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If you are a massive fan of Swedish death metal outfit Entombed A.D. and you would love a chance to catch up with them throughout their Australian tour HEAVY suggests you try and find bars and pubs around where the band are staying because when we sat down to interview frontman Lars-Goran (LG) Petrov the thing that he seemed most excited about doing when he hits our shores was to explore Australia’s beer culture.

Musically Entombed A.D. are the phoenix that rose from the ashes that once was Entombed and since then the band have delivered two blistering albums with Back To The Front (2014) and last year’s brilliant Dead Dawn.

My interview with LG starts with a blunt apology from LG. “I am so sorry that it has been so long since we have been to Australia,” he says as the laughter from our intro together disappears for the first time. “I think it was actually way back in 2004, to be honest. I was just sitting here thinking ‘why haven’t we been to Australia for so long?’ I say from now on I promise that we will be done there every two years. It has always been great coming down to Australia even the plane trip to get there. It’s not a bad thing for us, for us, it is like having a twenty-four open bar in the sky. The first thing we do on the plane is order a couple of drinks and then watch some movies and then have some more drinks and then hopefully have a sleep. Just don’t harass the other passengers but there is always something to do.”

With the apology out of the way LG then laughs about how the band have enjoyed being able to tease the Australian audiences with this tour with some cheeky tour videos surfacing online in the warm-up. “Sometimes we actually get a lot of emails from people,” he says laughing. “And we like to try and answer them as much as we can so we do things like this and the videos because we like to stay connected with our fans. They love the relationship and that shows when we finally get up on the stage we can see and feel the energy from everybody. There is a mass of head-banging and then we are there with our loud metal… you certainly feel it.”

When it comes to the shows themselves in Australia LG says the band plans on throwing in a few surprises for the fans. “We do have a set list but we like to throw things in now and then,” he says. “Especially with Australia we are planning to do that. We play old songs all the time, so that’s not complicated for us, so when we come to Australia we will put together a good mix and I think we will put together a longer setlist because we haven’t been down there for so long. So yes expect some new and few old ones… I think you all will be very happy. Our last album had some faster songs and the think the crowd enjoy it, but it’s nice to mix it up with some faster and some a little slower. I even like some groovy times. I actually get nervous when I go on stage, in fact, I think everybody in our band does, because one show is never the same as the next, not even if you have played the day before. If you go on a long tour and do thirty shows in a row you’ll still be doing thirty different shows. If you get into a routine that’s when things get boring, it should be that whenever you step on stage nobody knows what to expect. To keep the nerves in check I do a shot of vodka… it’s true, it’s true… it makes me calm. But the weird thing is I will get more nervous playing in front of 50 people than 2,000 people. I think it is perhaps because of the eye contact. When you play in front of 30,000 people it just all becomes one big mass but if it is 50 people it is very different and I get nervous… I find myself going…ahhhhhh!!! I think for me a 30,000 crowd is easier to control. You don’t have to look them all in the eye.”

As our conversation turns to the band’s preparation for the tour LG roars with laughter. “You would think that we probably would and probably should rehearse,” he says. “For example last weekend we played in Poland at a big festival and before that we hadn’t rehearsed for two months but it was all okay. The tunes were there, they stay in the back of your head I guess so it is all fine. Once you get going they all come back to you pretty fast. But for younger bands, my advice would be – rehearse, rehearse, rehearse all the time.”

Despite the band’s various changes and formations over the years, LG is quick to admit that there was never a time he felt like giving it all up. “I think this is nice,” he says. “Metal and death metal is the life that we have chosen and it is something that I enjoy. We have been enjoying this for over thirty years and I think we’ll be doing it for at least another fifteen years…. I don’t know we just go for it. As long as we are having a good time there is certainly no reason to quit. I’ve never found that reason to quit… yet. And to be honest I hope I never find it. I don’t want to find it. It’s great and I’m happy.”

With that said all Entombed A.D. fans can sit back and enjoy the Australian shows knowing full well this is a band that will be around for quite a time to come.

ENTOMBED A.D. Australian Tour Dates

Tickets On-Sale now:

Tuesday 9th May – Brisbane – Crowbar

Wednesday 10th May – Sydney – Manning Bar

Thursday 11th May – Melbourne – Max Watts

Friday 12th May – Adelaide – Fowlers Licensed All Ages

Saturday 13th May – Perth – Amplifier

Limited VIP meet n greet available

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