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OF MICE & MEN Speak Of Their Return To Oz

It’s been a hot minute since Californian locals Of Mice & Men were last in Australia – six years to be precise, when they were among the line up for Download Festival in 2018. Excitingly, the four-piece juggernaut have announced a run of Aussie shows in February, with support from Melbourne’s Dream On Dreamer and […]

THE DAMNED Announce Australian Tour

The Damned are the undisputed, unmatched and unassailable living gods of Punk Rock; and for the very first and final time in 35 years they have reassembled the absolute classic line up of the band, recreating the period in their storied career when they were at their peak creativity and the summit of their influence and swagger.  The Damned […]


Melbourne chaotic alt metal outfit The Last Martyr share angry new single Burn It Down. Targeting the tyrannical systems that control our society, Burn It Down is an aggressive outpour of emotional catharsis. “Burn It Down is about wishing we could press reset on the world and start again,” explains vocalist Monica Strut. “It touches upon the control of women’s bodies and the governing of other marginalised […]

GRAU Chat Abseits des Lichts

GRAU was founded in Saarbruecken (Germany) in 2014 by M. (guitars/vocals) and K. (bass/vocals). The band operated as three-piece at the beginning but later grew with different drummers and guitarists. The first release “Transzendenz” was recorded and released in 2016 which gained the band recognition in the local underground as well as gigs in Germany […]

SUICIDAL ANGELS Announce New Album

The wait is over! Today greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS announce their new album Profane Prayer for the 1st March 2024. The album features nine brand new tracks and will be released via Nuclear Blast Records. In addition to the great news about the new album, the band is also releasing their first Single ‘When the Lions Die‘. Last week SUICIDAL ANGELS also […]

EQUILIBRIUM Release New Single

One of the most exciting years for the German modern metal institution is coming to an end – though EQUILIBRIUM are far from taking it slow: Ahead of their upcoming tour with DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER at the end of December, the band releases their new single ‘Cerulean Skies’ that is available on all streaming platforms now. Founding member René Berthiaume states:“When people tell […]


Perth hardcore outfit Pincer+ release their long awaited sophomore EP, ‘Hunting God Tapes. Vol 2: Romance‘, available on vinyl and out via Greyscale Records today. Almost one year on from the release of their cult classic debut EP, ‘Hunting God Tapes. Vol 1: Violence‘, Pincer+ return with the next chapter. Ripe with screaming guitars, live recorded drums and potent vocals, leading singles Visions Of Angels and Closer To God welcomed listeners […]

HALF ME Release Concrete Ceiling

German metal quintet Half Me have released new single ‘Concrete Ceiling’, the first new music since their highly acclaimed debut album SOMA, out earlier this year via Arising Empire. Half Me made a striking entry into the heavy music world with their highly acclaimed debut album SOMA, blending metal, hardcore, and experimental styles. Their distinct […]

LIES Drop Video For Propaganda

Dutch heavy hardcore gang LIES! dropped the video for “Propaganda,” which serves as the second preview single from their upcoming album, Mind Pollution, set to be released on 08 December 2023. Of the track, LIES! shares:“We’re thrilled to have Worst Doubt’s singer Hugo Zerrad on our latest single, ‘Propaganda.’ Our admiration for Worst Doubt’s music dates back quite a while since their […]

BINARY ORDER Say The Future Belongs To The Mad

Works on The Future Belongs To The Mad took place over the course of nine months, from December 2022 until August 2023, and was written, produced and performed by the mastermind Benjamin Blank. Containing twelve tracks of industrial metal, IDW and electronic cyberpunk inspired soundscapes, “The Future Belongs To The Mad” is a sprawling, epic, multi genre soundtrack to our […]

STEEL RHINO Talk In Rhino We Trust

“In Rhino We Trust” continues the identifiable STEEL RHINO’s sound that served the band so well and appealed to all people who love classic Hard Rock. The founder Mikael Rosengren stated: “We could not leave the fans with just one album, so we continued the saga of Steel Rhino. I think this album is more raw and […]

Time For Judgement Day With MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY

MMI is back with the second part of the trilogy of EP/Mini-albums to be released back-to-back with only a year, or less, apart. Following last years highly acclaimed “ESCHATON I. Reckoning Day”, The second EP is titled “ESCHATON II. Judgment Day” and is released by GMR Music. As on previous albums J. Bergman (J.B) have had some help […]

