and some big support slots!

Luke: We have another single in the works, and if my clairvoyance skills are any good, it will go off live.

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