HZED Show No Colour

It is hard to pinpoint an exact sound for Melbourne’s very own HZED. Some have said that their style of rock conjures up memories of  Chrissy Amphlet while others say they have had the unique ability of capturing 50 years worth of rock all in one track. While a lot is said about them one […]

LOATHE Head Down Under

UK heavy metal band LOATHE have been creating quite a following as they mix metalcore with a more traditional Nu-Metal sound. Now off the back of their well received 2021 album The Things They Believe and building a reputation as one of the best live bands in Europe they are heading Down Under to tour […]

GOLDSMITH Returns With Of Sound And Fury

20 years after the last album of the legendary thrashers from Blackend, the mastermind Michael Goldsmith comes back under the roof of MDD Records and thus also musically a bit “back to the roots“.  For the third album, which appears under his own name, Goldsmith has strengthened himself with experienced musicians from the scene and delivers an album with a new […]

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY Talks Eschaton I. Reckoning Day

 Swedish heavy/thrash metaller MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY will release the full-length “Eschaton I. Reckoning Day” on August26 via GMR Music (while the digipak limited edition was already released in March).  This week our very own David Griffiths sat down for a chat with the man behind the band (take a listen to the full interview below).  “Eschaton I. Reckoning Day” is the first part of a trilogy of mini-albums […]

PATRIARCHS IN BLACK Decide To Reach For The Scars

When New Jersey scene veteran Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non-Fiction) was looking for musicians for his new project, Overkill’s Bobby Blitz gave him the idea of knocking on John Kelly‘s (Danzig, Type O Negative) door, because – according to Blitz – “he would fit your riffs perfectly“. Blitz was right and Lorenzo and Kelly, who had never worked together before, formed PATRIARCHS […]


Hailing from Sacramento in the good ol’ USA metalcore outfit A Moments Notice have been wowing us with some amazing singles over the past twelve months. Despite being a young band they rise has been pretty swift and they even found themselves recently nominated for a music award in their home State putting them alongside […]

ASK CAROL Find Mountains Of Cash

With a dark irony and subtle humour, this alternative rock tune, pokes fun at the elite few, those with unimaginable wealth, who sit on ‘Mountains Of Cash’. Ask Carol’s new song comes with a lot of energy and punk attitude. Trombones and delayed space guitars makes for a cinematic backdrop, while a mean fuzzy guitar and […]

THE VEER UNION Discover Some Manifestations

The Veer Union have just dropped their brand new Manifestations album and before jumping on their Spring Tour with their Rock Shop Records band mates Heartsick and Late Night Saviour stopped to have a chat with Dave Griffiths. The Veer Union’s Crispin Earl says: “In 2012 I lost my record deal and soon after lost myself mentally […]

SINSID Talk In Victory

The Norwegian old school heavy metal band SINSID have just released their new full-length “In Victory”  via Pitch Black Records.  This week that sat down with Dave Griffiths to chat about the album. Are you interested in organizing an interview with the band?  “In Victory” is a follow-up to 2020’s “Enter the Gates” and is most definitely an album that will get defenders of Old-School Heavy […]

HELLFIRE 76 Bring The Voodoo

“Hellfire 76”, the debut EP by the US southern/stoner rock band HELLFIRE 76 has just been released and this week the band chatted to Dave Griffiths about it. HELLFIRE 76 use the masks of Voodoo, Witchcraft, Occult and Tarot to tell us tales of how Evil has taken possession of our world, ruled by liars, impostors, and careerists. People are therefore inundated with an immense flood of […]

PARALLEL MINDS Hear Echoes From Afar

French prog metal band Parallel Minds have just released their brand new album Echoes From Afar through M&O Music. Two minds working together as one, united by a shared passion, a common vision and the drive to make their dreams a reality. Vocalist Stéphane Fradet and guitarist Grégory Giraudo came together with the goal of creating an incredible heavy […]

