BROKEN EARTH Deliver A Case Of Somniphobia

There is very little doubt that Broken Earth are rising stars in the Australian metalcore scene. The Sydneysiders first single Dance In The Dark saw them quickly gain radio play and now the band have returned with the deeply personal Somniphobia which has also nicely been added to the airwaves right around this big country […]

From FAKE NEWS To Everyday Warrior

In their short history Queensland punk outfit have certainly seen the highs and lows of the music industry. From getting to open for bands like Bodyjar and 28 Days through to seeing the last twelve months become a time of no gigs and band member changeovers it has been a wild ride for the boys […]

ALBUM REVIEW: SEETHER – Wasteland The Purgatory EP

Despite the success that the band has had over the years I have always thought that Seether are a muchly under-rated band. When it comes to hard rock there isn’t much that these guys haven’t achieved, and let’s be honest no hard rock compilation is complete without tracks like Remedy or Fake It being included. […]


There is not doubt that the past twelve months have hit the Australian music scene hard. Shows have been cancelled, festivals put on hold and in a sad state of affairs some artists who had steady gigs are having to turn away from music to make a crust. “I don’t know how my crew have […]


American thrash metal outfit Flotsam And Jetsam have been going in one form or another since the early 1980s. Recently HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths caught up with their front man Eric ‘A.K.’ Knutson to chat about their fourteenth studio album Blood In The Water. During the interview Knutson tells HEAVY that the last year has been one of the most prolific […]


HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths has been working as a music journalist for 25 years now and when he recently caught up with the legendary Gary Numan to talk about his new album – Intruder – he said it was one of the most frank and honest interviews that he had ever recorded. In the interview Numan not only chats […]

ZERO THEOREM Deliver A New Threat

To celebrate the limited edition deluxe release of the combined two-part “The Killing” EP series, Los Angeles based Alt.Metal band Zero Theorem has teamed with renowned producer Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne, Hell Yeah, In This Moment, Papa Roach) on a new mix of “Threat” that features Violent Idols, a group known for AEW star Jon Moxley’s […]


Covid lockdown caused a lot of people to do some very strange things! On the other hand it also saw some artistic people decide that it was a good time to become really creative. That was certainly the case for Canadian band Beyond Deviation who decided that lockdown was a great opportunity to set out to set […]


When it comes to albums it has been 33 years between drinks for Melbourne’s own thrash specialists Nothing Sacred. “It was never planned it just kind of happened that way,” says band member Karl Lean. Planned or not that break never saw Nothing Sacred become forgotten. The band exploded onto Melbourne’s metal scene in the […]

BISON Make A Perfect Mistake

  If you loved Nu-metal and lived in Melbourne during the late 1990s then chances are you were a fan of Australia’s very own kings of the genre – Bison. The band were the cream of the crop during their tenure from 1998 to 2005… and now the band are back with new music… and some […]

ADRIAN NARAYAN Explores The Reptile Mind

From the moment Fijian-born musician Adrian Narayan heard metal music he knew he wanted to be a musician. In the early days he grew up on a healthy diet of Limp Bizkit and Korn today Narayan has been wowing Melbourne audiences with his prog/metal style and he recently released a new single titled Fight Friend […]


The last couple of months have been a busy time for Byron Bay’s favorite sons In Hearts Wake. The band have finally been able to hit the road and continue their postponed tour, they have released new environmentally friendly vinyl and now the band have been added to the bill for the Full Tilt Festival alongside […]

FANGZ Serve It Up Loud

As the Australian live music scene starts to open back up after the dreaded pandemic lockdown Young Henry’s are helping things along by announcing new Best Served Loud shows featuring talent including Seaside, VOIID, FANGZ and Full Flower Moon Band. Because of that this week Dave Griffiths sat down and had a chat with the boys from FANGZ to find out what they have […]

REVOID Reimagine

It has been a wild ride for the boys from Brisbane metalcore outfit Revoid over the past 12 months. While the boys are prepping for big things to come in 2021 the success and interest in their single Cut Me Down saw the band go away and focus on the track so much that they begun to reimagine […]


For those that like their metal with a little bit of a harder edge one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2021 is Dead Animal Assembly Plant’s Bring Out The Dead. Many fans thought the band were long over-due for a new album and the band decided not to disappoint by dropping one of the best […]

FEATURED Get A Little Girly

A pioneer of the industrial scene Julian Beeston has recently turned his attention to his new project Featured. The idea was to deliver a little bit of girl power by bringing in the best female vocalists from around the world to record Julian’s lyrics after his as normal brilliant beats. As Julian talks to HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths he chats […]


If you are a fan of Black Coast then the last month has been pretty exciting for you with the release of not one but two new singles – Paradise and Vodka Smile. The two singles are from the band’s forthcoming debut album that is due out later in 2021. The band have used the last twelve months to […]

