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After four years of silence, the Arctic black-metallers Iskald finally return to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before! Iskald will release their fifth studio album titled “Innhøstinga” (Norwegian: ‘the Harvest’) on August 31! Today, the band releases the album’s title track ‘Innhøstinga’, which is the second single from the upcoming album. With this track, Iskald continues their art of intense black metal.
The band has commented:The new single and title track of the new album ‘Innhøstinga’ (the Harvest) is a groovy, evocative and technical piece of black metal. The exceptional atmosphere and somewhat one of the more different Iskald songs to date. So dwell into the final ritual and behold as the Valkyries haunts the night!
Valkyrje høster… Valkyrje kjósa val…”


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