CARSON Go On The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance

CARSON is an energetic psychedelic stoner rock ‘n roll trio from Lucerne, originally formed in New Zealand. The band has existed in its current line-up since 2012. They are known for their distinctive musical style and captivating, energetic live shows with a strong stage presence.  The band has released two EPs and one full-length album so far and […]

DRAGONBREED Fight The Necrohedron

What lasts a long time becomes one! The history of the melodic death metal flagships GRAVEWORM and SUIDAKRA has always been closely connected. They started out on the same label, toured together and developed deep friendships that have lasted until today.  It happened that during the songwriting for the current Suidakra longplayer “Wolfbite” several songs came up that didn’t […]

RISE OF KRONOS Turn To The Council Of Prediction

 German death metal band RISE OF KRONOS have just released their new album Council of Prediction  via MDD Records. and this week Dave Griffiths sat down to have a chat with them about the album. RISE OF KRONOS emerged from the former Hamburg death metallers Surface in 2021 with an identical line-up. After 11 years, it was simply time to open a new chapter […]

CYPHONISM Turn To Some Cosmic Voidance

German death metal band CYPHONISM have just released their new full-length album Cosmic Voidance via Black Sunset/MDD Records and this week our very own Dave Griffiths sat down to catch up with them. Founded in 2011 in Wolfsburg, Germany, CYPHONISM have made it their mission to combine unconditional death metal with heavy grooves and dense atmospheres, whereby the content mainly deals with themes of cosmic horror […]

KREATOR Bring The Hate

Decades into their game-changing career, German metal legends Kreator find themselves more successful and influential than ever. They’ve stuck to their guns, weathered the trends and outlasted their peers – never once wavering from the ferocious noise that excited them as teens. If anything, that thirst for sonic warfare is just as strong, if not stronger, today. […]

WHILE SHE SLEEPS Talks Heading Down Under

The upcoming SLEEPS SOCIETY Aussie tour will find While She Sleeps joined by dear friends and British heavyweights Loathe to treat Australian fans this July.   The tour will offer a long-awaited chance for While She Sleeps to celebrate their fifth studio album, SLEEPS SOCIETY, live in action. The energetic and anthemic album received glowing praise […]

2 SHADOWS Bring The Cold Inside

Vancouver, BC Canada based Metalcore band 2 Shadows have released their debut EP ‘Bring The Cold Inside’ on Rock Shop Records. They are also sharing the video for lead track ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ that features Ryan Hayes of Righteous Vendetta on guest vocals.  The song has been added to key Rock & Metal playlists at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon […]

THE KILLERHERTZ Premiere Chasing Ghosts

After the great radio success of “The Wait for Closure”, the Danish hard rock / heavy metal act THE KILLERHERTZ comes back with a new video and single. The new song is called “Chasing Ghosts” and anticipates the band’s third album “Starburst” to be released later this year. “Chasing Ghosts” sees Thomas Trold protagonist with […]

NARAYAN Tells The Narrative

Gifted Melbourne prog artist Narayan has returned with a killer new single titled Narrative. “‘Narrative’ was derived from investigating one’s own self-talk,” explains Narayan “How do I communicate with myself in my own intimate company? Is it helpful or harmful? How much of this dialogue is actually mine and how much of it do I […]


Two years after “The Hidden Hare” debut EP, the progressive metalcore / deathcore artist NADAE comes back with a new single. The track is called “The Fighter” and it will be included in the new album “The Septhed: Gods of Kenilworth”, scheduled to be released later this year. Watch the brand-new lyric video right here. […]

The Mixture That Is CKRAFT

What happens when a group of musicians get together and begin a project that sees them mix metal, jazz and Gregorian chants. The result is French outfit CKRAFT who are about to wow the world with their debut album Epic Discordant Vision on June 3rd. CKRAFT’s debut album is a Jazz and Metal instrumental fusion, bonded together […]

THE SAME RIVER Feel The Weight Of The World

Greek stoner rock/doom metal outfit The Same River have been making a name for themselves across Europe over the past few years. Now May 13th sees the release of their brand new album – titled The Weight Of The World. The eight songs of the album embody the band’s love for heavy, rock-influenced psychedelic music. […]

