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SUGGESTION – Think About Sects

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Words by Jimmy Glinster

Here we have a three-piece metal band from Tampa consisting of a bloke in a creepy monkey mask named King Bong on guitar and vocals, a werewolf looking mofo named Frank Wolfman on drums, and some lizard people looking chap named Malcolm Sects on bass. I’m not sure what to expect here but apparently these guys are on the funkier side of
extreme metal.

One Man Enters kicks off the Think About Sects EP with a heavy as fuck broken chug riff complete with scattered double kicks. The vocals enter intensely with a guttural semi- rapped lyric which slips in between the chugs and kicks. The track seems to either shift between time signatures or strangely within a single time signature. I tried to count it, but who’s got time for that right? Once we get through the verses and choruses the track shifts to a more progressive feel with riff after riff of heavy jamming. Honestly, it’s a bit hard to follow but it does pull back into the verse riff which is quite catchy. These guys are a bit strange, but I should have been able to figure that out with the weird names and masks.

Watch out gents, MGK will be coming for you shortly.

Snake Bite opens with a quick couple of chugs and a blast beat. This repeats a few times before we hop into a groove/metalcore style riff for the verse. I can barely understand a word this bloke says so I won’t be giving you an insight into the lyrical content, but that’s what extreme metal is all about right, just make it heavy and fast so no one really cares. The chorus thumps in with some rolling double kicks and a black metal riff before throwing us back into another verse. Rinse and repeat and we hit a small breakdown and some pleasant- sounding guitar leads complete with the odd bit of sweep picking. The song ends with some solid trash riffing, another lead, and a few random vocals.

These guys sure can play!

Not sure how to explain the start of Die By My Spade, but its heavy and has come funky bass riff taking the lead. The verse gets a bit weird, and I feel like I’m now listening to an extreme metal version of Primus. This is a funky little fucker, but still pretty high up on the heavy spectrum. It’s good to see a band stepping outside of the box a little, and then some!

Probably my favourite track so far, just because of how strange it is.

Cut From The Same Cloth spits some staccato vocals while accompanied by the matching rhythm section which fills the gaps in between lyrics with ascending and descending riffage that really grabs your attention. The rhythm throughout the verses continues the staccato vibe of the intro while the double kicks carry it along and the vocals open-up a little to give the instruments some well-deserved air. The funky bass really carries this song right up until the guitar takes over for a tasty solo mid-song. Even then though, the bass drives the solo rhythm section and holds everything in line with the double kicks.

Something something Jihad news article introduces us to the final and title track Think About Sects. I can actually understand the vocalist here as he tells us to think about sects and think about me (him). Woah, look out, Les Claypool is back in town. Just kidding, maybe not, but it sounds like something straight off Sailing the Seas of Cheese. This is funky as fuck, and I love it. The choruses bring us back to reality by kicking into that heavy Think About Sects section from the intro of the song. Cool track, not much to it, but funky and weird as hell.

Well, that was an adventure, and while this is probably not for everyone, I’d suggest giving it a listen to freshen your earholes and drag you away from the literal shit-tonne of generic garbage (couch cough, core) that’s getting around these days. Solid production by Ulrich Wilde makes it very listenable even though at times it is hard to grasp what the hell is going on, or why it’s going on.

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