Podcast: The Ministry of Metal – Show 12 – 24.09.17

Tonights Ministry of Metal focuses on some great releases featuring the likes of world renowned Aussie grind workhorses King Parrot and their new album ‘Ugly Produce’, the sensational return to form heard on the new and brutal Thy Art Is Murder – ‘Dear Desolation’, a few little hard rock teasures from album number seven known as ‘JUDAS’ from Chris Jericho fronted Fozzy, that awesome band out of Melbourne being heard far and wide across the world and representing Australia also, Ocean Grove and a few great tunes from ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’ plus Metal V tries to play an ecletic array and assortment of your faves heavy music courtesy of Devin Townsend’s ‘Ocean Machine’ album which celebrates it’s the twentieth anniversary this year, JinJer from the Ukraine, Life of Agony and their amazing new album ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ and the sone song ‘The Hands are the Hardest’ from Brisbane locals and progressive legends Caligula’s Horse who are touring their new album ‘In Contact’ now.

Written by Neil Vance

Metal V is a passionate, devoted METAL fan who's contributed to metal press & radio for over two decades. He lives & breathes metal 24/7 & surrounds himself with it always!

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