Premiere: KAOSIS “Zombie” + Tour Dates

Ahead of their Australian tour (announced here) today we are premiering a new song and video by New Zealand band, Kaosis titled “Zombie“.


In Kaosis’s own words: “‘Zombie’ is a mongrelised concoction of horrorcore, industrial metal and ‘metalstep'”.

When asked about people commenting on the difficulty in defining Kaosis’s sound, rhythm guitarist VIVIVI said this, “Genre doesn’t matter when you’re smashing the rail with us live. Kaosis is all about the pit… ‘Zombie’ is a celebration of the underground undead; a classic story of a distressed and disturbed person transitioning into a brain con­suming, bloodthirsty monster.”

The video for “Zombie” is in stark contrast to the band’s previous video for “Hi-Tech Lowlife” which was inspired by 80s cyberpunk; “Zombie” is influenced by 90’s pulp film culture and grindhouse productions reminiscent of “Natural Born Killers” and “Planet Terror”.

Kaosis Australian Tour Dates

Presented by: HEAVY, Rail Records, Zombie Shark Records and Atyeek Music

Goldcoast – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse – 28/06
Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza – 29/06
Hobart – The Brisbane Hotel – 04/07
Melbourne – Bendigo Hotel – 05/07
Lillydale – Rack ‘Em Up – 06/07
Brisbane – Dead ofWinter -13/07


Koasis Australian Tour Poster - HEAVY Magazine

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