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This Goes To 11 is a new column hosted by Mark Dalbeth.

Mark was born in New Zealand and now lives in Los Angeles, and would be better known in Australia as having been part of the band Bellusira. Following his dreams, Mark moved to LA and has been working on Rav Medic plus an exciting new project he has in the works. As a performer, Mark has been the subject of many interviews and as a result of often being asked the same generic questions himself, has come on board with HEAVY and plans to conduct interviews with an edge.

No bullshit questions, no boring anecdotes and definitely no soft edges, This Goes To 11 is a column where the musician finally gets to turn the tables with hard-hitting questions you won’t hear anywhere else.

This week Mark speaks with none other than Billy Graziadei from Biohazard/Powerflo/Billybio

Mark: Your biggest fear right now with the music industry?

Billy: I don’t let fear control my life but obviously, not being able to tour is a big issue for me as I love being on the road and playing music!
Seeing an increase in covid-19 cases is a negative for me. The current political war between two sides in the US is a negative for me.
But overall, I’m a positive looking person and look for things to always become better as they can always be much worse!

Why do you think Rock Music is always the genre fighting for commercial acceptance?

We’re the underdogs and underground music is the anthem! We will never be accepted because we don’t want to be! Where would we feel comfortable then?

Was there a moment in your career that you thought about throwing it all in?

Never! Life is not filled with problems, they’re filled with challenges and those challenges keep me interested, engaged and ready to fight!

Do you always feel the pressure to write a ‘hit song’ to impress your musical peers?

Hahaha…every song I write is a hit, for me. I don’t release anything that I don’t feel captures what I’m trying to say 100%! When I accomplish that, for me, it’s a hit!

Is there still value in printing CD’s or do you believe the digital world has taken over completely now?

I love holding my music with art, lyrics, linear notes, production information, and even the band thank you! I remember coming up as a kid, learning about news bands from seeing who the bands I liked, thanked in their linear notes! That will never change!

Are you prepared to sacrifice money and comfort in order to progress your career?

I’ve sacrificed my whole life for my art and don’t regret one thing! Every time I start a new band, people ask me how hard is it starting over in a van, sleeping on friends’ floors or couches, eating shitty backstage food…etc…. My reply is the same; I don’t do this for the fame, fortune or glory, I do this with passion for what I love, my music.

Can you see modern rock music returning to (commercial) radio in the near future?

No, commercial is never good. It’s a fad where people follow because it’s popular to follow. The majority of your fans don’t know the true essence of what your about. When the times are troubling, underground music thrives!

Was Lars Ulrich right?


Has Rock Music become too safe?

Nothing good is safe in my opinion. There’s always someone playing it safe and there’s always someone else doing it right! If you go see a band play and they aren’t sweating, ask for a refund!

Do you think it’s important to play in multiple projects or solely focus your attention into one?

I love doing what I do with Biohazard, Powerflo and BillyBio. Sendog from Cypress Hill (Powerflo singer) also juggles the same. We both make time to do what we love!

What is your approach to your music career going to be over the next 12 months?

The same….grind grind grind.
Keep in touch with me on social media @BillyBiohazard for everything I have going on!
Thank you.

Photo credit: Johnny Jaime

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