HEIRLOOM Decides It Is Time To Romanticize

HEIRLOOM is a metalcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Their debut EP “The Furthest Corners” was produced by Chris Davis of The Ghost Inside and Texas In July. In 2022, the band confirmed plans to record with multi-platinum selling producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Saosin, Of Mice & Men, Issues) at his acclaimed West Valley […]

CORROSIVE Feel The Wrath Of The Witch

With “Wrath Of The Witch”, the teutonic death metal force Corrosive presents its seventh and, at the same time, most unusual album. Instead of simply peeling first-class death metal riffs from their ribs year after year, the quintet surprises anno 2023 with a concept album, whose foundation stone was already laid on their 2019 album “Nourished by Blood” […]

GLORYHAMMER Bringing The Glory To Oz

Mighty warriors of the galaxy! GLORYHAMMER has returned from an epic quest, and they come bearing their new album, “Return To The Kingdom Of Fife”, beholding 10 tracks of nuclear-fueled high-velocity heroic power metal, the likes of which you’ve never heard in your life! Voyaging from beyond the edge of the universe and through multiple dimensions, GLORYHAMMER embark on […]

SCULFORGE Deliver Some Intergalactic Battle Tunes

When seasoned musicians has cabin fever during the lockdown, they come up with the strangest things and sometimes even grandiose ideas. In the case of Sculforge, both is the case, because Polly McSculwood (vox, guit.) and Fabz McBlackscul (guitars) came up with the idea of forming the band in 2020 and starting a new musical adventure. Everything that happened then […]

Fast Forward To PARITY BOOT

Since the turn of the millennium, the band around multi-instrumentalist Mathias Riediger has been producing several demos, before the first album was released in 2009 and the long-awaited successor “Fast Forward” in 2023. The band was not idle in the meantime and toured all over Germany. In 2009, they also contributed the soundtrack to the […]


13 songs in 28 minutes, following the guidelines of Rick Rubin when he produced Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” almost 40 years ago.  “Don’t Stop”  is Panic Attack! debut album but also it stands as the band’s “last will & testament” to the world. The guidelines of Sam Phillips talking to Johnny Cash in the movie “Walk the Line” […]

AVATAR Make The Devil Dance In Aus

It has taken well over a decade, 9 albums, multiple fan petitions and even a support group for Australian fans upset at not having a tour, to finally get one of the greatest live bands in the history of heavy music to Australia. Renowned for legendary performances, ludicrous levels of skill as musicians and a seemingly endless catalog […]

NE OBLIVISCARIS Announce Australian Tour

A colossal storm is brewing! Brace yourselves for an unforgettable night of mind-bending music as three titans of progressive metal unite for a tour of epic proportions! Picture this: the air crackles with electric anticipation as Australia’s revered progressive wizards Ne Obliviscaris return home on the back of their new album ‘Exile’ for their first Aussie tour […]


When Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner says that he has put together a supergroup – he means that he has put together a supergroup. Aside from members of Judas Priest Elegant Weapons also boasts members that hail from Rainbow, Accept and Uriah Heap. Of course the fact that Richie himself is even here to talk about […]

LITTLE HURT Delivers Some Lovely Hours

Alt artist LITTLE HURT (the solo project of Colin Dieden, former lead singer of The Mowglis) has just released his new album ’Lovely Hours’.  The 10 track album has been 2 years in the making and includes the singles “Buttercup”(Featuring The Ready Set), “Cooler If U Did”, “Get Out Of My Life”, “Pineapple Pizza”  and “See You Again”.  The […]

VADER Bringing Their 40th To Australia

Polish death metal veterans, one of the most consistent bands in the European death metal scene. Being around since 1983 they have developed classic yet catching and aggressive style. During all these years they have invaded almost the entire planet and became one of the most frequently touring bands. The band’s latest album entitled Solitude in […]


“I’m not sure if you can still call us one of the most hard-working bands in the world,” says Rob from Don Broco with a laugh. “I’ve had the last few weeks off and I have been watching a lot of TV.” The label is still warranted though because prior to that break the band […]

CAEDEOUS Talk Malum Supplicium

The Portuguese Caedeous present with “Malum Supplicium” their third longplayer. It is, as with the two predecessors, a concept album, which thematically tells horror stories inspired by Lovecraft, Barker and Alighierie’s works. The eternal struggle between good and evil, angels and demons, heaven and hell. The oppulent compositions of mastermind Paulo J. Mendes provide the necessary musical space for the concept […]

