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Self Discovery With BARSHASKETH

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It seems a strange thing for a band that has been around for over a decade to say but when HEAVY Mag sat down with KG from British black metal outfit Barshasketh he tells us that he believes their brand new album (their fourth) is the first time the band has really found themselves and what they want to play.

“Between our last album and this our new album we kind of worked out what it is that we do,”says KG. “Things like what the band means to us so it just kind of made sense to make this a self-titled album. I think musically it is a bit more streamlined and everything is a little bit more cohesive and a little bit more together. We’ve got a new drummer now which I think had a huge impact on the album and lyrically I think everything was much clearer about what we are trying to do with the band basically.”

“This started off as a solo project so I wasn’t really thinking about things that much,” KG explains when we talk about how deep the realisations are that the band have come to. “I was kind of just feeling my way around and I was basically just learning how to do everything. Then when I moved away from New Zealand and got the full line up we were still feeling our way around and we almost had everything together for Ophidian Henosis but then things went south in a lot of ways – I had to leave Britain, our drummer left and it was all very chaotic and it felt like it was time to come together and work out how we were going about doing things, but this time we went away and thought about it a bit more and I think we all of us there were experiences we had in the mean time that made things make sense for us. There were brief moments of clarity that were like ‘this is the whole purpose of this’. There was no sitting down and discussing it or anything like that, it was just the way it turned out.”


Barshasketh is out on the 15th January through WTC Productions



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Dave Griffiths

Dave has worked as a music & film journalist for over 20 years now. Aside from Heavy he does radio and various podcasts as well. He is the proud owner of Metal Cat.
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