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Transcending Sonic Plains With THELOOPHOLECONSPIRACY

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In a musical landscape that is forever evolving, the fear of the unknown is, for many, too much to fathom.

While trends and fashions and genres and subgenres continue to spew forth on the public, seldom does such experimentation or vision do more than merely scratch the surface, possibly afraid of what might be found underneath.

Every so often, a musical collective seeks to push through those barriers of acceptance and explore sonic realms to their extremities.

A band that sees beyond the confines of traditional music and pushes themselves into the unknown, where fear is the enemy and hope the unlikely ally.

That band for this generation is TheLoopHoleConspiracy, a myriad of characters unrestrained by titles or labels. A collective whose sole focus is on music as an art form and who measure success or failure not by chart position or sales, but by personal satisfaction.

The LoopHoleConspiracy is a metal and music film house, aspiring to mix the visceral and the audible into an experience that rivals anything witnessed before in metal.

By combining music and technology, TheLoopHoleConspiracy have combined musical disparity with 7D holography to create a sonic universe which allows you to not just hear their music, but to FEEL it as well.

The band consider themselves multinational metal film pioneers, led by a sonic architect known simply as Number 54, a multi-dimensional tourist trapped in the 3D named anomalae, a monster in a cage named Colicab and a punk rock demon named IG-Norance holding a mirror to the world.

They aren’t here to conform, nor are they looking for acceptance.

They just want to be heard.

And felt.

And experienced for the visceral beauty inherent in their music.

TheLoopHoleConspiracy this week premiered two music videos through HEAVY, Under and Black Sky: Split Second, both of which highlight the beautifully eclectic nature of their music while at the same time showcasing the general apathy with which they view conventional music.

HEAVY sat down with anomalae to find out more about the mystery that is TheLoopHoleConspiracy.

The first single, Under, is a sweepingly epic piece of music that is accentuated by the beautifully simplistic music video that centres around a solitary blue eyeball.

It is an unnerving and uneasy musical score that anomalae admits was designed to create an overwhelming sense of melancholy.

“Yes, the uneasiness was intentional,” he measured. “It’s psychologically representative of that first rush of adrenaline because in order for you to receive adrenaline from your body you have to do something that shocks it first. Something that pushes it to its boundaries or makes it think as such. That’s what we wanted to bring about for our fans and for everyone who loves metal. Everyone knows that rush, that electricity, that golden glow inside you when the drop hits, and you’re just ready to fucken tear everything up. There’s beauty in that.”

“The film clip is meant to be disorientating,” he continued. “Just like us. We mean it when we say we want to leave a scar on the face of metal, and we will work non-stop to prove our merit to the metal community to show how much it’s meant to us to be part of the metal community. And how far we can take this for a totally new experience in metal. No bullshit, just facts.”

The second track released is called Black Sky: Split Second. This is a shorter, much more to the point single, punctuated by sporadic visions with a strong focus on film and cinematography. It shows yet another side to TheLoopHoleConspiracy’s musical psyche and provides glimpses into the far-reaching corners of the band’s limitless imagination.

“This video is actually a trailer for the main body of music to come,” anomalae explained. “The main video is ultra complex, but we wanted to showcase anomalae because a lot of our songs are just instrumentation. That’s intentional because unless something is needed to be said sometimes you can grow so large inside of music. Picture yourself falling back with your headphones into a world that expands exponentially, and that’s what we want to do for our fans by expanding their consciousness and maybe help them elevate themselves. We are huge fans of striking imagery, and anomalae is a huge cinephile. He studied film from Citizen Kane to The Royal Tenenbaums to The Crow to Step Brothers. TheLoopHoleConspiracy loves film. Loves metal. Understands the monumental potential. We are going to be the first and the best. And we hope we inspire so many. The technology is there. You just need an idea. An idea that sits in the back of your mind…”

Both songs comprise pieces of a sonic puzzle that TheLoopHoleConspiracy plan to unleash on the world in the near future.

“The songs are part of the Pantheon being laid for our second album titled In Dark They Dreamt,” anomalae acknowledged. “It will be a metal concept film and album. We have a series of four that were just written that are going to be on the album proceeding. Those four are Velociraptor, Together We, Under, and Black Sky, all of which are exclusive to our YouTube account. Until we release album two. In every song on the album will have a full video accompaniment in razor-sharp 4K 2160p 60 frames per second holographic 7d. But we also have our freshman album Because Of You: The Aggression That Compels Us.

While attempting to establish a musical connection with the world for over ten years, TheLoopHoleConspiracy are only now ready to share their music with the public on a grand scale. They have been biding their time, waiting for the opportune moment to strike, with 2022 looming as the year global domination begins.

“TheLoopHoleConspiracy originated from two points in 2011,” anomalae continued. “The first point was number 54 and I growing up he was friends with my little brother and got a bass. He started excelling and quickly moved to guitar, then to 12-string. Then ovation. And glory. The second point was from a girl in Brisbane. More, I should say, a woman who changed the life of anomalae. So drastically that the entirety of what is now TheLoopHoleConspiracy was created. It’s because of her. She was there atthe Genesis, and it’s quite a story.”

That story is only beginning to unravel, with TheLoopHoleConspiracy declaring they are only just getting started.

“We have a strict schedule and post at least one new 7d holographic music film every week,” anomalae revealed. “It could be metal, rock, classical, electronic, psychedelic or just beyond experimental. We refuse to be bound by genres or labels because there are a million notes. And we have a million ideas…”

“It started with a girl from Brisbane. We knew her as Persephodite. The LoopHoleConspiracy is for her,” anomalae







Because Of You : The Aggression That Compels Us.  https://open.spotify.com/album/0ba0P4E6E5pVdp43SiLPUT

7d Holographic Metal Film Portfolio: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw4QYUd0kGFMp6lp652R89w6W_xk42xzA

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