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KING PARROT’S Regional Rampage

“It will be the first time we will be playing all this new material for people in the regional areas,” enthused Matt Young, vocalist for Australia’s own hardcore legends King Parrot. “I think a lot of the places that we’re playing on this tour we haven’t been to for maybe a year or two for some of them. Some of the places in FNQ we’ve never played at. It will be the first time that some of the people have ever had a dose of King Parrot so it’s pretty exciting for us.”

The ability to give back musically to more regional areas is important to Youngy, with memories of his own youth and experiences a driving factor behind the decision to expand out of the capital cities.

“It’s super important,” Youngy stressed. “To me growing up in a regional area myself I know how much I enjoyed and appreciated when bands made the effort to come and play in those places. I always loved it when bands like Blood Duster or Damaged or Adrenalin or Warped or Max Pelican or any of these bands that were popular when I was growing up, I loved the fact they would come and give local bands the opportunity to share the stage with them. I just think it’s important to grow and develop the scene and give local bands the chance to play with bands that have done international touring and all that sort of shit. It helps make it a bit more real for them and keeps the scene alive. I know when I was young growing up that’s exactly what it did for me and fuelled my drive to be able to now play in King Parrot. I really like the idea of giving back a bit.”

To hear the full answers to these questions plus an in-depth view of touring life, including what King Parrot do to keep themselves interested on the road, who the best band member is to have on tour as well as the most annoying, plus a typical day of life on the road King Parrot style and a bit of information on the support band Child Bite plus more, tune in to the audio above.

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