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Listen to the interview right here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast:

If you haven’t already heard the name Coma Rossi in prog circles then you surely soon will. The Indian band’s self-titled debut album has the whole world talking at the moment. Some of the world’s top music magazines have heaped praise on the album and now HEAVY Mag has backed that up with a five star review. Recently HEAVY sat down with members Gaurav Govilkar (guitars), Juby Thomas (keyboards) and Tom Borah (vocals) to find out all there is to know about the band that the world wants to chat to.

“I started looking for people back in 2013,” says Govilkar. “I started looking for people that were into progressive rock, music with a very strong ambient edge. And I was fortunate enough to find a bass player to start with and then we started jamming along to a few songs. We started jamming along with covers and then we started forming our own arrangements and through some line-up changes I was able to find Juby and Tom in the last three years. It has taken us three years to write this album. We really love these songs and am very proud of these songs.”

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“We all listen to a lot of different music and not just progressive rock,” he explains when we start to talk about the band’s unique sound and where it came from. “Yeah even EDM and jazz,” says Thomas chiming in. “It doesn’t really fit any genre. I used to listen to a lot of progressive in the 1990s but then I got tired of it and that is when I started to listen to a lot of EDM and electronic and then I decided to merge them both together because I wanted a new sound.”

“I think that is where we got the electronic part of our sound… Juby’s influences,” explains Govilkar. “My first love in music has always been Pink Floyd. But aside from Pink Floyd I also listen to pop music, classical music as well. But I explored a lot of 1970s progressive rock, stuff like Yes and Genesis and I think subconsciously the stuff we wrote leaned towards this style. And then when Juby came in his electronic influence came with him.”


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You can listen to more of our Coma Rossi interview on Spotify.

Coma Rossi is out now.


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