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“U.S bands are always pushing things forward and it’s hard to keep up with, frankly”, confessed Nick Hamm, guitarist for pop/punk outfit Citizen. “Somehow we’ve been lucky enough to exist through several major changes. The whole landscape of rock music was very different when we started as compared to now so we’re lucky to still be here. We’re lucky people are still putting up with us (laughs)”.

Citizen tour this country early next year, performing at Unify as well as a couple of select sideshows, and Hamm says the band is excited to be returning.

“This is gonna be the first time that we’re playing a lot of new songs and in my opinion, we’re a totally different band to the last time we were there so I’m really excited to be back and re-introduce ourselves to people over there”.

In the full interview, Nick elaborates on those differences, gives some insight into what fans can expect to see, the history of the band and how they have adapted musically, the chasm between releasing E.P’s as opposed to full albums, experimenting with music and how important it is in the modern age plus more.



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