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ARCHITECTS ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’

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So I am on my third date with For Those That Wish To Exit courtesy of post-metalcore Darlings of a broken generation, Brighton – East Sussex’ Architects.


Our time together has been awkward at times, not knowing how quite to connect so both they and I have a lot to discuss, the upside though is that we have been having a good time together despite the minor niggling issues and positive highlights.


For nearly two decades now Architects have been aggressive with conviction and vigour, writing the dossier on how not to fucking destroy this shrivelling ball of beauty we reside upon to the massive heavy music fans that exist in the far reaches of society. It is those of us metal fans that actually enjoy being screamed at because we relate – as it the ONLY way we connect with and recognise the value of escalating volume relates to being fucking heard and (hopefully) recognised.


Dan, Sam, Ali, Josh and Adam (and Tom – R.I.P.) have without question made their mark and voices heard in the metal community regardless of whether it be for the young impressionable youth who NEED to know or those of us in the older gen that relate to Architects commentary.


Growth and maturity through their past releases is absolutely evident and far be it for me to say that For Those That Wish To Exist is by far Architects most mature album to date, but it does contain some very relevant and notable past musical influential swathes of colour.


Opener “Do You Dream Of Armageddon” is a beautifully arranged discordant lullaby that perfectly frames the image that Architects are about to render for the listener. Suddenly the band paces in with “Black Lungs”, a hybrid bastard child of old school Architects rapidly mixed into a memorial palette of new school Linkin Park. “Black Lungs” is a crushing beast of a tune, with grooves that go forever, harmonies to die for and the signature inherent anger we so love about Architects.


A siren riff wail leads into track two “Giving Blood” followed by a killer tom fill with Sam meticulously alternating between anger and pacifistic vocal moods. It is, dare I say it, perfectly crafted (almost…pop-) metal. Driven by beats, breakdowns and sensational vocal work, some of Sam’s finest, “Giving Blood” starts angry but turns from grey to positive hues in dichotomous abandon during its three and a half minute life. “Discourse Is Dead” leads in with a blissful electro pulse given a heartbeat by Architects purpose to give breath to what we the faithful need for sustenance. This quintet have the natural ability to hold and keep their attentive listener safe from any imminent harm so long as we heed their hymns of cause and effect!


“Dead Butterflies” – a rapturous symphonic anthem of hope amongst chaos. The video clip to this track is taken from the band’s live stream at The Royal Albert Hall on November 22 and is a perfectly sculpted heartbreaking/uplifting poignant reflection of our lives. I reviewed this particular show the morning after the event and found myself wanting more but hindsight is a bitch, only now do I see and realise with clarity the purpose of their holistic intent, we here realise the nature of “Dead Butterflies” encapsulating our existence. Architects being a voice so profound and pure in an empty soulless room. Words can not describe the experience, one had to live the moment themselves!


“An Ordinary Extinction” is the preemptive dirge we irrelevant humans need to hear magnificently disguised as a massive club anthem. Half electronica, all punishing guitars, “An Ordinary Extinction” is far from rendering Architects extinct, contrarily this track is absolute proof that they have been rebirthed as an amalgamation of all facets of heavy music perfectly packaged on For Those That Wish To Exist.


I will conclude my review by making a small mention of track seven – “Impermanence” – is probably the heaviest song on the album, Sam swings between seething and passive emotionally, but for the heaviest of moments on the album call for one of the most revered and relevant voices in metal. That role lands upon the shoulders of Winston McCall, vocalist for Australia’s incredible Parkway Drive who delivers a brief but incredibly monumental pivotal part beckoning for us to pay attention; the song perfectly named.


Nearly halfway through the album now I will leave the rest to digest for yourselves. Trust me when I say if you are a longtime fan of Architects or only fresh ears to their world, For Those That Wish to Exist is the appeal of the likes of Evanescence, Linkin Park and their ilk who merely draped a nail over the skin of the hungry heavy music fans. Architects dig the syringe in and deliver the antidote for unification and healing…HOLISTICALLY!


Watch “Meteor” below:


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