2 SHADOWS Team Up With THE WORLD ALIVE For New Single

2 Shadows have just teamed up with Telle Smith from The World Alive for the brand single Keep Breathing, which we are happy to premiere the video for right here. 2 Shadows Glen Bridden says “Keep Breathing’ uses the theme of possession to address the experience of mental illness. Lines in the song draw heavily from the classic horror […]

THE CHAPTER Premieres New Album

Everything is ready in THE CHAPTER‘s house for the release of the new album “Delusion of Consciousness”! In order to celebrate the great event – scheduled for April 22 – there is nothing better than streaming the full album and watching the new video for “Compos Mentis” – both premiered by HEAVY Magazine! “Delusion of […]


There is a nervous excitement in the voice of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR’S Vic Zino when I start to talk to him about the band’s brand new Abrakadabra album which has just been released through Golden Robot Records See there is a buzz around the music industry that this is the band’s best album to date but […]

2 SHADOWS Launch Killer Single

Vancouver band 2 Shadows have just launched a killer new track – a cover of Green Day’s ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’. The song features Ryan Hayes of Righteous Vendetta on guest vocals. Quote from Singer Glen Bridden:“When Tryst and I started experimenting with different songs to cover on the album we both felt an immediate connection to ‘Boulevard […]

THEM EVILS Deliver A Real Burner

US hard rock band THEM EVILS are one of the hardest working bands when it comes to touring and shows so it is no surprise that when Dave Griffiths caught up with them this week they were out on the road again. During the interview the band talk about how their new track Burner came […]

S.A.M. Introduce Us To The Choke Artist

Hailing from Nashville and Memphis S.A.M. have spent the past few years perfecting their mix of alternative sounds that grab the best of metal, rap etc and bring it all together for their own unique sound. Now after the success of their single Way Out the band have just dropped their brand new album Choke […]

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS Give Us Some Hindsight Notes

If there was ever a time for forward thinking prog-rock outfit COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS to sit back and rest on their laurels it would have been the time going into their new album. The band’s last album, Fervor, was critically acclaimed and I remember chatting to the band around its release and having them […]

CRYPT CRAWLER Deliver Transmissions From The Future

Perth’s very own Crypt Crawler are about to thrill their fans with a live stream event that has been months in the planning. Titled Transmissions From The Future the live stream will see the band celebrate the music of their back catalogue including their brand new album Future Usurper. This week HEAVY Cinema’s David Griffiths […]

UNLEASHED Bring The Viking Horde

For nearly two decades now Unleashed have been the chief Vikings of the death metal world and with their new album No Sign Of Life they defend that throne to the death. Recently HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat down with Unleashed main man Johnny Hedlund. In the interview Hedlund tells HEAVY Magazine that the album […]

ANDREW JAY Talks Broken Man

Brisbane based alternative musician Andrew Jay has released one of the most thought provoking songs of this year in the form of Broken Man. Andrew recently sat down and spoke to HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths about the tragic circumstances that inspired the song and what his plans are in future to bring out more music. […]


Melbourne alternative rock musician COLD*WORDS has just floored everybody with his new single titled ‘Kill Me, Please.’ Once a member of Left For Wolves COLD*WORDS has been busy recently writing tracks that tackle complex and deep issues such as alienation, depression and anxiety. Recently COLD*WORDS sat down for a chat with HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths […]

AD INFINITUM Leave Their Legacy

Symphonic metal powerhouse Ad Infinitum didn’t let the rave reviews of their first album get to their heads. Instead the band decided to buckle down almost straightaway and begin work on their new album – Chapter II: Legacy. With the album about to be released through Naplam Records this week HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat […]

SUFFOCATION Livin’ It Up In North America

“It was fucking perfect!” That is the way that Suffocation bass-guitarist Derek Boyer sums up the show that has resulted in their Live In north America album which is about to drop through Nuclear Blast Records. The album ends up becoming a fitting farewell to original vocalist Frank Mullen and recently when Boyer sat down […]