DEIMOS’ DAWN Deliver An Anthem For The Lost

When Germany’s flagship-growler Marc Grewe (ex-Morgoth, Insidious Disease) gets ready to step behind a microphone, you can be sure to be bombarded with pure Death Metal … until now! Because with Deimos’ Dawn the scene veteran stands for the first time in front of a THRASH METAL band of pure and classical coinage and puts the inclined fan these […]

SOLNEGRE Explore The Night Within

“Vessel Part I: The Night Within” is intended to be the SolNegre’s introduction and reflects very well how much they are influenced by the Old School vibe of the 90’s Doom Death. The slow but catchy vibe may remind of early Saturnus/Katatonia, and it moves in a solemn, procession-like mood until the central part, when a massive ultra-virtuosistic […]

MARAUDER Build Some Metal Constructions

For any lover of traditional Heavy Metal guitarwork, it is pure joy to behold the melodic and harmonic interplay that permeates the new MARAUDER material. Most easily notable this time around is of course the recruitment of Greek Metal scene strongmen Tassos Krokodilos (vocals) and Nick “Yngve” Samios (drums). With his soaring voice having just recently graced the latest album by […]

Time To Bring The VIO-LENCE Down Under

Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985, VIO-LENCE instilled themselves as groundbreakers of the second wave of thrash with their revered 1988 album Eternal Nightmare. Throughout ’88 and ’89, VIO-LENCE toured the album to great success alongside thrash comrades Testament, Voivod, Death Angel, Sanctuary, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., M.O.D. and the Cro-Mags. In ’89, Megaforce Records/Atlantic signed the band, leading to the release of the bands’ second […]

SO LONG, SPACE GIRL Have Some Bad News – Your Heroes Are All Dead

Pop punk quartet So Long, Space Girl was formed by bassist Paul Coppock and drummer Anina Barrett in 2019. Joined by frontman/guitarist AJ Willis, they beavered away on a host of demos, refined their line up, and played a handful of gigs. Stuck at home due to the pandemic, they knuckled down and focused their […]

Time To Visit The DAY CLINIC

Day Clinic is the screeching and kicking child of four sound-nomads who have left their homes in Israel, Spain, Germany, and the UK and relocated to the Berlin in order to start forging in 2018 their mixture of cold, 80´s inspired Post-Punk, Alternative Rock and Heavy-Psych as relentless and heterogenous as the city where it´s created. […]

DISMINDED Deliver The Vision

Founded in February 2009, DISMINDED knew relatively quickly in which direction they should go musically: dramatic melodies, hard grooves and fast thrashy parts meet profound, unadorned lyrics, straight from the deepest abysses of the soul: despair, fear, addiction, betrayal, and violence. The best ingredients for solid death metal with a decent old school touch! After two highly […]

DAMAGED & CO Explore Life’s Grand Delusion

Life’s Grand Delusion” is the debut album by the Malta-based alternative/melodic metal outfit DAMAGED & CO. The full-length is composed of eleven tracks (including one instrumental), written in a time span of four years, showcasing different influences from metalcore, dark/symphonic metal, and alternative metal. What makes “Life’s Grand Delusion” so brilliant and unique is the band’s ability in […]

MARC URSELLI Decides To SteppenDoom

Marc Urselli‘s thrilling project STEPPENDOOM amalgamates indigenous throat singers from around the globe with the cream of doom metal!  Among many others, the renowned artists who answered three-time Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli‘s call include Matt Pike (SLEEP, HIGH ON FIRE), Aaron Aedy (PARADISE LOST), Steve Von Till (NEUROSIS), Christopher Juul (HEILUNG), Dave Chandler (SAINT VITUS), Lori S. […]

POLYMERASE Deliver Some Dreams & Realities

The lyrics of “Dreams & Realities I” involve psychedelic experiences and visual trips that involve emotions experienced during the episode of optical visions. Each track is a product of a certain trip, enlightened and put into musical art. The album is a first part experience of the dreams and realities project wherein there is a hazy connection […]

IRON ASPARAGUS Say To Whom It May Concern… Fuck You

“To Whom It May Concern.. Fuck You” is the debut EP by the Montreal-based crash metal act IRON ASPARAGUS, following the two singles “Mr. Molotov” and “Diamond in the Dirt”, released at the end of 2022 and both included in the EP. “To Whom It May Concern.. Fuck You” is a short work with an incendiary and sarcastic […]

UBUREN Decide To Usurp The Throne

“Usurp The Throne” is the new full-length by the Norway-based black/viking metal outfit UBUREN, following the album “And The Mountains Weep” released in 2019. The new effort is composed of eight tracks, united by a vision of God as a being who deceives through false prophecies and who enjoys playing with the destinies of men, rather than […]

