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Out Of The Wildnerness Come SVEDERNA

Swedish black metal outfit Svederna are back! Their debut album back in 2013, Antra, introduced the world to a band that who embraced the traditional black metal sound but was also okay with creating an unique sound that also brought in elements of melodic and thrash metal as well. Now comes their follow up album, Svedjeland, which saw the band head into the Swedish wilderness in the middle of winter to get the sound that they really wanted the album to embrace.

With the world eagerly anticipating their brand new album HEAVY Mag caught up with Anders Thunarf to find out about what exactly went into this album and he said that the band was as nervous as people would expect with the album about to be released “Nervous is not the right word,” he says with a chuckle. “It is more of a relief and excitement. We are excited about it being able to get it going because we have wanted to release this album for awhile, and now we are totally ready with these powerful songs which we are confident about because we know that they are going to hit hard so we are very excited.”

“We get inspired by a lot of different aspects of  nature and also the modern life. As members we are all spread out right across Sweden, I live out in the middle of the forest and I find a lot of inspiration from where I live and there is a big contrast on the effect that modern living would have on somebody. But we prefer to go on our own path and just say ‘fuck that’, we make our luck along the way. We make up our own rules and just live life the way we want it. I go for long walks in solitude where I meet absolutely nobody else and there is just silence me and the forest, it provides a lot of creative headspace and we get to really connect and feel with nature, you feel what it is all about and then that translates to actual music and you feel this deeper connection with how it is supposed to be and then I have to go to the rehearsal space and then translate it into riffs. I tune into the vibe that I already felt, you keep feeling and then you just let yourself go. Turn up the amp really loud and just steal it!”


Svedjeland is out now.


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