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MOLTEN GOLD 'Rebirth/Chain and Tether'

 The pure blood of rock pulsating in the most classic lines and absolutely deep in progressive and proto metal is at stake again in the norwegian scene, MOLTEN GOLD is back for another release, we are talking about the new vinyl single ‘REBIRTH/CHAIN AND TETHER‘ that is being released today, February 21st, by Fresh Tea. MOLTEN GOLD is a delicious, intense and vibrant sounding band, keeping a foot in the past and looking into the future these musicians continue to reverence the 70’s progressive hard rock scene in a massive shock in the veins of Deep Purple, Captain Beyond and the my favorite, Uriah Heep. I had already talked about this norwegian band in 2018 after the release of the eponymous EP of 2017 and at the time it was already possible to feel a wonderfully growing energy emanating from these musicians, now, two years later, MOLTEN GOLD brings some changes in the lineup with Matteo Fiore replacing Håvard Wien on drums and Abraxas d’Ruckus replacing Alexander Lykke on vocals, a difference felt ahead but nothing that could change the value of this Oslo gem. For the rest of the band, Anders Pedersen remains on keyboards, Jørn Helge Dahl on guitars and Tron Ingar Morstad on bass, so MOLTEN GOLD‘s heart is just getting a new electrified charge and ‘REBIRTH/CHAIN AND TETHER‘ puts them back in the game without embezzlement. With both tracks and fine cover art, we set out to audition for “REBIRTH” and the vibe of the environment quickly gained plains of looping guitars and synthesized keyboards writhing riffs and the frenzy of bass in a mix that hits your mind directly, tasty flavor from the past. Abraxas’ voice sounds really peaceful but its elevations are safe and fair, offering fertile ground for the dissemination of this source of life that this genre has always provided to all classes of rock and metal. You know, there are a lot of names trying to relive all of that, there are some big names bouncing all the flames that set our story on fire, but I have to say, you know, I must say…not everyone sounds really worthy of that, or as we could say, some bands are missing a more coherent identity, and MOLTEN GOLD is still in an embryonic state but it doesn’t take much to realize that there is genuine musicality being developed. I mean, there are organ riffs and fuzz and phaser effects together here, the whole context sounds crunchy, there’s no denying it, there’s a twist for bands like this to solidify and I’m certainly rooting for MOLTEN GOLD and its future. Anyway, is this a breach of tradition on the norwegian scene, or is it a return to the roots? I couldn’t say, but damn sure, that sounds good! We move on to “CHAIN AND TETHER“, a more rhythmic track that culminates in a leap of time with some hints of blues rock and generously marinated in its choruses. You will also receive a smooth solo that the psychedelic group can vibrate in favor and, in addition, Matteo’s drum work fits all elements in perfect harmony. Get your car, play MOLTEN GOLD, accelerate and enjoy the trip, this band knows exactly where it is taking you. A negative point? Just one, I want more! Let the full-length come fast, for the love of the gods of Rock! (Laughs) In celebration of the release MOLTEN GOLD today also released the music video for the track “REBIRTH” which you can check out below:

 ‘REBIRTH / CHAIN AND TETHER‘ is available through Bandcamp by clicking on the link HERE.

Stars: 9/10

Track listingSide A: RebirthSide B: Chain and Tether 

Line-upAnders Pedersen – KeysJørn Helge Dahl – GuitarsAbraxas d’Ruckus – VoicesTron Ingar Morstad – Bass guitarMatteo Fiore – Drums


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