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MONSTER TRUCK: Tales Of A True Rocker

“We dwelled and listened, and dwelled some more.."

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Listen to the Interview here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast.:

With the release of Monster Truck’s new album, True Rockers, deliciously imminent following frustrating delays in its creation, guitarist Jeremy Widerman is itching for his music and the whirlwind roadshow that accompanies it to be unshackled. Due to hit Europe and the UK with musical brothers-in-arms Black Stone Cherry and The Cadillac Three from November, True Rockers has a befitting platform for its unleashing in the live arena.

However, True Rockers proved to be a taxing album for the Truck to nail: “We dwelled and listened, and dwelled some more… We got way too far down the rabbit hole and we started to panic. And so we decided to delay the record and go back into the studio… In some ways we maybe pushed the boundaries a little too far.”

But who dares wins, and True Rockers is a veritable rainbow of vibrant rock’n’roll – and one that presents Dee Snider as part of its pot-of-gold prize, with his exuberant cameo on opening track “True Rocker”. “[Snider] had a ‘holy shit, who are these guys?!’ type moment – all of a sudden I’m getting a text from Marv [Jon Harvey, Monster Truck’s front man] saying ‘have you seen what’s going on on the internet right now? Dee Snider loves our band!’”

Listen to the full interview to hear Jeremy discuss all this and more, including Monster Truck’s “keysmeister” Steve Kiely’s heart of gold, the value of emergency keyboard composition when touring with Deep Purple, and where the hidden Monster Truck shrine is located…

True Rockers is out 14th September 2018. Pre-order here.




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Jeni Lambert

Placed in front of speakers blasting out Zeppelin at the age of 2, Jeni’s thirst for rock music started at a young age and is still being quenched to this day. A firm believer in spreading the word of rock music like the religion it is, she first started writing for the music section in the University of Manchester's paper, the Mancunion, before starting to write for HEAVY's UK team.