Cleaning The House With INDOORSMEN

2020 was a frustrating year for Chicago punk rockers Indoorsmen. The band formed and were all ready to go but then the dreaded pandemic hit. Instead of wasting time though the band put together some new music and the result will be debut EP Cleaning House Part 1 which is out now… and if you love the […]

The Dusty Winds Of IVY GOLD

The German rock scene has recently been pretty excited by the arrival of Ivy Gold – a band that seems to have found the perfect mix of hard rock and blues. So why the excitement? Well really this is an all-star band. Tal Bergman (who has played for Sammy Hagar and Billy Idol) is on the skins, Anders Olinder (Peter Gabriel) is on […]

CRYPT CRAWLER Look To The Future Usurper

Perth death metal outfit Crypt Crawler were just gearing up for big things when the dreaded pandemic hit. The band had already made a name for themselves in Perth and a national tour looked to be next on the list. While all that got put on hold Crypt Crawler got busy though and finished off their […]


Melbourne band A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are back in 2021 with an amazing new album, titled Blood Rainbow, set to drop later this year. The band have just given us a first taste of what is to come with their new single Plume and they recently sat down with Dave Griffiths to tell HEAVY what fans can expect from the soon […]

Escape With DIP

Sydney alternative outfit Dip have given Australia the first taste of their soon to be released EP when they dropped their new single Fire Escape. Excited about the release band member Dil Harre recently sat down to have a chat with Dave Griffiths about the track. Vocalist Dil Harre explains, “the chorus ‘sometimes I wish the world would explode so we could all die […]

CICADASTONE Put One In The Cold Chamber

Mat Robins is one of the nicest guys in the Melbourne music scene and when he isn’t producing or helping other artists with their music he is busy with his own band – the might Cicadastone. Well the boys have been hard at work over the past few months and the result is the magnificent new […]


Radio stations right around Australia have called it one of the biggest party bangers of 2021, and they are not wrong. Hailing from NSW St Sinner And The Revelators have surprised everybody with their awesome track Dead For The Weekend. To find out a little bit more about the band who have released such a killer track and […]


Sunshine Coast indie rockers Swimsuit Issue have had a pretty busy start to 2021 with the release of two singles and are now preparing for the release of their forthcoming debut album. Recently frontman Danny sat down with Dave Griffiths to talk about their singles and of course the album which has everybody waiting with baited breath. Take a […]

HEARTLINE Call For A Sinking Warmth

If you are part of the Adelaide heavy music scene then you will have known that Heartline have been a band to watch for quite awhile now. The band exploded onto the scene at a very early age and very quickly made those stages their own. With the respect of the local scene earned the band […]

THUNDER Making All The Right Noises

It is through times of adversity when the true nature of a band really shines through. That has certainly been the case for rock legends Thunder over the past twelve months. The band have been wanting to release their latest album All The Right Noises for awhile now but a pesky little thing called a pandemic stopped […]

BASTERDS Hanging By A Thread

Canadian metalcore band Basterds are back with a brand new single “By A Thread” and this week HEAVY Magazine sat down with the band to chat about the track and to also find out a little about their album which will be released later this year. Take a listen to the interview in full here:  

Get Connected With SUDDEN WAVES

With track titles like “F**k Cancer” you know that these hardcore guys from Montreal don’t much around. Not only that but their new album We’re All Connected is written straight from the heart. Recently SUDDEN WAVES sat down with HEAVY Magazine to go through the tracks on the album and to talk a little bit about what the band […]


2020 was supposed to be a year of celebration for Swedish prog outfit WOLVER. It supposed to be the year the band dropped their debut album – Act 1: It Starts With A Bow – and then they would hit the European circuit to promote it. That’s not what happened though, instead they found themselves in lockdown. […]

One Step Closer With JEFF BLUE

There is no doubt about it Jeff Blue knows what it takes to make it in the music industry – after all this was the man that discovered Linkin Park and then fought for them through rejection after rejection to get them the record deal that propelled them to international stardom. In his new book One Step Closer Blue […]

New Dates Announced For TRIP THE SWTICH Festival

The organisers of Trip The Switch Music Festival are pleased to confirm the first annual event will proceed on the rescheduled date of Saturday July 3, 2021. The same huge line-up of Australian artists including ICEHOUSE, James Reyne, The Angels, Shannon Noll, Killing Heidi, Boom Crash Opera and Blues Arcadia will all perform on the rescheduled date.   […]

FLASKAS Look To Sunny Dayz

For Sunshine Coast legends Flaskas times have been pretty busy lately. The release of their single “Sunny Dayz”, which they wrote about the pandemic lockdown, gained radio play right across Australia. The single also gave fans the first look at the band’s Free The Mind EP which explored different aspects of mental health and is perhaps the most […]


