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Good Things with COREY TAYLOR

Kris Peters talks to his musical hero about Stone Sour and the Good Things Festival

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Listen to the interview below or on Spotify and iTunes Podcast:

“It was either that or find various different ways to off myself, basically,” replied Corey Taylor, vocalist for Stone Sour, when asked how his turbulent younger years helped shape his musical psyche. “At the time there wasn’t the resources that the world has to offer now. Ostensibly we’re talking about 35 years ago, and it was tough man. It was tough growing up that way, you hold onto a lot. Whether it was being bullied or abused – which I had both in healthy proportions – it kind of fostered a horrible anger in me and it wasn’t really until Slipknot that I was able to tap into that and unleash it.”

In the full interview Corey talks about Stone Sour’s upcoming co-headline spot at the first ever Good Things Festival in December, what they will be playing differently to their last tour, the reaction to last years Hydrograd album, how they plan to top that release, whether writing music gets easier or harder the more you perform and answers the question of what it is actually like to be Corey Taylor.


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Kris Peters

Kris has been writing freelance for about 20 years. Kris always found his taste in music a little too eclectic for the mainstream market but has found his niche writing for HEAVY. Based in Brisbane, Kris also runs a promotions company, KSP Productions.
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