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Milla Jovovich intervew about “HELLBOY”

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She has made a name for herself playing one of the toughest on-screen heroes of all time by playing Alice in the brilliant Resident Evil franchise. But now Milla Jovovich goes to the dark side to play the evil Blood Witch Nimue in the re-boot of the Hellboy franchise – a role it almost seems like she was born to play.

“Nimue the Blood Queen is a very complicated woman,” says Jovovich thinking deeply. “She is a woman that is trying to bring two worlds together – the creatures of darkness and the world of man. She really does think that they could live in peace and she is trying to make that happen. But of course King Arthur and Merlin the magician they just don’t but it so they kill her or they try to kill her, but they can’t of course. She then meets Hellboy in a vision and she sees his potential. He is this monster, he is one of her creatures – she says to him ‘you’re one of us.’ But he keeps trying to deny that part of him, he has shaved his horns off and is trying to live as a human, he is trying to be accepted. Her whole thing is ‘why are you trying to be accepted by people that hate and fear you? You are reviled among humans when you could be lauded as a hero in my world and don’t hide from your true nature.’ And of course he fights that and just wants to be accepted and be normal, and that is hard for her because she sees in him an equal to her, she sees someone that could potentially be her King.”

When talk turns to the man in the big red suit himself she smiles. “Seeing David in his costume was amazing,” she says. “I mean he is a tall boy, he is a big guy, but with the suit and the mask and the horns it was amazing. I was actually shocked the first time that I saw him, it was really cool and he really embodies Hellboy with all of that aplomb and he has that sense of humour. He has that big personality and it just fit. I saw him and I was like ‘yes this is perfect.’ David is such a wonderful guy, he is so sweet and he is such a smart guy. He is bringing so much not only to the character but also to the script. He ad-libs and he is a writer himself so he is just bringing so many different dimensions to so many different parts of the script. You know he is a really fun person and has such a great personality to be around. He is a big presence. You know immediately when David is on set and he is a lot of fun to be around. That juxtaposition of being fun and hilarious but very smart and complex about his thinking.”

To finish off though Jovovich explains that she thinks more people will be drawn to Hellboy because it has so many relatable characters. “You do have characters that hurt and characters that feel and characters that feel insecure and need to prove something. You have characters that feel marginalised. There is Hellboy that doesn’t fit in and there is the Blood Queen that has the best intentions but everything goes wrong. I think everyone can relate to these emotions. Not only is it going to be a kick ass action movie but it is going to have characters that everyone can relate to.”


Hellboy is in cinemas now.


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