The pandemic has been a strange time for Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot. During that time they went from being a three-piece to a solo music project – but also that period they created some of the best music of their careers and that has resulted in the release of their Have We Lost Our […]


There is nothing more exciting than a musician whose work evolves throughout their career and that is certainly something that has happened with alternative rock musician Wax Mekanix oer the years – as he so nicely put it in his interview with HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths he ‘reserves the right to change’ when it comes […]

PSTCRDS Cause A System Overload

Newcastle quintet PSTCRDS have returned with a powerful new two-tracker called System Overload. Recently HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat down with the band to not only talk about the two track in depth but also about the brand new Pstcrds sound that is so obvious here. You can take a listen to the full interview […]

KIMURA Circle Their Prey

Western Australian metal outfit Kimura are chomping at the bit at the thought of being able to head back out onto the road again. The band have just dropped their brand new album, Circle The Prey, which is being described as their heaviest to date and they just want to get back on the road […]

KATATONIA Explain Mnemosynean

For thirty years Katatonia have dominated the prog rock scene and over that time they have built up a pretty decent collection of B-Sides and rare tracks that have pretty much disappeared for anybody that wasn’t lucky enough to be able to grab a copy of the original material at the time. For that reason […]

DECEPTION Enter The Mire

A lot has changed for Norwegian death metal band DECEPTION since the release of their last EP. The band entered the writing process for their new album, The Mire, with a completely blank canvas when it came to songs and also no bassist. However when HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths recently sat down with the band’s […]

CRADLE OF FILTH Talk Existence Is Futile

In the lead-up to recording their brand new Existence Is Futile album everybody’s favourite blackened metal band Cradle Of Filth welcomed a brand new member into the band – Anabelle Iratni. This week HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths sat down with Anabelle and she happily discussed what it has been like being welcomed into the Cradle […]

BEAST IN BLACK Make A Dark Connection

When HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat down to talk to Beast In Black’s Anton Kabanen about the band’s brand new Dark Connection album the chat ended up sounding like it should actually be our sister site HEAVY Cinema. Anton told Dave how the albums roots started from him watching some of his favourite Animes and […]

WITH BLUE Deliver Some Pleasure Lies

Since forming back in High School in 2018 Brisbane’s very own WITH BLUE have been making a name for themselves within the city’s music scene and now they have branched out even further with the release of their Pleasure Lies EP. Recently HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat down and had a chat with Jarryd Pollock […]

NAUTICAL MILE Turn Up The Embers

As Australia begins to open back up Perth’s Nautical Mile are eager to get things rolling again. While the country has been lockdown they have signed a deal with a US record label and have released an EP that many are saying is there best yet. Now as the band prepares to do some local […]

LALCHAND Gives Us The View From Here

Take one listen to Melbourne artist LALCHAND’S brand new The View From Here EP and the first thing that hits you is not only his own talent but also the skills of the amazing people he managed to bring together to work on it. Of course by now you have probably heard his brand new […]

EMECIA Take Us Behind Jouska

Adelaide post-hardcore group EMECIA have just dropped a single that no radio presenter wants to try and announce on air – Jouska. When HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths caught up with the band’s vocalist Scott Middin he laughed at how people have tried to pronounce the title. “I think most people struggle with our band name […]


The rise of Aussie metalcore outfit Patient Sixty-Seven over the past 12 months has been nothing short of amazing. Hailing from Perth the band’s mantra of delivering heavy music with meaning has really paid off over the past few years with the band amassing 2 million streams in just the last year alone. Now the […]

ASPY JONES Hits The Fast Lane

Rock musician Aspy Jones has overcome a lot in his life. Aspy has Autism and high level anxiety and he uses that to fuel the music that now sees him labelled one of the most important up and coming musicians on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Aspy wishes to use his own struggles and perseverance […]