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Today, Melbourne metal/rock band Pridelands have announced Saturday, May 26 as the night the 5 piece will celebrate the release of their new EP Any Colour You Desire.  We had a chat to Pridelands about the release.

The band will be joined by Windwaker, BLKST and Advocates.

The Workers Club, Saturday, May 26

Pridelands / Windwaker / BLKST / Advocates

For all info on the show go HERE
For tickets go HERE

Pridelands new EP Any Colour You Desire out this Friday, May 4

“I see a lot of bands doing what everyone else is doing,” measured Liam Fowler, guitarist for Melbournes post-metalcore band Pridelands.

“You kind of get these big bands that find their niche and then everybody tries to copy it and I dunno… to me that screams… it kind of screams that there’s no originality within these people that wannabe musicians. With inspiration, I was into a lot of different kinds of music. I love Karnivool. I love Slipknot. I love My Chemical Romance. I love Muse and one of my favourite bands ever is Led Zeppelin. Those bands are inspiring to me and I think the difference is they are inspiring to me because they created something genuinely unique and something that is them. That’s what’s inspiring to me.

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“It’s not listening to a song and going okay that part right there, that inspires me to write something very, very similar because I think that’s when the imitation comes in. I think a lot of musicians might listen to other bands these days and be like, okay, that part’s sick, I love that, I wanna write something similar and it really messed me up for a bit with my writing because I was really not comfortable with my writing for a while there. I compared myself to other bands and I found in a sense it was even like I was trying to imitate them but there was this mental barrier for me to not do it if that makes sense. I think that’s the difference between imitation and inspiration – it’s like don’t listen to a band and think that you wanna sound like them.

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“Don’t start a band… if you wanna be a musician for the rest of your life and you wanna make a career out of it don’t start a band to sound like another band. Why would you wanna do that? Start a band that sounds like your personality and sounds likes you and makes you feel all of the things that you feel.”

Liam opens up in the attached audio and also discusses the bands goals with their new E.P Any Colour You Desire, how they explored new sounds and how they have progressed with this release, what Pridelands do to make sure they stand out from the multitude of other bands out there and details on the launch party coming up later this month.


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