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[ALBUM REVIEW] MISS MAY I ‘Shadows Inside’

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I am sure that Miss May I have been one of those criminally ignored ‘core bands by the elitists of us desperately clawing onto some old school dream that ‘back in my day’ Disturbed, Parkway and their ilk were as good as it was ever gonna get.

So many bands “ATTEMPT” to emulate their heroes and influences by ripping them off without ever giving them credit or truly crediting them for the role in the musical path, but a line in the sand has been drawn, and may I just say that it is by Miss May I.

Sometimes, and more often than not I really struggle with most ‘core metal. Not because I consider myself an elitist wanker, but because I find it repetitious and boring. It doesn’t speak to me with any heart nor structure.

Today I stuck my hand up for an album I will happily state has made me reconsider my thought and review processes regarding metalcore.

Miss May I’s sixth full-length release pushes the boundaries and encompasses all of what we love about groove, breakdown, anthemic metal.

Regardless of how pure and “metal” you think you are Shadows Inside could very well be that album that unites the METAL community!

Yes, there will be haters and purists who will undermine and undervalue what is on offer in 2017 by Miss May I! Make no mistake though, I bet you a beer that these five down to earth lads from Ohio are proud advocates of what they grew up adoring and listening to growing up.

So many fine blistering moments capture our ears on Shadows Inside and we cannot ignore the absolute MASSIVE opener of a title track. It is 4 mins of shred/scream heaven. Imagine if you can the dual guitars of BJ & Justin combining the harmonies of In Flames plus speed technical ability of Children of Bodom and a mere dint is being formed of the formula for what we are presented with on Shadows Inside. Plus, who doesn’t love a killer breakdown and Miss May I deliver them without compromise and beautifully.

With each new song, Miss May I present us with a new gift and one of my favourites is “Never Let Me Stay” Groove driven, harmony-rich and passionately subtle building in a Linkin Park-esque, Hybrid Theory style. Almost half way through acoustically we build into what will, without doubt, be a crowd fave “My Destruction”. This awesome song is the ying to Bullet for my Valentine’s yang in “Tears Don’t Fall”.

Miss May I are to a point formulaic but have honed their craft without compromise and without fear of criticism and I think this is what appeals to my normally BRUTAL only ears. It’s is that album you can escape to and both quietly and unapologetically listen to because it just emanates so much passion and drives it is hard not to take notice. Those dual vocals of Levi & Ryan giving it the passion and heart, guitars courtesy of  BJ & Justin the substance and drums thanks to Jerod! 2017 is most definitely not the year for reinventing the wheel but neither is it the year to apologise and release mediocrity.

And from here dear readers you get the gist. BIG, FUCK OFF, unapologetic anthemic heavy music that is beautifully imprinted on our senses courtesy of Miss May I.

No, Shadows Inside isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it is a fucking massive release that cannot be criminally understated or go unnoticed this year.

Metal V has unlocked the first five songs for you readers, the rest of the magnificence contained in Shadows Inside thanks going only to Miss May I is left to you to discover.

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