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Keeping Things Simple With NOCTURNAL ANIMALS

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Adelaide noise machine Nocturnal Animals are one of those bands that are impossible to genre classify.

With healthy lashings of punk, rock, alternative rock and the odd metal spice, the boys are a musical entity unto themselves.

Which is refreshing in the modern world of music.

Three younger musicians with a sharp wit and even sharper sense of humour, Nocturnal Animals have just released their latest in-your-face song, A Simple Fuck You.

It is a song that is as catchy because of its lyrics as it is the music, and one which basically urges you to cast off any shackles or inhibitions you may have and just have fun.

Couldn’t be much simpler.

On stage, Nocturnal Animals have a panache for the theatrical, with a skeleton-type look punctuated by bright reds and neutral whites that almost dare you to pre-judge the band or their music.

HEAVY had the pleasure of sitting down with Stu, Dyl and Bamm for an entertaining chat that started with the new single and went off in tangents from there.

We started off by asking how people reacted to being engaged with what amounts to verbal abuse in some quarters.

“Actually pretty good,” Dylan began. “It’s kind of created a fun back and forth for people telling us to fuck off and we get to tell them to fuck off. It’s good”

“We’ve had a couple of nice people giving us middle fingers coming back at us and stuff,” Stu added.

“We’re really proud to have the song have the word fuck in it,” chimed in, “because we thought it was a good artistry thing to have the word fuck and I like saying the word fuck if you don’t know (laughs).”

Whereas a number of bands might release a song with profanities in the title, many censor their work with a view to reaching a larger audience.

Not so Nocturnal Animals who believe if they are going to sing it, they may as well spell it too.

“We did have a discussion about that over the course of a week actually,” Dyl replied, trying to keep a straight face. “It was a big decision.”

“It was stressful,” Bamm continued, “because you know in todays age you have to be careful what you say with your words and whatnot’s, and even a profanity word like this on a song title you’re excluding a lot of demographic out there. Kids can’t listen to it. Parents need to show Parental Guidance and that stuff, but then you’re defeating the art.”

“And there’s a lot of radio stations that won’t play it because of it,” Dyl concluded. “But in the end, we thought fuck it. We come from a punk ethos, and it would be pretty not punk to put something else in its place.”

In the full interview, the boys talk about the genesis of the track, the upcoming film clip and what to expect, whether A Simple Fuck You is a stand-alone single or part of a larger body of work, their outfits and what inspired the idea, maintaining humour in music without overstepping the line, their upcoming run of shows and more.

Listen to A Simple Fuck You here:

Intro track Hellz AbyssSalute


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