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Canberra isn’t as quiet as it used to be; not with the rising existence of Inhuman Remnants, a band that is steadily carving their niche in the Australian metal scene.  The five-piece death metal outfit has returned with their latest offering, a three-part story EP  ‘Solipsis’, an aptly coined name for the music it holds within. Making its mark early on; the first part of the EP  of heavy synths and haunting background vocals that seem fitting for a 1920’s art-horror film as well as an introduction of what is to come. Dissonant and macabre, not every band can pull off cacophony this creatively and subtly; it is sure to draw you into its abyss of dark artistry.

“Solipsis II”‘s grimy, riff-heavy intro packs a massive punch. What really caught my attention was the sheer hypnotic nature of that initial riff. It has an eerie, melodeath vibe leading it, and it is natural for one to assume that this atmosphere sets the tone for the rest of the track. That’s all there is to it right? Wrong. The gradual build-up of thundering double kicks is absolutely immense, surging forth with the fury of Cerberus himself who proceeds to unleash the vocals of Hell. This band has never compromised on their sound and style; filthy and ridiculously fierce, those low and dense growls will grip you by the throat before you know it.  The true essence of this track is revealed with a swift, in-your-face transition as the bass chugs come in hard and fast, that opening riff still haunting your ears,  the track now causing your brain to rattle in your skull. My conscience doesn’t allow me to stop here; for one must be aware of what one is getting oneself into. Just when you think the track couldn’t possibly take a turn for the heavier – it does, as this insane, mosh-worthy deathcore breakdown riff smacks you in the face and breathes new life into the track. The final minute is filled with frenzied sweeps and ends with the distant voice of Oppenheimer declaring his famous Bhagavad Gita-inspired quote, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”, a fitting finish to a track that can definitely be compared to a bomb detonation.

Solipsis III” is a welcome giver of breath post the madness of the previous track; but only just. Bringing in more of that Hitchcock, art-horror vibe of pitchy violins, cacophonic sounds and static, it is indeed a dramatic end to a short, yet beautifully chaotic release. An abrupt end, much like a Hitchcock film actually, had me wondering, what next?

Albeit brief, Inhuman Remnants have undoubtedly made a mark with their three-part musical journey; a culmination of the sheer brutality of hardcore elements, rawness of death metal and an admirably creative use of realistic sounds to create an EP that, quite honestly, will make you lose all sensation in your neck but also, think. If I am to be completely honest, it is definitely refreshing to come across such a short album, as the band has undeniably, put in a tremendous effort into every minute of ‘Solipsis’; which in itself is reason enough for you to listen to it. Beyond this, I shall say no more and allow their music to do the talking.

Solipsis will release on June 1st via Eschatonic Records. Check out the lyric video for ‘Solipsis II’ in the link below.

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