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Totally Unicorn

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One of the bands that are guaranteed to put on a good show during this year’s CherryRock017 Festival is are Woollongong locals Totally Unicorn whose onstage antics and great sounding metalcore riffs have won over quite a few fans over the past few years.
With more and more bands being added to the CherryRock line-up by the day Heavy caught up with Drew from Totally Unicorn to go over the list and see how they feel about playing at one Australia’s leading boutique rock festivals.
“When we got hit up by the Cherry Bar guys it was pretty much a no brainer for us,” says Drew excited. “We’re super excited… Shihad just got added, so that’s crazy… never thought I would ever have the opportunity to play with Shihad so that’s kind of nice… it’s going to be wild. It’s actually really funny because we had never been introduced so I had no idea who James Young [owner of Cherry Bar and the man who hand picks each band to play at CherryRock] was and he turned up at one of our shows and you can’t really miss him with the huge cowboy hat and what not. I didn’t know who he was so while we were playing I went up and gave him this great big sweaty hug and grabbed his hat off his head and I was running around wearing this great big cowboy hat and afterwards people were like ‘do you know who that was?’ and i was like ‘no’, but luckily he must have liked it so that was pretty cool… he bought me a drink afterwards so that was a good sign.’
Aside from Shihad though Drew says there are a lot of other bands on the CherryRock bill that he is excited to check out. “I think the band I’m most excited are The Dwarves,” he says. “You just never know what to expect from them. I’ve seen them a couple of times and they are always super fun and I think our band can kind of relate to them in a way with the weirdness of it all with the live show and stuff. There are some I haven’t even heard of but I am excited to see. As you said they’ve been hand picked by the Cherry guys so they are going to be awesome.”
With talking turning the stage antics of bands we can’t go past things such as Totally Unicorn’s actions with things like public nudity so are those planned or do they just happen? “They just happen,” sighs Drew. “Basically we go into every show thinking no matter how many people are there we have to put on a show and I guess we are enjoying what we are playing and we really get into it and I guess we go…not too far.. but we do have a little bit of too much fun. Nothing disrespectful or anything like that, we’re never about hurting anyone or stuff although I have hurt myself. We were playing at a gig in Brisbane and I got up onto the bar and was doing a bit of a moon-walk and I slipped off the bar, did a full flip and landed on my head. I was knocked out for a little bit but I was okay in the end. Then I was like ‘Drew pull your head in mate or you’re going to kill yourself.’”
Talking of crazy antics some of the things listed about Totally Unicorn seemed a little bit strange so I had to ask whether or not they did actually appear on an episode of Border Security and whether a MasterChef contestant named a dessert after them. “One hundred per cent true!” laughs Drew. “We’ve actually been on a few really weird TV shows. That was our first appearance though, that was a few years ago while we were touring with a band called Heavy Heavy Low Low and they got into a little bit of trouble for getting the wrong Visas, you can go onto Youtube and find that stuff. It was quite a stressful situation but it worked out in the end, it says at the end of the episode that they didn’t get to play but they did. We’ve also been on Poh’s Kitchen because Poh from MasterChef made a Totally Unicorn cake and she put it in her cook-book and we were on one of those fishing adventure shows – there was a shot of us standing on a pier as the boat drove past and I’m not sure whether they got this or not but we were all giving the crew the finger as they went past but I don’t think they put that part in.”
CherryRock017 will be held at the Cherry Bar in Melbourne on the 7th May. Bands that have been announced so far include Shihad, Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, Bala, Bottlecap, Totally Unicorn, Child, Mooner, Amyl & The Sniffers, Zombitches, Stiff Richards, Kelompok Penerbang Rocket… and there are still more to be announced.

Written by David Griffiths


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