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[LIVE REVIEW] FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and Hybrid Nightmares at Max Watts, Melbourne on 03/06/17

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Another magnificent and grandiose evening spent at Max Watts, Melbourne.

Hollow World, my fellow ladies and gentlemen are a group of blokes that are doing our scene justice–end of story! Hollow World are just amazing. A case in point of why we shouldn’t be hungering or so desperate to part with a wad of gold to see a band from valleys afar. Sheer tech death brilliance and the absolute epitome of what happens when passion and metal unite and exudes from the pores of five dedicated and clear visioned individuals.

The duelling guitars of Michael & Theo and the way in which they feed off one another is just a pleasure to watch. And please, don’t get me started on the mind-blowing virtuosity of bassist Josh, add to that mix the scientific precision of Michael on Drums and we four-fifths of the way to brilliance, now we’re left with Ben. Vocal demon and all round magnificent gentleman. His ability to command the stage and scream as if the rabid crowd weren’t listening is a sight and audio pleasure to behold. We were paying attention by the way, as Max Watts at this point was already half full because those of us who lucky enough to have a ticket were very aware that our night was going to be fucking monstrous and Hollow World most certainly did their duties of quickly and perfectly giving us their attention. Please, readers, I implore thee to get your filthy hands on their album ‘Examinate’.

Next were Earth Rot from Perth and this was my first date with the band. A four piece of black/death metal in it’s purest form. Think Destroyer 666 for the new millennia and you’re making a start. If you’re familiar of the death and roll with a smattering of black, you’ll know what I’m touching on and Earth Rot’s style. They launched forth like a rabid Panzer assaulting the forces gathered for the onslaught of Fleshgod. Earth Rot were as unrelenting and clearly as unapologetic as a .50 cal to the chest. They were easily the evenings Apocalypse to the as yet to appear Fleshgod. Earth Rot’s new album ‘Renascentia’ is a damn fine indie (as they title it DIY) release and 100% worth your hard earned. And with their DIY attitude that was what we got on stage. No compromises old school metal. The only thing lacking from the repertoire was bullet belts for as far the eye could see.

Tonight I had two first dates and they were grand. Sometimes I wonder how I have been in the metal scene and going to gigs for so long that a band has escaped me. Hybrid Nightmares, my friends are one of those enigma’s that has until now slipped my ravaged ears. DAMN…A band that truly defined an audience and grabbed their attention for the main event. Not to be taken as mere fools or a lowly support, Hybrid Nightmares from our beloved Melbourne are, again a clearly defined reason why our town is the METAL CAPITAL of Australia. Corpse paint and medieval garb adorned, the now full Max Watts were gifted some of the finest and talented musicians our country has to offer. A room full of fans, entertained and hammered by talent that is shamelessly ignored. Hybrid Nightmares is well rehearsed and brilliantly delivered old school black metal delivered for a new wave of as yet uninitiated fans.

And now for the main attraction, the giant’s of Italy’s sons and daughters making whole Fleshgod Apocalypse and delivering their finest Symphonic tech/death performance in all their finery.

Tonight the sound at Max Watts was above par excellence. I am a critic of bad sound of the highest regard and will not tolerate it. Tonight, every band was treated and gifted the most magnificent of sound mix and therefore quality. Clarity was the key. And when a band the calibre of Fleshgod Apocalypse performs and graces a stage there can be no excuses and we were not disappointed. For over an hour we were treated to a metal of the highest calibre, quality and sound.

Now…here, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a massive fan of ‘KING’. I felt it lacklustre and dragged when placed alongside the both brilliant Labyrinth and Oracle. But tonight, that mattered little and the performance we saw from Fleshgod Apocalypse was sheer magnificence. Made whole by that beautiful operatic voice of Veronica Bordacchini that resides so perfectly alongside those guttural lead vocals of Tommaso, Fleshgod Apocalypse took us outside the court of concepts regarding ‘KING’ and treated us to a KINGDOM full of excellence that was without compare serenaded by symphonic deth metal of the finest quality. No wankery of distracting visuals to interfere with our senses our focus was drawn primarily to a scene and feast of symphonic metal bliss. Delivered as purely and passionately as few such bands as Fleshgod Apocalypse can deliver.

Us mere metal commoners departed Max Watts exhausted and elated at the gift we were given on Saturday night.

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