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Whoretopsy: “Hopefully we can shock the metalcore people and sort of break into that ‘core’ aspect.”

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By Steven Jenkins

Sick, brutal, heavy, disgusting, violent, and hilarious. Just a few words that very accurately describe Melbourne death metal band Whoretopsy.

With the recent release of their second full length and a couple of EPs under their belt, it’s quite clear that Whoretopsy are quickly becoming one the most distinctive bands in Australia with their perverse lyrics and extremely tight live shows. We caught up with newcomer and drummer Jake, about how the new album Never Tear Us Apart has been received plus their headline tour and future shows with some big names in metal.

“It’s been really good, we’ve had minimal bad reviews and that’s just from people here and there on YouTube and online. Every magazine review we’ve had so far has just been amazing and this is the first Whoretopsy album that I’ve been a part of, so I’m really stoked with all the positive feedback so far.”

Currently out on the road showing heavy music fans their brand of chaos, Jake talks a bit about what their shows have been like so far and playing the new material live for the first time.

“We’re having heaps of fun and everyone is getting into it. Everyone is getting down to the new stuff; it’s good to see some people in the crowd already knowing the lyrics to some of the new songs. Probably due to our lyrics videos, but yeah it’s great to see.”

And a favourite song to play live?

“So far it’s Jackhammer Skullfuck just because it’s ridiculously heavy and as soon as it drops the crowd just race to the front and everyone goes nuts for it, really easy to head-bang along to. A song that we’re not playing on this tour, but will hopefully be playing on the Nile tour, would be Gym Junkie. That is my absolute favourite to play, just because it’s hectic and it’s also the hardest song to play on the album, so hopefully we’ll be playing that one soon.”

If you go on YouTube and type in ‘Whoretopsy’ you’ll be sure to come across some very interesting lyric videos from these fellas. Accompanied by a devastatingly heavy soundtrack, the lyrics are comical, disturbing and somewhat very Australian. But who is the mastermind behind these transcripts of torture?

“That’s 100% all our vocalist Storma. We all have complete faith in him and we actually don’t know the lyrics until he brings them in to the studio and we’re always stoked with them. He likes to surprise us which is good and he drops hints here and there about what we can expect.”

“Sometimes we’ll read them and think to ourselves, how the hell did you come up with this shit? He makes it all work though, he’s really good with rhythms and we just have to sit there and watch him do his thing and it always turns out awesome.”

Having already toured South East Asia and even playing the biggest metal festival they have to offer, the famous Hammersonic. Where else did Whoretopsy want to take this monster of an album and show people the unique style that they have to offer? Jake mentions exactly where and when they hope to go across the world with Whoretopsy.

“We’ve definitely got our hearts set on touring overseas. We’re looking at hopefully jumping on some tours in the States mid next year. Going to Indonesia and Thailand, those parts of Asia definitely next year. We’re just trying to kick this into fifth gear and just work as hard as we can out there as far as touring goes. Throwing every bit of money into the band and doing our best to get our name out there and get coverage. It’s been a bit hard as we can’t sponsor things on Facebook or get onto sites because of our band name and content. We’re doing our best and we really want to go to other countries and show them what we’re all about, so fingers crossed.”

The new album Never Tear Us Apart was recorded in Melbourne where the boys are from. It’s very well produced and it has a sound that is clear and on point as well as a heaviness that can only be heard to be believed. The process and end result was something that Jake and the others were all happy with.

“We recorded with Troy McCosker who also did the last EP While You Were Sleeping. For this one, with me coming into the band I said I wanted my own sound and to make my own mark on Whoretopsy, I guess. I recorded drums in May along with the guitars and then Storma did vocals the month after. We threw ideas at Troy and decided what mixes we liked and what bands we sort of wanted the production to come out as on the new album. He nailed it, we made it sound stupidly heavy and really crisp and clean as well.”

If you aren’t able to catch Whoretopsy at one of their many headlining shows across the country at the moment, or you missed out. Then be sure to see them live next to the mighty Unearth (US) and tech-death legends Nile (US) this November. A mixed grill of meaty metal acts will be sure to please even the fussiest of punters, well you would hope so anyway.

“Yeah, hopefully we can shock the metalcore people and sort of break into that ‘core’ aspect. Because we have a certain ‘deathcore’ element to our music now, but yeah it’s just going to be awesome playing with such a big mixed bill of bands. I know some diehard metal fans are avoiding it just because there are metalcore bands on the bill. But I think it’s going to be amazing and all of us in the band are really big fans of Nile, so we can’t wait.”

So if you’re only just finding out about Whoretopsy today, or if you’ve been there from the very beginning, be sure to check this wild bunch out and try not to take them too seriously ok? They’re not really going to chop you in half and force-feed your genitals to your other half. Jake urges all HEAVY readers to give them a go and if you don’t like what you hear or see, then that’s fine.

“If you’re into ballistic heavy metal or death metal, just check us out because I promise that each release will just get more and more heavy and brutal as we go on. Thanks for all the support and we hope to see you out at a show.”

Whoretopsy will tour with Nile, Unearth and Feed Her To The Sharks in November.

Tour Dates

19 November – Max Watts, Brisbane 18+

20 November – Manning Bar, Sydney 18+

21 November – The Corner, Melbourne Under 18’s – UNEARTH, FHTTS & Whoretopsy

*Nile not performing

21 November – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

22 November – Capitol, Perth 18+ *FHTTS not performing



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