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Listen to the Interview here. You can also find it on Spotify and iTunes Podcast.:

Batten down the hatches Australia those fun-loving pirate metallers Alestorm are heading back to our shores and boy (or should that be buoy?)  do they have some wild times planned for their Down Under fans. When HEAVY Mag catches up with front-man Christopher Bowes he is in the middle of a song-writing session but quickly starts to reflect on how long it has been since the band have toured Australia.

“It has been quite a while,” he says thinking. “There used to be a time when we would be in Australia once a year. We were there in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and then we just kind of forgot to come for a few years. Things just happen and you keep thinking “oh we have to tour Australia” but we forgot about it so it is good to actually be coming back and it is going to be exciting. There have been times when we have been worried that people are not going to like it anymore but then we see the sales figures and we are like “oh God Melbourne just sold out, all the other cities look excellent, there are venues being upgraded and all that kind of nonsense” so now we are really excited and I think it is going to be a good tour.”


“Years ago when we came to Australia in 2013 we filmed the DVD in Melbourne because thought ‘where is the best crowd in the whole world that we have played in front of that has the most fantastic response to us and we were like fuck it it’s Melbourne let’s go there.’ Melbourne wasn’t always the biggest show on the tour and at least at the time it was where we seemed to have the most fans so yeah Australia is good to us.”

You can listen to our full Alestorm interview on Spotify. All the tour details can be found below.


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