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We Hunt Buffalo – Living Ghosts – Album Review

WHB Living Ghosts CoverWe Hunt Buffalo
Living Ghosts
Release Date: 25 September 2015
Review by Cameron Cooper

Desert rock is back. Or, more specifically, desert rock is back in the form of three greasy Canadians. On their second full-length, the power trio embark on a mind bending cruise across the desert planes, conjuring a sound somewhere between Puscifer and High On Fire. Rather than tow the same aggro-sludge line as their peers, We Hunt Buffalo have opted for a more laid back approach. The result is an album of deep rumbles and rattling cymbals, topped off by cascading guitar melodies. That isn’t to say the album doesn’t have its moments of rage – Prairie Oyster is about as heavy as they come.

The band shine when they seep into the background, such as on the gravity-smashing cowboy epic The Barrens and album closer Walk Again. A subtle Hawkwind vibe whispers across the album. This is the kind of record where you crank the volume, drop the needle and drop out.


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