The Changing Tides of CREEK

“I guess that just stems back from us all having so many influences”, explained Dylan Breshears, guitarist and vocalist for Melbourne outfit Creek on the bands varying musical labels, including, but not limited to, blues, rock, psychedelic, progressive and alternate heavy. “To be honest with you we’re all kind of… we’ve got so many different things that influence our individual playing and growth as musicians. Coming from jazz roots, coming from blues, R & B, hip hop, soul, we’ve all got an appreciation for any music. Not too commercial, but things that have some art in it – it’s all kind of weaved in there”.

“We will do the occasional pop money gigs too!” interjected guitarist Matt Ivancic, laughing.

With such an eclectic mixture of genres, the question turns to the initial conversation that actually suggested so many styles could actually work together.

“I guess…” Dylan measured, “I kind of wrote a bunch of songs that I just brought to the table and we got together and jammed. It was a different line-up at that point but we still have many of the same members in the band. Even now the band has evolved from there. The whole process has been a great journey”.

“It’s been a continuous thing”, offered Matt. “A lot of the songs either get dropped or they evolve with our tastes so things are constantly changing”.

In the full interview the band describes how their sound is evolving, their upcoming tour including a performance at the Mojo Burning Festival, a history of Creek,  single ‘The Deep’ and its confronting film clip, the upcoming album of the same name and more.


Written by Kris Peters

Kris has been writing freelance for about 20 years. Kris always found his taste in music a little too eclectic for the mainstream market but has found his niche writing for HEAVY. Based in Brisbane, Kris also runs a promotions company, KSP Productions.

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