HEAVY TV YouTube video playlist from DOWNLOAD UK 2019

Mike from HEAVY TV, did what he does best again this year at Download Festival UK, 2019,
Here’s our photos and review of DOWNLOAD UK 2019: https://heavymag.com.au/download-festival-uk-2019

Here’s our HEAVY YouTube playlist featuring: Halestorm, Amon Amarth, Whitechapel, Stone Temple Pilots, The Hu, Epica, Tesla, Skynd, Twelve Foot Ninja, Deadland Ritual (Steve Stevens, Franky Perez, [Geezer Butler]), Zebrahead, Conjurer, Lost Society, Goodbye June, Last In Line, Those Damn Crows, Delain, The Interrupters, Man With A Mission, Sumo Cyco, The Inspector Cluzo, Underside, Queen Zee, Lovebites, Mind The Dog, Dinosaur, Like A Storm and Black Futures.

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Here’s our pre-Download preview list: https://heavymag.com.au/download-festival-uk-2019-preview/

Written by Mike Brierley

I'm a keen music film maker and rock star interviewer. I attended my first gigs in 1982 (Jethro Tull, AC/DC, Gary Moore, MSG) and haven't looked back since!

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