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PLANET OF THE 8’s: Lagrange Point Vol. 1

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Sci-Fi & THC inspired Desert Stoner Rock, this should be interesting.

The title track Lagrange Point, which is actually just the album intro, teases our ear holes with some weird noise and a spoken word description of what a Lagrange Point is. Something scientific about space and collaboration apparently, but who listens to science these days anyway. Collaboration, however, that could work, but let’s see how this 6-track collaboration EP by Planet of the 8’s plays out before we pass that judgement.

Holy Fire gets us slowly chugging on our way with a heavily detuned, heavily fuzzed guitar tone that’s all too familiar in the stoner rock realm. Solid clean vocals from King Carrot of Death By Carrot wail out over the sludge riffs and build the vibe to drag us into a feeling of being stoned in the desert. The track cycles through a couple of verses and choruses before hitting a more melodic bridge and various short guitar solo sections. Surprisingly enough, with the slow pace and simplistic riffing this song didn’t bore me to death.

Next up is Exit Planet which picks up the pace about two-fold with its rocking guitar riffs. Guest vocalist Diesel Doleman from Duneeater appears on this track, however I’m not sure if I’m hearing a dual vocal attack or just some harmonized double takes, but either way, it works.

Exit Way keeps up the pace again with another rocking little riff and a touch of guitar twiddling. The band is joined by another guest vocalist in Georgie Cosson of Kitchen Witch, and this time I’m sure that it’s a dual vocal attack with a perfect blend of mixed gender vocals. The track opens up midway for a guitar solo section that’s driven by a groovy bass line which really punches through the mix. The strong choruses and dual vocals really grab the ear to make this a killer, catchy tune.

I’m so glad the band has kept up the pace of the EP after the first track because I probably wouldn’t have made it this far if it was an EP full of slower stoner rock.

The Unofficial History of Babe Wolfe featuring Jimi Coelli of A Gazillion Angry Mexicans and Sheriff thankfully holds the pace again and takes on a more psychedelic rock vibe. Moments of the vocal performance and guitar riffs take me back to the early works of Alice In Chains. Catchy choruses, solid bass lines and interweaving guitar leads keep the song interesting and blend together in an unusual but pleasing mix.

The Three Body Problem is the outro track and the band goes it alone without any collaborations, or vocals. All of a sudden it appears the band have taken on a love for reggae with the syncopated grooves which opens the track and closes it. And that’s about as far as that track goes, with its total duration of 1 minute and 17 seconds. There wasn’t much to it, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless.

I’ll admit, I went into this review not expecting much because I’m really not that big a fan of this genre and its current over saturation, but if you’re going to do it, give it your best and do it well.

Did Planet of the 8’s give it their best? I’m not sure about that, as I don’t know what their other material is like, but I will be checking it out because they have now got my interest.

Did they do it well? Yes, and I think the vocal collaborations helped to relieve the usual droning repetitiveness that this genre can more often than not deliver.

You can order vinyl & merch packs directly from the band here planetofthe8s.bandcamp.com/merch

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