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The Dead Daisies

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Few bands can lay claim to the title of supergroup as richly as The Dead Daisies.

Their current lineup features David Lowy (rhythm guitar, Doc Neeson’s Angels), Marco Mendosa (bass, Thin Lizzy), Brian Tichy (drums, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne), John Corabi (vocals, Motley Crue, The Scream) and Doug Aldrich (lead guitar, Whitesnake, Dio), with former members such as Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Jon Stevens (Noiseworks), Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses) and John Tempesta (The Cult) having passed through the fold since their inception in 2012.

In those five short years, the band has released three studio albums and most recently the epic live recording, Live and Louder, which Corabi believes is a prime release of a band at the peak of their prowess.

“It’s just a great album from a great bunch of musicians,” he enthused. “I mean, how hard can my job be when I look back and see guys like Aldrich, Lowy, Mendosa and Tichy behind me? (laughs). “We had a lot of fun making this album – if you could even call it work. We just went out and had fun and did what we do every night and Live and Louder is the result.”

Recorded over a number of shows on the 2016 tour through Europe and the U.K., Corabi says hopefully Live and Louder’ will appease the many fans who have been screaming for a live album.

“Man, fans have been on to us for a long time about putting out something live,” he divulged. “It’s not that we haven’t wanted to, but it takes time. We wanted to record a few shows, and then they have to be gone through to pick out the best bits. It isn’t just as simple as recording something and putting it out there. There are people I’m sure who would like one concert in one take, but for us, we wanted this package to portray the best of The Dead Daisies and so we took our time and mixed it right. There’s a DVD there and a whole package kind of deal so it’s not just something you can listen to. You can watch us live and watch some behind the scenes stuff, so it really is an insight into the whole process of touring life not just a quick snapshot of one performance.”

David Lowy is the mastermind of The Dead Daisies, having formed the band with Jon Stevens in Sydney in 2012, and Corabi can’t speak highly enough about Lowy’s involvement and influence over the band.

“He’s basically the general,” Corabi laughed. “It is his baby and his brainchild and we all pretty much defer to him when it comes to making decisions. I am truly blessed to be in a band with so much individual talent and it is so much fun right now that I can’t get enough of it.”

In February 2015, The Dead Daisies became the first Western rock band to play Cuba since the Obama administration reopened trade ties with the country, and as well as being a milestone moment in music it was also a turning point in the life of the band when Jon Stevens was unavailable to tour and Corabi was asked to fill in.

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“I had no idea then that I was going to be in the band for anything more than a few gigs to help out while Jon was away,” he revealed. “I hadn’t even heard of the band before, to be honest! I don’t really know what exactly happened with Jon, but I got the call asking me to fill in and it was so much fun that when I was asked later on to join the band full-time, I had no hesitation in saying yes. I was disappointed for Jon because I have always been a huge fan of his and think he has an amazing voice, but I am a singer, and when I get asked to sing…”

In that same year, The Dead Daisies released their second album, Revolucion, with Corabi admitting to being pretty much thrown into the deep end.

“I think they had a couple of songs written with Jon before I came on board,” he said, “but the majority of it, we wrote in the studio. We wrote and recorded the whole album in thirty days which was insanely quick! That chemistry was there straight away and things just seemed to click for us as a unit.”

That album had barely had time to digest with the fans before the band was back in the studio again in January 2016 writing Make Some Noise, with Corabi admitting he was a bit more comfortable with his role in the band being his second album.

“Even though it was a short turn around with albums, I had had a chance to perform some more shows and spend more time in the band environment with the guys so when it came time to recording Make Some Noise, I was definitely more comfortable,” he recalled. “Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed making Revolucion completely, but it was just rush, rush, rush to that point and it felt like I didn’t have enough time to grow into my role with the band.”

With such a plethora of talent collectively from the members’ previous bands, Corabi says that there is never a shortage of material which explains the quick output of albums.

“There’s so many years of experience between us from some of the greatest bands to have ever played, so inspiration is never a problem,” he laughed. “In fact, it can be the opposite. We are so prolific at writing that the hardest part is deciding which songs to leave off the albums. Everyone in the band openly encourages each other to express their ideas and run with what feels right and that makes for a huge pool of material from which to draw on. I don’t think we will ever be in danger of running out of ideas (laughs).”

Written by Kris Peters

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