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[INTERVIEW] Outright Resistance

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Outright Resistance was one of the highlights at Amplified Festival after putting on a great set on a very wet Saturday morning that blew everyone away. Before their show stopping performance, I managed to catch up with Paige and Nelly from the band to find out a bit more about them. To date, the band has only realised a couple of demos and EPs, with the most recent being the Me Vs. I EP from 2016. So do the band have any news on a first full album? “Well, we have just been spending a couple of days in the studio, doing some lovely little things and we have got some more time planned for the end of the year, so we’re currently working things out on that front, but we’ve got nothing solid yet,” explained Paige. Nelly followed up with, “Writing is mostly happening at the moment, there is a load of writing.”

In terms of sound for the new album, lead vocalist Paige explained: “Well, we’re just kind of expanding on what we do. Anyway, we don’t tend to stick to one type of style. We keep everything tied into the Outright Resistance groove but then we kind of branch out to, ‘Oh, let’s do a bit more deathcore, a bit more extreme’; we’d be like, ‘Screw it, let’s do this or let’s do something a bit lighter, a bit more groovy, a bit rocky, we’ll do that’. If we decide let’s just do something that sounds mental like Slipknot, we’ll go and do that. So, whatever we kind of fancy at the time. But if you listen to any of our stuff, you can hear it’s all kind of tied in, even though it sounds different. We are making sure we have all the bases covered, including some weird one where we are like, ‘Let’s go mad, let’s do this kind of song that no-one would expect from us’!”

Moving onto live shows, which is where the band made their biggest impression most recently, and taking into account previous performances at Bloodstock and Beermageddon, where do the band feel their main stage slot at Amplified ranks as their biggest show to date? “I am going to say from my point of view this is the biggest, as we have never main staged before”, stated Nelly. Paige and Nelly then went on to explain what’s next for Outright Resistance following this weekend: “We’ve got a lot of gigs coming up, some plans for smaller tours and we got some stuff we can’t talk about because it hasn’t been 100% confirmed. We are headlining Beermageddon, after being invited back as a fan’s choice, which is really cool. Each year, they vote for one band to come back and headline the night. It’s like a mini-Bloodstock – everyone is so cool, it’s a family vibe, everyone loves everyone. You just get stopped by random strangers going, ‘Who are you, I’m this, cool, I’m this, cool. You’re awesome. Let’s get drunk together’!”

Are there any other bands on the bill at Amplified that they are looking forward to seeing this weekend? Nelly says quick off the bat, “Raging Speedhorn.’’ Paige then said, “Some of our friend’s bands like Broken Jaw or Tourqued would be cool. I want to check out Heck, they are what I want to do with us, they are mental as hell, and we are relatively mental, but not mental enough yet, so we want to learn from the mental-ness!”

In terms of influences, the band cite Slipknot and Lamb of God as major contributors to their sound, and this does come across when listening to their songs but as they mentioned earlier, they also look to incorporate their own Outright Resistance ‘groove’ on everything they do. As to the possibility of meeting some of their idols, the band shared a couple of their experiences so far. “I met the vocalist of Raging Speedhorn,” Nelly began. “I shat myself, and he said, ‘Hi, hello, how are you doing?’ I went, [Garbled words] (star struck). Thankfully Joe (Jacobs) and Mike (Worsley) were there, and they kept the conversation going. If it were just me, it would be more [Garbled words]. I also saw the vocalist for Rotting Christ at Bloodstock, and as he walked past me, he looked at me, and I looked at him, and we nodded heads. That’s all I could do!” Paige added, “When I first saw Psychostick, someone knew how much I loved them and how I had wanted to see them for eight years, so he introduced us, but no words came out!”

Finally, if Outright Resistance could pick any band or artist, past or present, who would they support, tour or collaborate with? In response, Nelly mentioned Rotting Christ as he loves them so much. “I saw them live and smiled the entire set instead of headbanging,” Nelly noted excitedly. “They made me happy.” Paige then added, “I’d be really boring and say Parkway Drive just because they look like they have fun. One thing that kicked us in the arse was watching their documentary. Seeing how much fun they have on tour and seeing their work ethic, they are awesome dudes, and they make awesome tunes.’


Check Outright Resistance’s up and coming events:

August 19th at the Pheonix Bar in High Wycombe

August 25th at the Beermageddon Metal Festival

September 28th at The Unicorn Camden in London

Novembers 11th  at Ashesfest VI at the Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham.

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