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Karma To Burn/Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Six/66 (Split 7″) – Review

karma to burnKarma To Burn/Sons Of Alpha Centauri
‘Six/66’ (SPLIT 7″)
Release Date: 23 April 2015
Review by Matt Bolton

When it comes to hard hitting stoner rock, instrumentalist three piece Karma to Burn sit comfortably at the top of the pack. Residing from West Virginia they are joined by Sons of Alpha Centauri coming from a different part of the world, that being Swale in the UK. Thanks to The Desert Fest 2015, both bands have thrown together a song each for a Split 7” release.

Karma to Burn kick things off with a spruced up instrumental of their song simply titled ‘Six’. This song can also be found as the last track on their self-titled debut in 1997. Difference being it features spoken word (the band were made to have a vocalist to help market their music in the beginning), also the song has been polished up as you would imagine 15 years on.

Karma to Burn likes to let the music speak for itself and that it does. Starting off with the bass of Eric Clutter he is soon joined by his bandmates; Evan Devine providing some nice drum work with William Mecum as riff master with that distinct sound. The song has a strong lead up and I wanted it to go longer as it has a lot of potential but I was a bit disappointed as it just seemed to end. Karma to Burn never disappoint I just don’t think it’s their best material.

Having never heard Sons of Alpha Centauri I was both surprised and impressed to find this track as the highlight of the 7”. To me it had what I would expect from Karma to Burn. I found myself head banging from start to end. The fact that this song was recorded for the Desert Fest release makes me want to check out the bands other material. Titled ‘66’ the song when joined with the previous song cleverly makes the title ‘Six/66’. Stevie B belts away on the kit, Nick Hannon grooving along on the bass. The textures added by Blake add a nice touch as Marlon King is never short of riffs. Heavy driving riffs by Marlon are most enjoyable.

Overall this is a great split release. Only downside is it doesn’t go for longer. Two songs each would have been nice.







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Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton has been a long time contributor for SF Media and now writes CD Reviews and Gig Reviews for HEAVY. Boltz, as he is known is responsible for his regular column for HEAVY, that being HEAVY Roots. Boltz has a diverse taste in music when it comes to anything HEAVY. Regularly going to concerts and collecting vinyl, trying to get back to playing guitar, music has been a huge part of his life ever since receiving a Beach Boys cassette for Xmas from Rudolf. He believed in Rudolf back then. Now everything from Reggae to Black Metal is blasting through his speakers. His favourite bands range from Mr Bungle, Acid Bath, The Dwarves, System of a Down, Pantera, Inquistion, Melvins, Peter Tosh and Alice in Chains. Winning the battle with the big C, Dimebag Darrell’s tunes helped him through the fight in long hospital stays. ‘Strength beyond strength’ tattooed across his collarbone has a deep meaning and the metal pumps through his veins. Boltz lives and breathes metal. \m/