The organisers of Trip The Switch Music Festival regret to advise that due to ongoing Queensland Health Covid-19 restrictions, they have no option but to postpone the Trip the Switch Music Festival planned for Saturday February 27 to a new date that is still to be confirmed. Ticketholders are encouraged to hold onto tickets, and […]


It is only the second month of 2021 but big things are already afoot for Melbourne prog outfit Acolyte. Recently HEAVY Magazine sat down with front-woman Morgan-Leigh Brown to discuss the band’s recent signings with Wild Thing Records and Bloodblast and of course the band’s killer new single Entropy.   Check out the interview here:  

BOYSCLUB Know What Is Best For You

The start of 2021 has really put Australian punk rock outfit Boysclub on the map. Their energetic single Best For You found them receiving radio play right around this big brown land and now they are getting ready to follow up with a tour that is going to earn them even more fans. Recently HEAVY Mag sat down with Skarlett from […]

THE AMENTA Deliver A Revelator

It has been seven years since Australian Avant-Garde metal band The Amenta brought us a new album but that has all changed this week with the band releasing their fourth studio album – Revelator. With their fans so excited to hear new music from one of Australia’s most interesting bands HEAVY Magazine sent Dave G to sit down with Tim Pope and find […]

KARLY JEWELL Dances With The Devil

After a year of pandemic lockdown Melbourne artist Karly Jewell is brushing off the musical cobwebs and jumping headfirst into 2021. Not only has Jewell been able to announce that her latest track ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is set to appear on the new Murder In The Rue Morgue Vol II compilation but she has […]


Melbourne ‘fun’ rockers Eat The Damn Orange break the Melbourne lockdown live music drought as they take to the stage alongside Riff Raiders and Karly Jewell. This week HEAVY Magazine sat down with the band and chatted to them about the show and also about their new single “Hook” and their brand new album that will be landing very, very […]

The New Omega of EPICA

  After five years of no ‘new’ music from EPICA the Dutch symphonic death metal band was supposed to return in 2020 with their brand new album Omega. But then of course Covid hit and the album that the band are so proud of had to wait on the shelf a little longer.   Of course, the […]

SHAPE OF WATER Get Locked Down On Mars

When you are one of the most creative bands in the world what do you do when a pandemic forces you into a nearly year long lockdown? You get experimental. That was certainly the case of UK alternative rockers Shape Of Water who decided that during lockdown they would take of some their fan’s favorite songs […]

KILLING HEIDI Eager To Hit The Stage

The past twelve months has seen musos locked up like animals in cages and now it is time for those animals to be unleashed on the Australian music public. One such muso is Ella Hooper from Killing Heidi and she recently sat down and had a chat with Dave G about what fans can expect to hear when Killing Hedi […]

JAMES REYNE Gets Ready To Trip The Switch

The Aussie music scene is beginning to get back on track after the write-off that was 2020 and one of the first events to do that is the Trip The Switch festival. One of the artists on the bill is the legendary James Reyne and recently he took the time to chat to Dave G about why this festival is […]


While some bands spent the pandemic lockdown working on new material in home studios Italian death metal outfit Genus Ordinis Dei spent the time dragging equipment through the Italian countryside as they embarked on an epic task of creating some of the most visually spectacular video clips you are ever likely to see. So great are […]

ZERO THEOREM Make A Killing Again

Since their arrival on the scene a couple of years ago now Zero Theorem have been changing the face and the sound of alternative metal. This is the new form of industrial metal, a sound that we have never heard before. Now following up their successful The Killing EP the band are back with The Killing […]

THERION Drop A Leviathan Of An Album

In the 30 years that Swedish symphonic metal outfit Therion have been in existence the band have always done whatever it takes to create perfect albums. But with their new album, Leviathan, it feels like the band have gone to a while new level. This takes perfection and raises it to a whole new standard. That is something […]

VREID Announce New Album

Norwegian Black ‘n Roll brigade VREID have announced the release of their new album ‘Wild North West’, which will be released on April 30th via Season of Mist. The band’s ninth record is not just a collection of songs, but a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Throughout eight chapters the listener will be taken […]


One of the more exciting bands to have surfaced over the past couple of years has been the LA based industrial metal outfit Zero Theorem. After making an instant impact on the genre with their debut EP back in 2018 the band ramped things up again with the release of The Killing I just last […]

EOS “The Great Ascension”

Often when I listen to modern albums I heard music that has been put together with no heart or soul. Sure it is musical and at times it is even catchy, but the issue is there are no depths to it, it sounds like a musician going through the motions. That is something that certainly […]

MACHINES ON BLAST Deliver Black Market Happiness

After four years in the wilderness Machines On Blast deliver their brand new album Black Market Happiness. It is such a huge occasion that the entire band sat down to chat to Dave Griffiths about it. Take a listen to their conversation right here.