ROME Talks Hegemonikon

Hegemonikon is ROME’s 17th album and holds a few daring surprises: On this new album, the influences of electronica and new wave have shaped ROME’s trademark guitar-based dark folk into a new beast by adding a subtle touch of post-punk synth-rock to the mix. This week he sat down for a chat with Dave Griffiths […]

AS PARADISE FALLS Finds The Madness/Medicine

Madness / Medicine by As Paradise Falls is a 5 track EP that will defy what a two-piece band is capable of. With the influence of this modern Grime & Hip-Hop, old-school Deathcore and a futuristic look on how their music should be perceived, the band teamed up with longtime friend & producer Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions) at Studio […]

Time To Discover NAKED SOLDIER

The band’s debut album is called Naked Soldier and is released on Sixteentimes Music. The album is the first paradigm shift in the band‘s still-short history. Nine intense, intimate, yearning and energetic songs that boldly pave the way for modern rock music. A perfect storm of emotions, impressions and life experiences, as unpredictable and individual as the human […]

VREDESBLOD Become The Ruiner

Vredesblod was formed in 2021 by Kjetil Lynghaug (PAGANIZER, STASS) with the ambition to create an original and “different” sound, still within the metal sphere. The band was completed by Peter Svensson on bass, Magnus Hultman on vocals, and drummer Marcus Rosenkvist. The music features a mix of modern and old school heavy metal with a unique edge, containing strong melodies and tasteful solos. […]

VERMOCRACY Enter The Age Of Dysphoria

Vermocracy, from Vienna, founded in 2017, have already caused quite a stir in the underground with their self-titled debut, released in 2020. The band has undoubtedly dedicated itself to dark melodic death metal as a nod to the genre greats of the 90s. Stylistically and in terms of content, the band draws a dystopian picture […]

IOISH Ask What You Need It For

IOISH’s sound is a mix of soulful guitars layered with atmospheric textures that are soaked in melodious grooves and riffs evoking a progressive rock feel. The combined elements create an immersive and moody trip for the audience. One that they can immediately engage with. Over the years IOISH supported bands like Tides From Nebula, I […]


It’s the result of a year and a half of work, and a desire to go further in the composition and to shake up the bases established with the EP Overcome. More technical guitars, more drums, different overall sound. A perfect combination to create a full modern metal album. You will go from very dark […]

DEVILLE Deliver Heavy Lies The Crown

Deville were celebrating 15 years as a band and about to continue to tour the world in 2020 before it all took another turn – as we know. To not totally put everything on hold the only thing Deville could do was to start writing music and for the first time, the band was doing it on demand. […]

DARGOR Ascend To Infinity

“Dargor” is a melodic black metal band from Krosno, Poland. The main influences of the group are bands like Samael, Dimmu Borgir, Naglfar, Ajattara, Dissection and Summoning. The band combines atmospheric and melodic sounds of guitars and keyboards with aggressive vocals and intense drum lines. The heaviness and aggression balance with melancholy and dark atmosphere. […]

OF LIMBO Say Let’s Go

Rockers Of Limbo have released a raucous and fun new track and video, ‘Let’s Go’.  Known for high energy, on the brink of out-of-control live shows, they create an electric atmosphere that is infectious – making it impossible not to have a good time. The band is racing forward and ready to move to another level with their […]


The album “poise” is the result of three days of recording in a full band setting without prior arrangements or later overdubs at huji maja Studios. Even as an experimental album, “poise” still succeeds atsurprising listeners with the combination of stoner doom, jazz, and ambient elements.Stretching its canvas across a multitude of musical leanings rarely united and painting a labyrinthine […]

DOSGAMOS Launch A Wrapped Renaissance

“Wrapped Renaissance” is the debut album by the Italy-based groove metal outfit DOSGAMOS. The tracks have been written during the first lockdown, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. As reflection, the whole album is pervaded by a caustic, suffocating atmosphere, allowing the band to criticize the uncontrolled exploitation of the environment, as well as the oppression […]

LIQUID EARTH Talk Teufelskreis

 In 2015 Liquid Earth was born in a shipping-container on the outskirts of Vienna. The instrumental trio takes you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes, face-melting doom parts, and heavy riffs, merging into a unique synergy guaranteeing a hypnotic experience for the listener. So grab a beer and prepare for takeoff! This week we caught […]

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